Petrified and mystified 

Your love is her eternal dove.

she can breathe with Your ease.

The purity of Your security

is the amenity to her identity.

she inhales Your truth.

You exhale her walking proof.

to push through the fearful aloof.

dread is her paralyze. 

You are her Analyze. 

You loved her when she didn’t see.

All she wanted was to chase 

what’s not meant to be.

But You stilled her heart.

Now You and her are never apart. 

You were her link in her sink.

You are the rhyme in her chime.

she’s running straight to Your drumming. 

she will keep humming.

she finds rest in her Cornerstone Best.

her hinderance is now Your deliverance. 

she wants to quit. 

You love her through her submit.

You show her why she cannot sit. 

You are her patient agent. 

You’re showering her why 

she cannot stop Your powering. 

she will cry You will testify.

Petrified and mystified 

Your love is her eternal dove. 

she can breathe with Your ease. 

You feed her to be. 

she’s now set free.

You are gliding her out of hiding. 

her rapid beats are Your radiated heats.

her needless tears are Your loving cheers. 

her sliding in fear is Your infinite years 

to the truthful walk in her talk 

of glory to glory. 

she is Your story. 

she is Your exclusion 

of a resurrected inclusion. 

she wants to quit. 

You love her through her submit. 

You show why she cannot sit.

You show her the purpose of her storm. 

You show her why she cannot conform.

You need her to embrace the transform.

her clouded dome is Your Heavenly Home. 

Petrified and mystified 

Your love is her eternal dove. 

she can breathe with Your ease.

she isolates You suffocate:

The lies that ties. 

The fused I’s and the why’s.

You are mused by her refuse.

You clear the aloof with Your truth.

her clouded dome is Your Heavenly Home.

You illuminate to rejuvenate 

the madness in her sadness. 

she rejects mans manipulations 

and her anxiousness awaits Your stipulations. 

In the midst of her is already May.

she fights to cling to Your Way.

You are her link that prevents her sink.

she’s never far from reaching Your stars. 

You are her continual protection of her rejection.

Until You’re ready to set her free.

You will hold her key

then she will see and be. 

No more hiding. 

No more sliding. 

her hovering is Your covering. 

she’s now discovering 

her love is Your eternal Dove.

she can now fly through Your sky. 

her caterpillar catapulted into Your butterfly. 

Poet’s Note: My commitment based faith trumps my interwoven emotions. He guides me as His chosen to express and confess my stress. This is an entirely new realm for me. I don’t recognize the godly daughter my King is transforming me to be. This is a newness I’m discovering with Him. When I come to this panicked place, my self-made resolutions were such broken habits: from drunken slumber to defiling my temple with meaningless sex with a man that’s not my ribcage. I was once blind to my true identity, but now I see. Now that I’ve been made anew, the broken solutions I once clung to aren’t even an option. 

I ran track in high school 400 meter hurdles; and the running concept has spilled in all areas of my life. God is walking me through the wrecking of no more running. I just want to pick up leave and start over. My King has planted me in areas that makes me so uncomfortable. He’s making me walk through these anxious emotions His way, which is a whole new everlasting world of wonder.

I wish I can sew together my cloak of invisibility that hides me forever, but my King doesn’t want that. I want my King no matter what. I submit to His will as petrifying and raw as that leads me. 

No more running or hiding. I still say yes and choose Him, and even through walking in this unknown, He’s the greatest love of my life. He’s the greatest love ever shown. He’s the only one that turned my darkness to His Light. I’m in the best hands possible. So my eyes will be forever fixed on Him. His voice > _____. 

Sink or swim I’m all in. He’s already saved me so many times in the past and even now. His love is endless not just for me, but for all His fellow chosen. My King is showing me there’s no fear in love: His way, not mine. I’m forever His. Blessings my fellow chosen. 


7 thoughts on “Dove

  1. Yess!!! #daughtertotheKing #poetryslam so proud of you!! Keep clinging to God, as he walks you through these emotions. You’re more than a runner, you’re a conqueror and an overcomer!!! Love you!! 😘😘😘😘💞🙏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

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