Genesis 30:21-24 (NASB)

The word is so GOOD! Can’t get enough!!! God is a deliberate God. He deliberately loves us, covers us, and protects us; because we are His image. I can’t help but mediate on these verses in wonderment. In fact, the whole chapter is fascinating. Leah and Rachel’s dynamic with Jacob is truly mind blowing. God bless them for being able to walk that testimony. I don’t share my man. And I get its a different time, which is why I’m not in that time, God knows me well. 

Thank you Constant One for getting it. I am an Eve like woman, I’m a rib for only one man. I pray wiser, since I fight tooth and nail, to not succumb to my dangerous flesh. I’ll keep waiting for my Adam, as I chase the breaking of what’s not of you dwelling in me, and you prune him wherever he is. Besides, you’ll write me a far better love story then my limited flesh, and perverted mind can ever muster up. So I’ll actively wait on you Heavenly Father. Keep breaking me Lord. I just say yes.

Sadly, very different triggers produced specific responses, for Leah and Rachel. Jealousy and envy, were brewing emotions that consumed these women to their core. But those aren’t emotions of God. I find it fascinating that God stepped back, and watched what two sisters would do; neither of them cried out to God for clarity in their jealous and envious emotions. Makes me ponder on, what would’ve happened if they did? 

God answers and says knock it shall be open; what you take to God in belief you will receive. Believing is confidently accepting, it is yours without even seeing your heart’s desires. It’s remaining steadfast in the promise you took to God, and walking in the faith it will be yours, in God’s timing not yours. 

And that’s when stillness comes in. Be still, and know He is God. He is the God that does all, because He created all. We all grow impatient, especially me. I’m an instant gratification junkie, and a control freak; but that’s my impatient flesh, which isn’t of God. If I didn’t fight tooth and nail to rebuke my flesh, and submit to my spirit, I would be in a different season, and a completely different vessel. 

As excruciating as it is to deny our flesh, it’s so imperative to remain steadfast and unmoved in God. Neither Rachel or Leah, were unmoved in God, because they were too busy focusing to their left, and their right. Looking in the horizontal, a realm God handles, not us. Our eyes should always remain fixed on God, who supernaturally dwells in the vertical. That’s where we need to always be. Always, no matter what season we are currently walking; the waiting process requires, the stretching of our faith, and a beautiful opportunity to draw even closer to God. 

I always appreciate, seeing God stepping back like here to showcase how big He is. God still had His way, regardless of what Leah and Rachel succumbed to. He turned it around, and still had His kingdom edified. Am I saying succumb to jealousy and envy, the way Leah and Rachel did? Absolutely not, will you never feel that? Can’t guarantee that either, we’re ingrained sinners that are genetically wired to do wrong. That’s why the Holy Spirit, and His activation in our lives is so crucial, especially crying out for that task, on a moment to moment basis. The Holy Spirit is God. He is a person that requires our fight to fellowship with Him. 

The more I read the bible, the more I appreciate its blueprint. It’s our compass to truth, it’s our relation to our ingrained sinful nature, it’s our faithful hope that all is well in our souls. And it guarantees us that God is who He is. God said it is done. It is done, until we experience His works in the process, the waiting period is what births all emotions that are not of God: impatience, anxiety, jealousy and envy; like what Leah and Rachel experienced. So you combat that with praise and worship. You fight to dwell in the spirit of gratitude. 

The bible is designed to truly be our vertical vantage point. It’s designed, not to mirror the same moves as our flawed vessels here did, but it’s here to dare us to be better in our quest to fight in stillness. Dare to be bold, dare to have a sense of urgency to be all in the breath of God by drawing even closer to Him. Dare to be steadfast, in your pruning process and waiting season by actively working on being broken by God. Dare to shout to God to break you so God can chisel away all that’s not of Him. So that God can make you more Christ like. So God can swell with pride how absurdly obedient, He has faith you can be. 

Are you ready to step up to that daring plate, and be better than our foundation shows us? Are you ready to shed comfort, and what you know to embark on the beautiful unknown? God so anxiously has waiting for you, by saying, “break me.” The abundant blessings are waiting for you. Are you brave enough to be deliberate in surrender, and step out of God’s way, so He can blow your mind? Selah. 


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