Ecclesiastes 4:9-12

Evenly yolked is godly love: Him, him, and her, the only way to find your rib. There’s no negotiating this truth. Any other union, in marriage does not have the Him, that makes this true, “he and she become one flesh.” Two strands of just him, and her that aren’t rooted in Him individually. God will never ever allow us, to become one flesh, with another human in a marriage, if we are not anchored to Him. Because that marriage, will become your god. It’s all over the bible, how God shows us, what He does when man has a self made god. 

Especially, shown in Daniel 3, involving Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. These three men refused to worship, a man made god. They were willing to die for our one true God, our Alpha and Omega. Outside of these three men, everyone around them were caught up in the worldly whirlwind of going ahead of God. Did God know this? Of course, He did. He’s God. And was God able to stop King Nebuchadnezzar? Absolutely, Abba is a jealous, and possessive God, but He’s also a deliberate genius, with unlimited amount of grace for us. 

When he is lead by He, he can be the appropriate head, of the household, as the book of Esther, hints in her undertones; of the man being the head of their wife. And how this biblical truth, is found in Esphesians 5. That blueprint, specifically breakdowns what our godly husbands need, to be the man He needs, and what we as their wife need to do. A rib is more than the protector, of their husbands heart; they are the chief encouraging officer, that keeps their partner in Christ chasing Him. As they co-run His purpose together as one flesh.

This preparation for both the man and the woman, starts before being lead to your godly marriage. A Lady in Waiting. It doesn’t start after that blessing happens. At least that’s not what God designed. For instance, when He created Adam and Eve, He specifically designed for us to be in unison, and fellowship as one accord. After Eve, ate the forbidden fruit, Adam was there the whole time. Silent. Passive. Operating as a thermometer, when God made Adam to be the thermostat. Setting the thermometer, instead of Adam falling for the worldly whirlwind, and getting swept up in the deceit of the highs and lows.

When the aftermath, of man going ahead of Him happened, after chapter 3 of Genesis, God asked where was Adam, and there was no mention of Eve. God is God, He knew where Adam was. That question wasn’t asked, based off of the literal sense. God was asking where was Adam spiritually. Adam was sleepwalking. Had Adam been alert, and spiritually sound, He would have been able to follow God’s lead, in covering Eve. The same way God, covered Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, in Daniel 3. 

Dad, is always giving us examples, in love all throughout the bible, of how to walk like Him. How the sons of God through the sacrifice of the Son of Man, should be walking in their true purpose. Not caught up in distractions, because that’s what the enemy wants: the flesh in control, so that His purpose isn’t fulfilled. It’s interesting how we easily forget that God controls the enemy as well. 

He gave us so much grace, throughout our disobedient moments of the past, and continues to give us grace, through any current season that is not abiding in Him. That’s why the bible is just so amazing! That’s why He is so amazing! 

But when he is lead by one’s flesh then he leads himself in a direction without Him, like a marriage. That self-lead union doesn’t have the covering of God. Jesus said, what God puts together let no man separate, found in Matthew 19:6. What God ordains is sanctified, and armored with an unbreakable shield. God has to put a man and a woman together to receive that unbreakable strand. And God is very clear. Very very very clear. Plus God makes no mistakes. We make the mistakes. 

Specifically, when we go ahead of Him. Like Jonah did. We’ve all done it. I lost count, how many times I did this. Just because God, didn’t stop us, in those moments, from being swallowed up, like a Jonah season, there’s a reason, for the alliance of disobedience. It doesn’t mean He approved, of our deliberate disobedience. God allows us to walk, into our self-made pits, if it means that our heart, gets broken enough for wholehearted surrender. Ultimately, God allows all that ends up glorifying Him. Like allowing King Nebuchadnezzar, to worship an idol. God allowed that. Because He, was glorified in the end. King Nebuchadnezzar, became a believer, through the unwavering faith, of those three men. For when two or three gather together…. Matthew 18:20.

Only then will the burden break us enough, and evolve us from being deliberately disobedient to absurdly obedient to His spirit. You’ll know you’re at this place when you see that mans words, must be aligned with His voice. If it isn’t, then we must boldly dismiss man. Imagine if Abraham, the father of faith didn’t trust how God spoke to Him, where would we all be? Or what if Noah, and Moses ignored how He spoke to them, just because it went against everything and everyone around them? Those men kept themselves boldly HIGH in His vein, no matter what they saw or heard. No one understood these men or their callings. But they still trusted His voice, and followed Him. 

He talks to all of us, once you trust and accept how He speaks to you, then and only then you’ll be ready and unstoppable. Until then, it’s breaking time, because your heart is not broken enough. But when we go ahead of God, we aren’t covered by Him, just walking in our flesh, covered in those scales of lies, and confusion, that’s well disguised, and well orchestrated, on this pit stop called Earth. 

Just like God enters anyone, the enemy can as well. We must combat that worldly seduction, by denying our flesh by any means necessary. We must be boldly high in His vein. Our flesh that feels so good is the most catastrophic navigator. And that feel good execution of flesh has an expiration date. “Doing you,” in your flesh has an expiration date. 

