there’s a sophistication 

in this hesitation 

to reject His Ray

so press play on delay

muted diluted drunken salutes

derailed pale scales 

are prevailing in play moot

fear is the focus

sensational sporadic locus

God is a prism 

the world is a schism 

the world is silent and violent 

tear stained alliances

has no purposed pain

no way to play gain 

midnight hours

has a call of His Power

in His Great Name 

there’s purpose to pain 

Our King plays sing

choose to Play Proof

reject flesh god aloof

see the blinking test 

thinking plays the sinking 

winking births the hurts 

stand strong in this throng 

reject the wrong song 

be unapologetic in kinetic to unity 

that’s true community 

not this flesh god nightly amenity 

birthing the animosity 

not the Truth of His Divinity 

cling in Cornerstone Best

stop the test 

play confess

bind stress 

play His Profess

bind easily triggered distress

release the displease 

upward fall in His Ease

hymn to godly harmony 

to see the test 

as His Testimony

reject choke 

stop choosing broken

it’s a toxic token

to ride and slide

in black tarred hide

to die in lie

play His Yolk 

play freedom

don’t play looped 17

play redeemed

don’t play mean

don’t play lean

don’t play glean

play serene 

play heal

play real

play feel

reject the reels 

reject the erotic drums

in the abyss of numb 

heal from postpartum 

by His Dove 

upward fall, upward fall

say yes to His Call

Only God is Real Love

the replays are delays

in rapid wildfires 

radiating rust

ashes to ashes

dust to dust 

God is all things new

don’t get tripped up

it’s a flesh god setup 

distractions are attractive 

then the lemonade fades

pollution in lost fiduciary files 

is a dilution mixed of selfish solutions 

press play in His Obey

stop Wilderness of Groundhog Day 

it is a lesson learned reason

still being played in an expired season 

cultivating flesh god unnecessary trials

because pride hides lies

with professed poisonous gunpowder 

playing the midnight hour

of healing escape 

there’s beauty in humility 

stop replaying hit it

to quit it

birthing the flesh god misfits 

this defiant alliance

is the works of a falsified prophet

being celebrated publicly 

secretly growing a part

it’s apart of the art

in that bleeding of flesh god delegation

there’s truly no sophistication 

just fearful hesitation

test transforms to testimony

press play to His Obey

stop choosing broken

it’s a toxic token

to ride and slide

in black tarred hide

to die in lie

play His Yolk 

play freedom

See in His Be

sleepwalking just births 

hurts of silent talking 

being kinetic in no direction walking 

the truth in His Proof

sets us free

there’s truly no sophistication 

just fearful hesitation

to reject His Ray

so press play on His Obey

Be Still

choose His Gills

pale scales will fall

clarity in His call comes

drums become silenced

visions will be clear

removing the death of fear

the answer is here 

God is near

God is always here

be broken through God 

transforms the facades 

kills the skin of flesh god

be the survival of His Revival

God’s voice 

is true love’s choice



2 thoughts on “fin,

  1. Amen!! Stillness in God is the answer. Waiting on God and not moving on our own is what eliminates a lot of the issues we find ourselves in. God is with us to guide us through the day to day. Amen again!!!! Light on sis, light on!!!!! Love you. Xoxoxo

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