The repetitive beat 

It feels like heat

It’s time to take a seat

It just consumes

The cause to pause the resume

What’s seen and felt

Wills the manifestation to melt 

Fading away for another day

Another time

Press play on crimes

Another space 

Press play on the race

To never see His face

The repetitive beat

It feels like heat

It’s time to take a seat

You want me to stand 

To connect Your land

You want infused bands

To illuminate your sands 

That need love

Not cocooned exclusion 

That need truth

To birth resurrected inclusion 

Forty days

Infinite displays

Forty nights

Forthcoming sights

Ashes to ashes 

Dust to dust 

Rapid wildfires radiating rust 

You come in all forms

Knee deep in all storms 

Some welcome you

Some pray you aren’t true 

The performances of delusions 

Create like minded seclusions

Some of the sweetest lies 

Generates the greatest denies 

Press play on the wrong song 

Pride causes hiding 

Hiding causes riding 

A wave 

A fight to cave

We sink

He links 

We shift

He lifts 

The repetitive beat

Feels like heat

It’s time to take a seat 

You are eternally true

Correcting Your chosen

Yielding to yes interwoven 

You make all things new

Fused to Your will

We stand still 

The repetitive beat 

Feels like heat

It’s time to take a seat… In Him