God must be the third strand in your marriage. That is the only way that union will be unbreakable. But Abba, must also be the third strand in our friendships as well. Otherwise they’re not godly, or fruitful. Our flesh produces barren fruits, and barren fruits must be removed. Because they’re not of Him. All of our relationships must have a purpose that magnifies Him. For He only bears fruitful fruits. The Holy Spirit is a spirit of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Galatians 5:22-23. Outside of the Holy Spirit we can do nothing of Him, or nothing without Him.

Prayer: May your children always walk in your discerning truth Dad. May they see their weakness as your opportunities to show how strong You are. As You will always go ahead of us as our protective shield, and as You did with those three absurdly obedient men in Daniel 3; when You appeared as the 4th man in the fire. May we always be challenged in our trails, to look at only You. May we always find our way back to You, when we stumble. And may You always make our mercies new every morning. We praise You Highest King, love always, Your Chosen. Amen. 



When she’s down, she chooses not to drown

In the madness of her sadness 

For it’s not true, He makes all things New

Be still her heart, they are never apart 

Yielding to yes interwoven

she is yours your blood pours

For Your chosen 

her new identity, she moves to the enforcing, of her amenity 

That resurrects the corrected Heat

Beating longer beating stronger 

Fighting the frown, that pushes to be a falsified crown

she’s sitting and waiting properly meditating

For she is the daughter to the Highest King

her soul can now sing

On His truths keeping her eternal youth

her love for Him will never grow dim

For she is the daughter to the Highest King 

her soul can now sing

And He moves to the beat 

That resurrects the corrected Heat

Through these storms her faith forms

she says yes to these tests 

her Cornerstone is the Best

In the midst of us comes May

she will keep chasing Your Ray 

her ways are not Your Way

For she is the daughter to the Highest King 

her soul can now sing

And He moves to the beat 

That resurrects the corrected Heat

Poet’s note: When I was of the world, and the tsunami of sadness washed over me, poetry was consistently birthed from within. That’s why I “willed,” the dryness of a dessert to combat my stream of poetry as a teen to stop. “I figured out how to be happy.” I was just moving on my own accord: lonely, lost, and broken, by just sleepwalking through this troubled world. Worldly Crysta associates poetry to sadness, and thinks sadness sucks, but God is God. When I surrendered my life to Him 4.4.14, the greatest decision of my life, I also surrendered “my solutions.” 

My Constant One is now walking me through these moments His way not mine, where I no longer stop everything that “I believe sucks.” Paul, is one of the greatest apostles ever, and he got sad all the time. He said, we would get sad, mad, and feel the brewing anger, which is a passionate emotion. One of the most passionate emotions that consumes us. Paul felt all of those emotions, and then some. Paul is responsible for most of our New Testament. That we treat as our blueprint to illuminate this pit stop called Earth. So I guess these moments can’t be all that bad, since I’m no longer “steering myself;” technically I never was steering. He just gave me, a lot of grace that resulted in my heart, being broken enough to surrender. It’s all about allowing Him to steer, instead of us feeding a delusional truth we do have control. We don’t and never will. 

It’s not easy, but nothing is impossible through Him. One of my biblical mottos, is knowing God is in the midst of me, and I shall not be moved. My friend, and sister Neli inspired me to write, a 31 day bucket list. I’ll start in May. And she’s now holding me accountable to write a poem everyday as my first bucket list. Challenge accepted sis. I can’t wait. I’m so excited. Blessings, my fellow chosen.


Matthew 1:2

This verse abruptly stopped me, right in my tracks. I’ve read Matthew a few times in the past; but not once did I ever pause, on this scripture verse. Judah wasn’t the only son. There were twelve sons. Judah wasn’t even the first born, nor the son that saved the Israelites. That recognition stopped me right in my tracks. Joseph was the absurdly obedient son, that radically trusted God. He walked a thirteen year storm, that I probably would have personally, and epically failed, if I’m being honest; but he walked through that with soaring, and ridiculous trust. Why wasn’t he mentioned? Why was Judah? That’s what stopped me from my readings. Seriously, why was Judah the son, selected from this clan, as a representation, of being a descendant, from the greatest man ever? The man responsible for our salvation; and our inheritance to ever lasting life? Our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. 

This morning was the first time ever, reading these words of truth, where I said, how come Joseph wasn’t mentioned? Seriously why wasn’t he? I pause, and meditate on this wonder. The bible truly fascinates me. It’s my compass to the only truth, that fixes my eyes on Him. I cannot afford to get caught up, again, in the worldly whirlwind of fleshly desires. I’ve been there, it’s terrible and dangerous, and only Jesus saved me from myself. I’m never going back, to leaning on my own accord. I literally almost died, through scales, and confusion, of leaning on my own understanding. The blood of the Precious Lamb, is my renewed heart beat. It’s my second chance, to focus on my dance with Him. My second chance to go lower, under whatever storm or rock, He leads me. It’s all worth it to me. Chasing my first love is worth it all. 

