When she’s down, she chooses not to drown

In the madness of her sadness 

For it’s not true, He makes all things New

Be still her heart, they are never apart 

Yielding to yes interwoven

she is yours your blood pours

For Your chosen 

her new identity, she moves to the enforcing, of her amenity 

That resurrects the corrected Heat

Beating longer beating stronger 

Fighting the frown, that pushes to be a falsified crown

she’s sitting and waiting properly meditating

For she is the daughter to the Highest King

her soul can now sing

On His truths keeping her eternal youth

her love for Him will never grow dim

For she is the daughter to the Highest King 

her soul can now sing

And He moves to the beat 

That resurrects the corrected Heat

Through these storms her faith forms

she says yes to these tests 

her Cornerstone is the Best

In the midst of us comes May

she will keep chasing Your Ray 

her ways are not Your Way

For she is the daughter to the Highest King 

her soul can now sing

And He moves to the beat 

That resurrects the corrected Heat

Poet’s note: When I was of the world, and the tsunami of sadness washed over me, poetry was consistently birthed from within. That’s why I “willed,” the dryness of a dessert to combat my stream of poetry as a teen to stop. “I figured out how to be happy.” I was just moving on my own accord: lonely, lost, and broken, by just sleepwalking through this troubled world. Worldly Crysta associates poetry to sadness, and thinks sadness sucks, but God is God. When I surrendered my life to Him 4.4.14, the greatest decision of my life, I also surrendered “my solutions.” 

My Constant One is now walking me through these moments His way not mine, where I no longer stop everything that “I believe sucks.” Paul, is one of the greatest apostles ever, and he got sad all the time. He said, we would get sad, mad, and feel the brewing anger, which is a passionate emotion. One of the most passionate emotions that consumes us. Paul felt all of those emotions, and then some. Paul is responsible for most of our New Testament. That we treat as our blueprint to illuminate this pit stop called Earth. So I guess these moments can’t be all that bad, since I’m no longer “steering myself;” technically I never was steering. He just gave me, a lot of grace that resulted in my heart, being broken enough to surrender. It’s all about allowing Him to steer, instead of us feeding a delusional truth we do have control. We don’t and never will. 

It’s not easy, but nothing is impossible through Him. One of my biblical mottos, is knowing God is in the midst of me, and I shall not be moved. My friend, and sister Neli inspired me to write, a 31 day bucket list. I’ll start in May. And she’s now holding me accountable to write a poem everyday as my first bucket list. Challenge accepted sis. I can’t wait. I’m so excited. Blessings, my fellow chosen.


9 thoughts on “May

  1. Wow so so incredible. I HAVE to hear you read this poem aloud because there’s so much emotion and intensity enveloped in it, I can just imagine how beautiful it’ll flow when you speak it aloud.

    Spoken word poet in the house !!!

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