Such an interesting word… balance. It’s so loaded and can be attached to so many things in our lives. Everyone sees this word in their own light and vision. We as individuals run with our own definition of that word. I know I do. And I’m pretty sure that I am not the only one on this planet of what…. 6 billion plus people that does that. If I am, then I am that special unique unicorn that flies around pixie dust! 🙂

OK, all gimmicks aside, I’d like to state the official definition of the word balance according to that search engine that rhymes with ting… (If you’re Caribbean like me I just made you smile… if you’re not, that’s okay too because you should still smile. Ting is thing to us folks out in the tropical world. We like to be unique unicorns and drop letters in words… it leaves for that awesome originality you know what I mean? Like a performer dropping their mic for that anti-climatic effect. It’s totally tubular that way.) Back to that search engine I used to get the definition of balance:


  1. opposition of equal forces: a state in which two opposing forces or factors are of equal strength or importance so that they effectively cancel each other out and stability is maintained
  2. harmony: a state in which various parts form a satisfying and harmonious whole and nothing is out of proportion or unduly emphasized at the expense of the rest
  3. steady state on narrow base: a state in which a body or object remains reasonably steady in a particular position while resting on a base that is narrow or small relative to its other dimensions.

So my first thought after reading not one, but THREE different explanations of one word was… um okay. (Is it that necessary….three!?) Then my second thought was how can one word have three meanings. So let’s talk about this shall we? The first one is talking about ‘opposition of equal forces’ that pretty much cancel one another out so that stability happens… um so then doesn’t that mean neither exist if they cancel out one another? I’m just saying…. that’s what I’m thinking maybe I’m alone in this. Perhaps I am the only one that took that first definition and ran with it in my brain to formulate my own unique unicorn breakdown. 🙂

It’s time for number two and three… two starts with the word harmony and the combination of number one. The word harmony makes me smile and think of pretty and fluffy thoughts. Stark contrast to the ‘canceling out’ first one right? The last explanation pretty much talks about balancing yourself on a smaller object. Like a tight-rope climber or a juggler.

Now that the technical and formal definitions have been displayed, I can express the humanistic translation using everyday life. Sometimes, the dictionary is so overrated right? Frankly, a juggler sounds like the best definition for balancing life’s acts. And even sometimes one walks a narrow path. Since I’m a woman and I only know how to be a woman; I will use being one as an example. Not just a woman but a woman that balances other juggling roles. A working married mother. A working married mother is an employee, a wife, a mother and a woman. I didn’t even add the other roles like aunt and friend. That’s a lot of juggling. To be honest, my hat goes off to any female that does this on a consistent daily basis. I respect all women on this planet that juggles all these responsibilities. It’s completely inspiring. And then there’s single parents that have to play both mommy and daddy on top of having these other roles… just the fact that I know there are people out there that balance these responsibilities without a partner is so aspiring. My hat goes out to the women and men that do this. The idea of being ALL these responsibilities and (I’m just the woman, aunt and friend one…) adding more makes me feel so overwhelmed. I’m still trying to be comfortable (or master) being a woman, aunt and friend. I just cannot fathom balancing more than that right now, the notion alone makes me feel like a bobble head. I’m someone who doesn’t like sucking at something. I have a competitive nature and I strive to be the best I can be. Some would call me a person that reaches for that perfection shelf. I’d like to disagree with this theory. Not sure who wins that ongoing debate…

Society is infamous for labeling and miscuing the trajectory of how we see and accept things. Just being has it’s own challenges living in this society. Now we’re adding the layer of just being and being a woman living in today’s society that’s a male dominated world. Sadly, it’s already been statistically proven that for every dollar a woman makes 70 cents, which is less than what a man makes per dollar. I refused to memorize their number. And it’s absolute buffoonery that makes my blood boil. I won’t even delve into this because it’s not my focal point as tempting as it is. Finance is just one aspect of being a woman. An independent strong woman that’s financially stable and single (by choice!) is unfortunately labeled too. There are quite a few men in today’s society that believe in the old fashion ideology of having their ‘woman’ barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. The evolution of the working world has drastically changed from these very popular times. There are still women out there who are stay at home moms that hold down the fort, which to me is harder than having a career. Again, my hat goes off to them. They are balancing woman, friend, mom, wife, organizer, and hostess. I once again admire women in powerful positions that have to be extremely tough in their professional life and balance their vulnerability in their home life. I’m such an enormous fan and I aspire to be able to execute these one day. The thought both excites and scares.

It’s not easy being a woman. The balancing act of being tough and vulnerable is the biggest struggle we all face. I know first hand how hard it is. Trust, love… taking that leap? Risk getting hurt? So scary. Women are naturally inclined to let their emotions guide them and dictate their decisions. It takes practice to not be this way but we were born to be emotional. At times it’s amazing that as a woman I can proudly be vulnerable and balance the act of being tough when I need to be. Other times I’m like, why can’t I be wired more like a man who thinks practical and logically based. Then I catch myself and realize that this is the divine order and everything is done for a reason. The balancing act of juggling all the roles we have in this world is amazing. As time goes by and as I get better at understanding things, I come to realize that everything works itself out. Everything, especially balancing our responsibilities. This path called life.


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