What’s the truth?

Is up really up? 

Is down really down? 

What’s going on God? 

All that’s happening is a downcast frown.

I’m tired.

I’m done. 

I want this all to end.

But you keep rudely, interrupting my zen.

Stop, let me be. No one sees what I see.

Freedom is selected, to those around me. 

Perceptions have an array, of visions, that go in multiple directions. 

Rainbows are grey.

There’s nothing to say.

So why aren’t you enforcing corrections?

Don’t you get, your stepping back, is causing all these attacks? 

But I’m the one that’s wrong, and I’m tired of that song. 

So let them be. 

Set me free. 

I’m tired. 

I want out.

This is beyond a pout. 

I don’t want to see, I don’t want to feel. 

Stop undoing my bubbles. 

They negate interfering with these troubles.

The scales will stay in place. And those that fight for them, will continue to feel safe. 

Let them be, set me free.

I’m tired of seeing what I see. 

So blind me. 

The truth hurts.


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