Genesis 27:19-24 (NASB)

Genesis is one of my all time, favorite books in the word of God. I’m sitting, and mediating on these scripture verses, truly fascinated. Rebekah, felt the need, to position her son, Jacob, to receive a blessing, that was meant, for her other son, Esau. 

I just find this notion, so intriguing. Naturally, when I first read this chapter, I thought, Rebekah lost her mind, and set up her son, for such a failure. Even though, Jacob originally, had hesitation, and was doubtful, to partner with his mom; in such a devious plan, he still decided to embark on it. 

He partnered, with his mom, in this execution of deception, why? I’m sitting here, processing these words, for the multiple time, and I keep coming up, with the same conclusion, Jacob didn’t have to agree with his mother, to deceive his father. He made the decision, to follow, a choice, he knew was wrong, but said yes anyway. Again, why? I truly believe that Jacob, felt choosing to follow his mom, instead of listening to that prompting, was easier. Sometimes, going against the grain, isn’t what we want to do, because it means, going against what, we are accustomed to. 

God isn’t a God, that has limited blessings, for his chosen children. God is a limitless God, that overflows, with blessings for His beloved chosen. We are all His, no matter where we are: in a backsliding season, completely away from Him, or walking in absurd obedience. There is nothing, we can do, or say, that can stop God from loving us, or being His chosen. Absolutely nothing, because we were all made, in His perfect image. 

And then Isaac, Jacob’s father, sensed something was off, but dismisses it, because he had tangible evidence, with the hairy sleeves, even though his instincts, told him a different truth. How many times, has so many of us, dismissed our inner promptings, for a tangible answer, to walk in the comfort of familiarity? Familiarity, can be so misleading for us, as His children, on our walk, and as followers of Jesus. Our instincts are there for a reason. Trust them, and their promptings, no matter how uncomfortable, that decision is. 

Isaac, even felt that Jacobs voice, sounded nothing like Esau. That’s because it wasn’t. And Isaac also ignored that sign, of something being off, again. What truly fascinates me, about this journey, is how mirroring it is, to modern day, and the moment to moment decisions, that we make today. I cannot count, how many times, in my own life, where I positioned myself, to receive something, that wasn’t originally designed for me; before I surrendered myself, to the greatest man ever, two years ago. 

Since my journey began, with the Constant One, I’ve been blessed, with the ability to discern, and I pray on everything. I mostly, sit on anything, that I believe, is being channeled from above. Because I never want, to make a fleshly move, ever again; I did that when I wasn’t walking with God, and for so many years. I am now, chasing Jesus, and it is truly the greatest, and only option for me. And He who’s beyond human logic, is the only compass, that will always lead me, to the truth. 

It’s challenging to make that switch, in complete surrender, to submit all control, especially if you are naturally practical, scientific, and logical, like me. But with God, anything is possible. And God seems to have an amazing ability, to work specifically, in the realm of the impossible. Like its mind blowing, but then that’s God’s specialty: blowing our perception, and comprehension, completely out the ball park, of our psyche. 

God’s grace, through this journey with Rebekah’s decisions, leaves me in awe. How He turned this self made, fleshly mess, into a message, through her grandson, Joseph; and it is beyond beautiful. To me, it’s so important to mediate, on all parts of the bible, which I’m finding out, is a life quest, that I’m absolutely in love with. With that said, Rebekah is now seen, to me, a woman that was desperate, for her son, to not be forgotten. Some of us fall into the trap, of believing, the deluded lie, that God forgot us. So it sparks the impatience, which removes us from our trust in God, with being still, and births our flesh, to take matters into our own hands. Usually, we just create a mess, that God always, and eventually turns into a message, once you tap out in total surrender. Like later on in Genesis, where Jacob, becomes Israel. 

Rebekah acted on sheer emotion, and the focal point of her sons future. I am not a mother, but I know, and have seen, my own mother do this, with my siblings and myself. I’ve grown up, seeing my late grandmother, turn into a humanized version, of super woman, because that’s how protective she was, over all of her descendants. I get that, but I also get, and clearly see how Rebekah underestimated, God’s sovereignty. 

He is the ultimate power, and He had Jacob. But Rebekah took matters into her own hands, and ensured what she believed, was the only option for her son, to be blessed. At this point, in my walk with God, I’m starting to see, and appreciate more and more, that God steps back, to see what we’d do, and how we will move; will we still consult God, without the promoting of His guidance, or will we decide to lean, on our own, dangerous understanding? It’s dangerous, to lean on solely our limited mind, because we aren’t the creator, and we aren’t emotionally sound, when we are in flesh. 

It only feels good, temporary, and eventually, the reality kicks in; the residue, of our actions, start unraveling, right before our eyes. That process occurs, in the most uncomfortable, and unexpected ways. Plus, we don’t see the whole picture, only God does. We are naturally, ingrained to sin, and disobey, so relying on our flesh, is signing away, our gift of wisdom, sent from up above. 

Did Rebekah, create a mess, by taking matters, into her own hands? Maybe, I say yes, but it’s a matter of interpretation, and that can be debatable. What I will say is, God made this mess, into a message, of how He honors, obedience, and daring faith, through Rebekah’s grandson. Joseph, who then later, became one of the greatest vessels, in the history of the Old Testament. 

I love, and appreciate seeing the internal battles, and the relation, to being flawed, found all over the bible, like it is in these verses. They’re not only truthful, but they’re mirroring to modern day. And we know how Genesis ends, God and His kingdom being edified. We may not know for sure, where we’ll all end up, or what our story will evolve to, but we can all rest assured, knowing that the greatest man ever, has it covered. And He works out, all good things for our good. 

No matter what, current season you’re in, going through the motions, or the happiest human alive, God is with you, and you won’t be moved. Trust the process, and trust it’ll all be worth it. Also trust, that everything you experience, is always executed, to edify God; and to strengthen your core, whether, it currently feels great, or painful. God uses everything, for two reasons only: for our good, and to edify Him. If either of those godly tasks aren’t executed, God removes them. In His timing, not ours. 

And it’s imperative to solely be anchored by God. Paul never said it didn’t hurt, or we won’t get emotional, but we can’t be moved. Paul hurt, and felt every emotion, under the sun, but he was never moved. We must be unmoved, the way Paul was; and he’s the greatest apostle of the New Testament. 

He was unmoved, by consistently, drawing more intimately closer, to Him. Paul chased God, and never slowed down with his chase, in a lot of ways, he accelerated it. Paul had such a sense of urgency, to chase God, so fearlessly. That’s the space we all need to aspire to be in, chasing Jesus fearlessly, and unashamed. Thank you, Constant One, for such a precious gift. So who’s ready to run straight to Jesus, no matter what? 


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