This is to my future husband. A long over due prayer dedicated to you, as a daily reminder that you’re covered, and everything you experience is bigger than you. Everything we experience on this path called life will always be bigger than us, because it all belongs to Jesus Christ. Forgive me for this delay… This isn’t a matter of if you read this but when. Love your rib….

Dearest Abba,

Thank you God for this mans life. Thank you God for covering him in the blood of Jesus. Thank you for making him new. Thank you for the gift of moment to moment. Thank you for his opportunity to reset, and choose to fall in love with you over and over again.

Thank you for his sound mind, power, and faith.

Thank you for his vertical being pruned to be a vantage point, where he continuously understands he’s set apart, for bigger reasons than his comprehension. His understanding will never be parallel to yours. Keep showing him the obligation he has, to be the lighter for his family and those around him. A dual job of hope to keep looking up, and a challenge to look up.

Thank you for strengthening his core to be the leader for the body of your people, and the lover he needs to be in spirit form.

Thank you for the abundant blessings you are preparing him for, and the blessings that he has already received. Thank you for using the last twenty minutes of this season he’s experiencing to evolve him to the next glory. You only take your children from glory to glory.

Thank you for the humbling honor of loving this son of yours, and completely surrendering to your will and your plan. I just say yes above all else.

Thank you for trusting me to lift him in prayer everyday, and fight for his vertical and purity. Thank you for trusting me in faith with the ability to love him through a season that does not include me.

Thank you for teaching me this is not about me and never was. Thank you for revealing how severe my future husband needs my cries of petition. Thank you for teaching me that the stronger I am, the stronger he will become. The more vertical I am, the more vertical he will become.

Thank you for trusting me with these revelations, and walking in faith that I will remain still; and in deep prayer.

Thank you for always covering this son of yours no matter where he is or what he’s doing. Thank you for the graceful patience you bestow onto him that he needs desperately from you. Thank you for reminding him he will always be spotless.

Jesus died for past, present and future sins. Satan wants him to forget that, but you are bigger God. Your love is not conditional, and never will be. Thank you for showing me until I understood, he needs patience and unconditional love from me too. And he has them both.

Thank you for making me a better human as moment to moment passes; for your edification and for him. All these attacks in all forms, and tears will always be worth it; if I’m bringing your children back to you, and covering my future husband.

Thank you for always having a way when there seems to be none. Thank you for being the God of order and not confusion.

Thank you for walking my love through what is of you and what is not. Thank you for using everything for your glory. Thank you for your endless grace that you bless all your children with. Thank you for the endurance you will never stop bestowing on us all.

Thank you for patiently waiting on this son of yours to surrender all the deeply buried hurt; and pain he learned over time to mask and be aloof to. It seems as though there’s no human on this planet that understands the depth of this carried yolk; and how pressing it is on his heart. Except for you God and me, because you blessed me with the revelation so I can fight for him in prayer.

Thank you for loving him so much, in a relentless pursuit by showing him that this burden was never his to carry.

Thank you for lovingly showing him he’s still carrying it, because he didn’t understand how deep things feel; or far back his pain went. And how many deflectors he uses.

Thank you for delicately displaying to him that the visible is not where you want him. Thank you for showing him that regardless of comfort in the visible something still seems to be missing: me.

Thank you for being persistent in showing him that the invisible is the safest place for him to dwell. It’s where you want all your children to rest. Under your anointed shadows of your perfect wings.

Thank you for opening his eyes, and removing the scales as you bless him with discerning truth; to walk through in faith, and in boldness. Thank you for teaching him the icebergs of his life were bigger than he realized. Just like you promised your people all that land with abundant blessings, that were covered with those Giants; you knew a way to defeat them. You have done the same for your son and my future husband. All he needs is to take that giant leap of faith, and you have him. There’s no need to fear. Thank you for covering him until he does so.

I say yes and will continue to cry out to you resting in the invisible, and covering my future husband. I walk on water not taking my eyes off you God; that everything regarding us will work out, because we are your will. I will always say yes to you, and I will always say yes to him, because he’s apart of you and your desire for me. I get it fully now. Everything has a purpose. Thank you for making this prayer for him and for me as well.

Walking on water,

Love your daughter and his rib.

This path called life belongs to Jesus Christ.


3 thoughts on “Prayer

    1. 😂 God gets the glory. I did let know. He’s more ready than he realizes to have us start so I’m praying patiently and loving him through this journey ☺️ just a vessel you know? 💅🏼

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