her heart is racing 

he is pacing 

searching for truth

he is her proof 

press pause on playing aloof

he’s black and white 

rejects day and plays night 

plays flee and rejects fight  

new song will be 

when he chooses see

her static conundrum

in his radioactive pendulum 

the swing is her sting 

he’s fighting her ring 

her soul is pending to play sing 

the pale scales no longer prevail 

due to the tear in her veil 

her choice is healthy kale 

he’s in and out of suffocating scales

the entrapment of his whale 

he does not breathe with ease

her heart is racing 

he is pacing

searching for truth 

he is her proof

press pause on playing aloof

he’s black and white 

rejects day and plays night 

plays flee and rejects fight  

new song will be 

when he chooses see

he speaks provocation 

he teaches suffocation

her speak is dedication 

her teach is mediation

by her Cornerstone Best

her A in this test

he’s not still to rest

yet it’s not enough

to clear the cloud of doubt

he files smiles 

through miles of internal shouts 

he has eyes that pout

he fights for facades and mirages 

he presses play on sabotages 

he inhales roaring cheap lemonade 

her exhale is soaring as His Renegade

her choice is His Gills

he keeps choosing cheap thrills 

he struggles to be still

he’s black and white

But God is bigger in This Fight

he + her = His Story

God will always get the glory 

Poet’s Note: I thought I was in some self fulfilling sabbatical writing poetry. Only God keeps me afloat, in the whirlwind of events happening in my life right now. So many boom booms, that I’m shell shocked from the peace that surpasses all understanding; which God blessed me with. I’m so unworthy, but that’s how great and mighty God is. These words were swimming in my head the moment my heart started racing an hour ago. And like a credit rolling, these words came like a rushing wind. 

As I keep choosing my King, God continues to amaze me what He does through me. Even in the doubt, and pouts and all the tears, I’ve concealed through the years, God is with me and will never leave me. He’s blessed me with some exciting new ventures, I am walking through now. So I’ll continue to just obey His okay, and God will keep showing me, how I will never be dismayed. I’m safe in His wings, and I breathe with ease, because I stuck to my yes, and declared my consistent profess; to all the distress that my heart needed to confess. 

I’m in awe of the works of God. Saying I love God is an understatement. I can’t breathe without God, and I’m so glad I’m done with the world, that stopped His Gills through fading and cheap suffocating thrills. I’m unapologetic in my gift of prophetic language, that’s written through me, by Him. I am just God’s vessel, which is truly the greatest honor ever. Blessings my fellow chosen. God loves y’all more than you will ever conceptualize or memorize. I love y’all too, because of the greatness that God encompasses. Love, your sister Crysta. 


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