This relationship with Him is so hard. Being Christian is hard. Doing the right thing consistently is hard. Not wanting to stay in my flesh, when I slip into that dangerous realm is hard. It’s not a walk in the park; all moments I experience are not filled with magical pixie dust. The wrestle is real. God and I are tussling right now. It hurts, He’s winning, regardless of my outwardly disposition, all is well within my soul. My inner peace remains steadfast and unmoved. The commitment to stay surrendered is real. Psychology, as a homosapien, I’m truly wired to do what I know. 

Isaiah 55 states my ways will never be His, they are higher. What does that even mean, right? I cannot speak for anyone else, just myself, I sometimes read the bible and ponder, what’s God’s message here? And how does He want me to apply it to my life? My life that belongs to Him. What kind of vessel, does God want me to emulate, from this scripture? I’m always wondering that. Will I emulate right? Maybe, will I mess up, absolutely, I’m sure I’m doing something wrong right now. I used to get so stressed out, about being the wrong type of vessel. Or even having anxiety, about God being mad at me, that I’ve messed up, this relationship that began, in consistent commitment, two years ago. My theory is He was always with me, and looking at me. I’m just now staring back. 

Thank God, He makes our mercies new every morning. He is the rock, which I stand on. The amazing man, that beat death. He went to the cross for me, without even knowing, if I’d ever follow Him, or surrender my life, to emulate the greatest love story ever told. Jesus died for me. That blows my mind. 

Jesus was created in man form, to die for my past, present, and future sins. Does that give me a green light, to just go wild and sin? No, but it allows me to trade my burdened yolk of guilt, and the performance treadmill, we all get caught up in at times, as flawed humans; for His easy yolk. It feels like I’m always messing up at times, but God isn’t a God of guilt. God is a good good father, that guides us to truth, in love always. God basks in our tests, that He molds into testimonies. Our victors are His victories. But when we’re walking through victors, it feels like the end of the world. Just like our messes do, but they are His messages. His messages, that always glorify His name. If memory serves me correctly, this is the the same Judah, that walked through a messy mess, with his daughter in law. 

The darkness of deception, will always find the illumination of His truth. No matter what mess, I set into motion, or anyone else out here, God already has a plan, to evolve it into a message. Like when I used to position myself with guys, see the “unattainable man,” my competitive challenge, to show him “how amazing I am,” is a recipe for heartbreak; saints, as a woman that’s been there, and done that, it always ends badly. And it usually ends badly, of the chaser that worked for the attention, for the chased, especially if they made it clear they’re not interested. Or even worse boxed you as a friend. First instincts are never wrong. If you only see someone as a friend, then they usually will always be one in your mind. Unless fear of the unknown drove you to that labeling. 

Friendship is truly an important foundation to a romantic relationship. But there’s always a difference between a romantic prospect, and a comfortable companion. Even if you stumble into a relationship with this friend. Biblically, it states he who findeth a good wife, findeth a good thing. If the “he” didn’t set the standard, or make the first move, then you’re in a relationship that may end badly. No where in the bible, does it state to position yourself, as the man’s friend, so you can slip into the “relationship of your dreams,” it’s never what we think. It never was for me. Eyes on faith, is the only way your Boaz can find you. God doesn’t need your help to position you anywhere. He’s God. Not using your sensory eyes, as women, we must stay steadfast in our biblical truth; and stay steadfast with our spiritual eyes. Deep down it always felt wrong, to put in work with a man, or “drop hints,” for me. 

God was intentional with creating Adam first, Adam was lonely, and cried out to God. God then put him to sleep, took his rib, under his heart, and creates his Eve. That’s the most romantic love story, behind Jesus dying for me, in the bible. I swoon at such biblical romance. Once I realized I was robbing myself, of such a love story, that God longs to walk me through; I stopped looking horizontally, and fixed my eyes vertically. I stopped trying to get the attention of the wrong men. The right one will come, and make it very clear, because he will be biblically intentional. My soul cries, for a biblical romance, and a biblical marriage. My cord won’t break with three strands. But it will break with two. So I wait, and dance with you in the meantime Constant One. 

This amazing man, died for me. I can’t get over it. Loved me enough, to take my place on death row, and conquered that bondage for me. The veil was torn. And I now have access to the Creator, that was deliberate in articulating my existence. Truly understanding that great love, switched me from not understanding my true worth. I’m the daughter to the Highest King. He has plans to only prosper me. I proudly, and gladly say yes, to Him. I gladly push through my pondering moments of unclarity, for He will always clear my fog. He will always make a way, when there seems to be none. Because God is beyond time, past, present and future. He’s got the entire living species, in His hand. He has tattooed His heart, in the palm of our hands. 

It is through great faith we are His. So through great faith, understand He knows we are flawed, and we will make mistakes, like Judah; Jesus was still proud to be mentioned, as a lineage of Judah. That means He’s proud, to be our lineage faithfully. It’s time we all hold our heads up highly, and walk in that biblical truth. Selah.