2 Samuel 7:18-29

The faithfulness of God!! Oh my goodness! It dwells so strongly in us as Your chosen. Wow this is so powerful. I’m overwhelmed. Dad, you are so powerful. You are so majestic and just take my breath away. You make me swoon Dad. You make my heart skip beats like you created that rhythmic song just for me. I can’t get enough of your romance. Be still my heart. 

Even with the swooning romance, we easily get caught up in routined moments of everyday life, quickly making us forget Your majestic being, when life feels mundane and ordinary. As if tangibility is our only scope. That’s the furthest from the truth. Oh man, there needs to be a sense of higher urgency, to claw our way to Your majestic presence. 

For where You dwell, not only is Your power there, but Your truth is as well. Dad you so powerfully loves us, and it’s beyond our wildest dreams. Staying abided in His vein is so crucial saints. The world and the worlds helpers, are so easily disguised, that it’s more terrifying than most lead on. That needs to end. The downplaying of warfare needs to end. 

David downplayed nothing. David is a guy after God’s heart: absurdly obedient and truly focused on His voice, regardless of what David saw, or felt. There is not enough of this practice!! David remained steadfast in God, so God remained steadfast in him. David never tried to glamorize the struggles, nor did he hide in his inequities. He boldly cried out to His Heavenly Father about his pain and struggles. God always covered him, and that’s when miracles happened. 

Are we not obedient enough Dad? What do we need to do to get out of your way?? What do we need to let go of to be this faithful? Jesus, it’s so beautiful! Your majesty makes my heart feel as if it will burst of such love. Can a human feel this much? It’s a blessing and a shock I wake up every morning because I just grow more in love with you Dad. Then my heart gets more sensitive for Your people, then I see more, then I hurt more. And then I just feed my anger instead of staying on my knees like David did. But how you blessed me Dad last night at prayer band. So majestic and I’m still reeling from that blessing. 

Everything I cry about to you in the shower, almost everyday, you used your daughter last night to pray about it out loud. Because I was so convinced I only saw the flatlined complacency our people fell prey to. There’s such a dire triage of revival we so desperately need. It breaks my heart. And makes me so mad. I try so hard to stop caring but then you bless me with moments like last night. So my faith was revived. I can’t stop praying and you keep showing me that, biblically and through prayer. So keep breaking me Dad. Keep molding me, exactly where you need me. 

You showed David so many promises. And it was years before he saw them all, if he even did see them all. There’s so many great men, all throughout our blueprint bible. There’s such a terrifying misconception about Old Testament…. Yes it’s not our New Testament, because we are the living breathing New Testament. But the Old Testament has more absurdly obedient vessels, besides Paul. That’s a truth we must pay attention to, like David, Elisha, Samuel, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and so many others. 

Before I got serious about keeping my knees to the ground, and my eyes fixed on you Dad, I was one of those chosen that dismissed the Old Testament as well. “Because it’s not new times,” or “because it happened over 2,000 years, that’s different, things like that no longer happen.” How did so many of us fall into such a terrifying ignorance? 

You didn’t change, so Your power or what You’re capable of didn’t change either. This level of obedience can dwell in any one of us in modern times. We just have to be bold enough to fight to remain steadfast. Is it easy? Heck no, David stuck out like a sore thumb. Who the heck wants to do that?? Especially without “proof,” but proof isn’t faith. Proof is tangibility. So many of us, without even realizing it, feel (not fall, we feel) into the trap of making faith tangible. That’s where pretty Christianity comes in, and glamorizing warfare. 

But David didn’t care about pretty Christianity, nor did he care about glamorizing this faith based commitment, just because of unpredictable feelings. You told him to jump Dad, he said how high. And jumped. How many of Your chosen today are on that faith base commitment? From what I see, not enough. What I see is feeling based commitment. It’s terrifying because your nonbelievers hurt the most. 

That’s what burdens my heart, and gets me so angry Dad. But You seem to want to use my anger for Your glory, like you used David’s faithfulness in prayer for Yours. That’s how You get magnified and that’s how You’re able to make miracles happen like this house. 

Like the destruction of Goliath. 

Like the resurrection of Jesus, through the same Holy Spirit that dwells in us. 

This truth is a truth that’s so downplayed, which also annoys me. And makes me see red. Again Dad, you’re using that too. So use away Papa. I’m no longer afraid to be where you boldly need me to dwell. This life is about Your people, not my hurt or anger. It’s so much bigger. Your troubled souls need to know the truth and truly walk in Your vein. 

We need a rising of David like faith. That’s why Jesus our personal Savior, Your son that you willingly sacrificed is a descendent of all these great obedient men, like David… The same David the world dismissed. Good, dismiss me world, then I’m doing what needs to be done. Your chosen don’t seem to grasp if the world welcomes you, then you’re doing something terribly wrong. That’s a deeper meaning too Dad. Everything is a deeper meaning with You. 

Faith based belief, and all these examples are for us, to carry close to our heart. So that we can remember Your truth always, especially in troubled moments. And boldly walk in your purpose for us. Miracles and blessings are for You, not us. There are for Your lost, confused and broken. David understood his true triage, and trajectory to execute God’s will. It’s time we walk in the same truth and focus on what truly needs to be done. 

No more pretenses or glamorizing the calamity of what it means not to be obedient. We don’t suffer as much as Your people do. Blessings and miracles can’t happen if we are not walking how You need us to walk. Keep shaking us Dad. Keep ruffling our feathers. Keep breaking our hearts until it’s enough to be all in. No more pretty Christianity and no more glamorizing. I love you Constant One.

Prayer: May you break our hearts Dad, make it so suffocatingly impossible to feed our flesh ever again. Make Your boldness be our new skin. Make the old wine skin burst as we continue to attempt to fit new wine in old skin. Keep making that impossible. You are possible Dad, and only Your ways. Destroy it God. Break the flesh God, may we be so repulsed by our ways that the reeking makes us tap out, and say we surrender. May we finally be spit out our whale. Make your tsunami sized revival, be so massive that we rapidly become linked together. And your nonbelievers become one with us. Like Philippia, like Corinthians, like your precious beautiful Israelites that you saved from Egypt. May you rise Sauls to be transformed into Pauls. And may you continue to test us, mold us, so that your truth is told through us. Thank you Constant One, thank you for breath, thank you for Your majestic love. Thank you for Your grace. Thank you for the gift of new mercies everyday. Thank you for being the most romantic love of our life. We praise you King. Always and forever smitten by You, love Your chosen. 


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