J to C

the lean in press play

of yesterday’s mean

is the loop to play night troops. 

sights disconnect in day. 

yesterday’s lay 

will never be today. 

J presses play 

the cord of day to night. 

C stresses lay 

the sword of today to fight.  

the see in His Be

is C’s humming

in J’s drumming.  

the duel intellect

presses play in neglect 

for mutual fears

is the press play in dual gears. 

rewind the minds

that shifts their gifts. 

ashes to ashes

and dust to dust. 

trail of pale scales fail.

the vision is intuition 

in rapid wildfires 

radiating rust. 

the stop to combust. 

empty to empty 

C’s the be in zesty,

J’s the wray in trendy. 

press play in no connect to purity. 

no in security.

go in obscurity. 

presses play on suspected unity.

J ejected the rejected lard 

of Rambouillet The Chateau.

Worthy is The Lamb.

C stings in press play sings

is the path to ignored math. 

C’s rejected neglected ready ring.

there’s no earth king

in the vision of God’s intuition.

he + He + her

will always be God’s Stir. 

C’s jolt to press play in bolt. 

J’s no pause in delay from decay 

today not yesterday’s way.

J presses play 

the cord of day to night. 

C stresses lay 

the sword of today to fight.  

the see in His Be

is C’s humming

in J’s drumming  

is the path to ignored math.

J to C flesh god facades.

J to C minute mirages. 

J to C cages in stages.

J to C wages to ages. 

J to C daze in the gaze 

reject day play night of haze.

J to C mysteries of histories 

are J to C’s fazes in mazes. 

C’s presses play in be in this growing three.

C’s replaying rejecting staying.

J’s presses play in way of bended knees.

J’s bows allows God’s showdowns. 

God dismantles these flesh god mantles.

God is the slowdown in this dual showdown.

God will always be number three.

C’s hues are blue.

J’s hue is too.

J to C see just lettered. 

J to C chains press play in pain fettered. 

the path to correct math in God is

God’s J to C three is bettered. 

J to C is now free 

to be the blank canvas 

God will always see.

Poet’s Note: I saw this as a blog post this morning in the shower. All I saw was the title and I told God I wasn’t going to write it. My King that makes my soul sing lovingly met me all day today, and showed me His Way will always be my okay no matter what internal fuss I muster up. So I surrendered to my Heavenly Father, and I rejected my misery in disagree. The rest is history. I got out of God’s Way and answered His Obey. Happy reading saints. God bless you all. God loves you so much, so do I because God taught me too. ✨⚓️  


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