she just wants to numb 

But he’s the beat to her drum

The heat that keeps her seat

she hides in pride satisfied 

He loves her mystified 

she stutters at her flutters 

her key is safe 

Hidden in its rightful place 

Until the time to link their chime

He says he’s coming

she’s just humming 

Harmonizing her rhyme to the rage 

But only he reveals her true gauge

she’s waiting for his stage 

The calling of her rib to her ribcage 

Only three strands connects His land 

he’s towering not cowering 

To His link that prevents his sink 

He molds the sand

He’s holding his hand

she just wants to numb 

But he’s the heat to her drum

she inhales he exhales 

she’s troubled he’s bubbled 

Tick tock tick tock 

The clock stopped 

Time popped 

It doesn’t click

There’s no stick

It doesn’t sting

There’s no string

Only three strands connect His land 

he’s passive in His massive 

He says he’s coming

she’s just humming 

she yearns to feed numbing 

But he’s the heat to her drumming 

There’s no more running 

No more sliding 

He’s pulling her out of hiding 

Only he can reveal her true gauge 

she’s waiting for his stage 

A calling of a rib to her ribcage

her key is ready to be free 

she waits for him to be 

The ribcage that’s one flesh to his rib 

Then he will see

Poet’s note: Such a discomforting journey, and I definitely avoided this piece. The longer I avoided, the more my peace was becoming shuffled. I’m the type of daughter to my King, that’s a brat. I am truly smitten by the love of my life. Yet this naked vulnerability is a tussle I go back and forth with my Constant One on. He taught me how to love myself, through showing me how He loves me. I can’t go back, and I won’t go back to who I used to be. I’m upward falling, and walking through a fire with Him ahead. My key is safe with Him, until He is ready to give it to the man He says gets it. I just keep dancing and growing with my King in the meantime; because the highs and lows, and through the sink or swim, I’m all in. He’s always going to be worth it to me. He is my prince of peace. He is my Lord of Lords. He made the light go on in my darkness. He takes my breath away. So I just say yes no matter what. I encourage you to just say yes no matter what as well. Blessings my fellow chosen.


4 thoughts on “Ribcage 

  1. Yes my sister!!! As God continues to use you to speak life into others and push the envelope to make waves and speak truth, you will continue to shine bright and impact so many people. Love you sis! So proud of you!! Xoxo 💗💗💗💗😘😘👌🏾👌🏾👏🏾👏🏾💞💞💞

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