Labrador Tea flower has a unique birthing process. It’s a flower that grows from a rock. A rock, with minimal sunlight, it’s unclear to scientist if and how much water this flower receives as well as the uncertainty of sunlight it accumulates. So how’s this flower existing on this planet? You God, that’s how. The scientific geek in me immediately had to research this flower after reading it in my devotional yesterday and I’ve been fascinated ever since. I’m pondering the mystical wonder of your mind blowing supernatural abilities just giddy with excitement.

It’s been scientifically demonstrated that flowers grow with standard key ingredients: water, sunlight, seeds and soil but a Labrador growing from a rock is beyond amazing. The roots of this flower pushes through concrete to get to a surface and become a beautiful white circular flower. I don’t think that it’s a coincidence that this flower is the shape of your never ending love a circle; and the color that represents purity, the same purity you want all your beloved children to protect.

This is all you Abba. It’s gorgeous how you’re so deliberate with your creations and how you just amazingly show out and show up. It ceases to take my breath away. It feeds my inner nerd and my heart is overjoyed; it leaves me in a shockwave of soundless inhaling and exhilarating exhaling murmurs. You’re just majestic Abba. You should’ve let me be a scientist far away from here. Like where most of these rock creations grow: Newfoundland, Canada. You keep blocking me and Canada, what’s up with that? Canada is awesome.

I’m very fascinated with this flower, and its ability to not only persevere and push through a challenging beginning; but to still arise and blossom into its unique beauty. God you always knew it could be despite the challenges of the hand dealt.

It shows strength and a unique calling this beauty was birth to be. The circumstances of this creation makes it special. It’s not a typical rose or lily. A Labrador has a smooth leather surface and can turn into a herbal tea for healing when crushed. Broken down into multiple pieces it’s served to heal many. Something so hard to create can heal organically!? That’s just a testament to how you just do you God. Please continue with your greatness. You are who you are. And it makes me think about my current season.

I process every storm you walked me through and I reflect how parallel my roots are to a Labrador; and the process of being your chosen daughter started long before April 4, 2014. That was just the day I publicly decided to never look back. My roots barely had sunlight but your illumination had me brighter than the sun you created billions of years ago. What you were determined to have me survive regardless what I attempted, is all the evidence I needed. Because you’re God and I don’t even need evidence, but you’re gracious enough to give it to me. I’ll forever praise you’re Holy Name.

It’s hard to process but not impossible to accept that you have a special calling on my life. The pruning season I’m currently in feels like a caterpillar removing it’s scales of dead skin that becomes free from the bondage and morph into the rebirthing of your beautiful butterfly. A complete renewal and revival.

It’s also not a coincidence that you made the most special butterfly found only in Australia the largest and longest butterfly to live: 40 days. With crystal clear wings. The same amount of days that Jesus fasted for our salvation. It’s not an accident that you created my brain to connect your beautiful details supernaturally. I’m bold enough to share the dots and draw them for the rest of your children fearlessly now as you continue to prune me. They’re too beautiful not to broadcast. Everything you allow and do is deliberate. My roots are pushing through concrete and you’re preparing me to bloom.

All adversaries around me are as challenging as rising through concrete but it won’t altar your will to have my roots emerge to the surface like your beautiful Labrador tea flower does. The journey isn’t easy but the result ends in the same unique beauty and purpose of being a flower carrying the anointed cloak of healing. The epitome of perseverance at its finest.

I can’t blossom to the surface the way you created me to formulate, if I’m in your way preventing my roots from pushing through; just because I’m annoyed with the limited information you’ve given me.

Every enigma in my life I can accept and walk in bold faith that you’re working out and the roots will result in a beauty like a Labrador tea flower. Everything I’m walking on water with except for Harper* because I don’t want to honestly. It’s not a tantalizing struggle to push through; it’s hard having roots I have no control of feeling or having when blossoming to the surface isn’t appealing. I’d rather stay blended in the rock until the surface seems worth blossoming to. This isn’t. He isn’t because it’s not an outcome that wants or understands the beauty of a Labrador; so why are you grooming me for a man that wants a lily or a rose? They’re easily found, easily attained and I’m not. Not everyone is ready for a rare breed or appreciates one.

Why not groom me for a radical man that actually wants and appreciates the unique beauty of Labrador tea flower? Doesn’t that make more sense Abba? I think so. But I’m not you. So I can’t make this decision for you. If I could I would follow his lead to do me like he’s doing him carefree. But you’re blocking me. You have your work cut out for you. As if you don’t know.

I was never meant to be a lily or a rose and I’m done trying to understand that appeal or worse try and be those flowers when you birthed me to be as synonymously symbolic as a Labrador tea flower. Because I love you so much and trust you Abba I’ll get out of your way as you keep guiding me to the surface in this area too. I would repent for my wrestle with these roots but I know I’ll keep resisting so just know I’m sorry and I’m grateful for your patience and grace.

I love you constant one. Love your daughter.

This path called life belongs to Jesus Christ.

*Names changed for privacy purposes. #TeamProPrivacy


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