Do not harden your heart when we hear His voice…Hebrews 4:7. This scripture power jumped out and was brought to life, which is why I’m typing biblical journaling now. Words swim in my head, and I discern and pray to my King, when and where should these words be brought to life. 

How many of us out here are blatantly ignoring your voice God? The way our flesh executes, this disobedience looks very sparadic. Flesh today is mirroring to the book of revelations. Total chaos, man playing gods by creating, their own deluded duplication, of what their life should look like. All because we ignore your voice God. The bottom line is, we think we are better gods than you Precious Creator. And so many of your children, practice this act of flesh god for various reasons. The commonality remains the same: fear. 

So many of us are running from our callings, or the promptings of whom you picked for us, because your will doesn’t fit our expectation, or we are just too afraid to speak up and say, “God told me _____.” The flesh is so weak. We are flesh. We are broken made to peace, but only achieve this believe of peace, through the surrender and acceptance of your will. Anything else is a cheap imitation with suffocating limitations. The bottom line is, we are all caught up in afraid to admit, that we understand God’s voice. Because God’s voice in our lives does not match popularity and worldly status. 

We don’t want to hear, “that’s just a feeling,” or “clearly you’re wrong.” This is being expressed from spiritual leadership. What if we are not wrong and we are the ones in spirit? What if said leader is wrong, and the one operating in flesh? Control is flesh. Fear is flesh. Being a creature of habit is flesh. Avoiding growth, through never embracing changes, new seasons or people? That’s definitely flesh too. So what happens in these very real cases then?! Church hurt is real, and so is spiritual warfare, which isn’t discussed enough. There’s a dangerous dismissal, of the seriousness of spiritual warfare. 

Well disguised distractions, in our lives, are also very real; we could be too caught up in scales, to push through, and prevail by allowing God to tear that veil. We could be wrongfully guided, to abide in what God is telling us to exit, because we should have never entered in the first place. Because we ignored God’s warnings and chose flesh instead. Then what shall we do as your fellow chosen then? 

We press on, boldly not coldly, to trust and believe, for your ways are higher than our ways. Isaiah 55. You make a way God, when there seems to be none. If you can part the Red Sea in Exodus? Then nothing is too big for you God. You have all over our blueprint, known as The Holy Bible, that you speak to all of your children intimately, and specifically. Everyone thought David was crazy but he beat Goliath. David didn’t put man above the word, you spoke to him no matter the pushback. David was obnoxiously bold in his walk and faith. That couldn’t of been easy for David. Imagine being young, trusting God and His voice above anyone, that rejects this truth, because they are in their flesh?! That was David’s walk. He wasn’t the only one. Abram who was rich, with a world of gods and lots of flesh, chose to trust God. He followed God’s voice and he was alone. 

Abram became Abraham, because of his radical faith. He was flawed too, and went ahead of God even in his radical faith. The flesh is very weak. We as humans are flesh, and are very weak. That’s how the son he had outside of Sarai, (who later became Sarah) was born. Flesh. Impatient, and dangerous flesh, caused Abraham to go ahead of God. God still only blessed Isaac, because only Sarah was Abraham’s soulmate. Not Haggai. God ordains one woman and one man, no matter what the humans execute in flesh. 

Abraham didn’t even get to live, to see all the promises that God kept his word on. Abraham didn’t choose his flesh in faith, he walked in spirit to climb to faith. Despite his moments in flesh, Abraham still chose God and the voice of God. Everyone thought Abraham was crazy. When God told Abraham and Sarah they would conceive, when Abraham was 100 and Sarah was 90, they both thought God was crazy. But it happened. The brokenness of humans, and their routinely flawed habits created a perversion of us dismissing supernatural, as “spiritually weird,” or “crazy.” Because it’s not popular, or tangible as a human of flesh, we dismiss supernatural. I’ve dismissed supernatural far too many times in my life. I’m in my own supernatural wrestle with God, regarding this ribcage He keeps showing me, and telling me about. But I chose to fully trust God yesterday, as I was walking home, and my Holy Spirit was on fire, by denying my flesh, and no longer choosing to run, or feed fear. I sit in stillness to allow God to work and move. God’s timing, and God’s will.

Abraham didn’t choose what was easy, convenient, what looked good, or what was popular. Abraham choose to trust God, when no one could confirm what God told him. That’s because no one was supposed to. No one can confirm what I’ve been wrestling with either. And God made that clear to me that I wouldn’t receive that. Blind faith and pushing through this wilderness like the vessels in Exodus, was where I was at too. Fasting, praying, and mediating on my word was all I had to cling to. What if God pressed something, on so many of our hearts that no broken man that is naturally flesh, can confirm? Do we dismiss what God says, because we don’t have an audience of flesh, confirming what God said? Sadly all too many times we as your chosen, fall into this space of ignoring what God says, and believing what man in flesh says. Because it’s popular, and we are afraid to go against the grain. It’s easy to talk a walk. But actions behind words is a rarity.

Noah saved humanity, because he trusted what you spoke into him, and he also got a lot of pushback. Everyone told him he was crazy. But Noah chose to trust how you spoke to him no matter what. Moses didn’t want his calling, he ran, and ended up running right into you, to ultimately execute exactly what you told him to do God. And Moses got a lot of pushback too. A lot. Joseph was shown a vision, and it didn’t come into fruition until 13 years later. He kept believing despite all the pushback hurdles he faced. 

Joseph also saved humanity, because Joseph chose to trust what you’ve shown him no matter what. Saul became Paul, the author of most of the books of our New Testament. The same Saul that killed thousands and thousands of Christians, is the same Saul that transformed into Paul. Saul became Paul through the wrestle of Jesus’ love. Love will always win. God is love. 

Simon became Peter, through the wrestling with Jesus. We all wrestle with God, but God always wins no matter what we execute in flesh. Pushback is the pruning process to fine tune, who we are called to be as your vessels. It’s a wilderness of wonder, and it only feels wonderful, if we keep pushing through to see the other side. Being at a place where we trust God, above all of broken man that’s flesh, is a space God longs us all to be. It’s a space I finally am in, and that’s all through God’s overflowing well of grace.

Man breaks and takes. God heals, reveals and restores. We are flesh, therefore we are flawed, and will get it wrong, flesh is a loop that hurdles together in a poisoned horde troop. Like attracts like. The wrong song, is strong in a deluded troop of that broken loop of flesh. Confess so that God can profess and move on our behalf. The flesh is weak. The flesh is a constant attack of setbacks, that could very much feel like God. But it’s the wrong boom boom to stay in tuned to. We cannot move on feelings, we need stillness. satan is restless and chaotic. God isn’t.

Be still and know I am God. Psalm 46. the enemy is not still and never will be. God is. There’s no need to rush into anything. WAIT. I wait on everything. God spoke something to me, to tell a specific spiritual leader, and I sat on this prompting for two years. Then I went to that spiritual leader. But spiritual leaders are flesh too. And because of the special calling on spiritual leaders lives? There are attacks and setbacks. Spiritual leadership is its own wonder of wilderness, that is completely avoided. 

No wonder the call to ministry is avoided. But God wins and we don’t run forever, we can’t. We only experience true happiness  in the presence of God’s will in our lives. Church hurt is real, and not meant to be concealed, or swallowed in a hallow of nothingness. Be bold and brave, and stay committed to looking up. You don’t understand now, but later you will. John 13. Trust and believe saints. Thank you Holy Spirit. In Jesus name, amen. 


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