Dear Dad,

Psalm 18:23. This is the most challenging task for us flawed, natural born sinners, who are wired to miss our mark that sparks us in this world of deep dark. I’m including myself in this great challenge, there are days I’m totally like this is a joke, because seeing the choking fear provoking the evoke to choose flesh in those around me, deeply discourages me. No one is confessing sin and professing Jesus’ Great Name. It’s unpopular to choose our purpose. 

What’s the point of this fight God? That’s where my broken heart is at. However you have me up God, meditating in my blueprint I haven’t wanted to chew on at all lately. I’m over all of this. You keep showing me dreams, and visions that are unpopular to my purpose. What my naked eyes sees, is purpose being mocked and ignored by this wrong she season, that son of yours voices in his flesh god choices. However, this biblical vessel in verse 23, is truth and demonstrates great hope. 

We live in times of a desperate need to believe in hope again. There’s too much disruption in this quest of popularity. Purpose is unpopular. My stance on this current worldly chaos: be careful where you keep your focus. You’ll one day wake up in a world of lustful locus; where there’s a rift in the shift of flesh god facades. Exactly what ms. 17 is exposing now, in her she who findeth not he, season that she follows in her hallow swallow reason with mr. mean, lean and glean. There’s a deep selfishness to stick to lies,  exude the rude in us chosen God. Please excuse the refuse in disobeying Your Okay in today. Please forgive the sniff in pressing play on the yesterday for today. 

The loops and the hoops of many of your troops, are pressing play on dilute. Kool-Aid is not wine but your broken chosen presses play on rewind, to lay in the decay of unsatisifed laid. To many in dismay, the push is still miserable disobey. Especially this wrong she reason, your specific son keeps pressing play in this expired season, regardless how much he’s losing this is what he’s choosing. This son of yours is still refusing. This son of yours is still alluding to the lying, that he’s pressing play on his decay of dying. All because his patrol is never losing control. Congrats for pressing play on brat with that ugly misfit hit it, and quit it hat.

The world is currently darker than dark. The world is chaotic and robotic. There’s a psychotic in the missed mark of dark being ignored. When flesh god facades speak louder truth than aloof, your chosen has the audacity to be pressing play on the decay speaking the reeking in floored. Pressing play in the disobey of rejecting and neglecting your godly Proof. Unlike what this vessel, the choice was: to be unpopular in Psalm 18. 

In current times, a brave vessel of yours was murdered in Asia the other night to send North Korea a message of fear!? That beautiful soul was bold enough to spread the word of Jesus, and was killed because of it. I cried myself to sleep after reading what happened. I’m sick of crying God. I’m sick of meditating and memorizing the Bible. I’m sick of beefing with you about that specific son of yours you keep showing me every other week. I’m sick of praying. I’m sick of rising above, and choosing love. It hurts. Seeing all, in this flesh god fall, and believing what I’m receiving hurts. I’m tired of hurting. My tears are unpopular. Truth is unpopular. The Holy Spirit is unpopular. What happened to obedience and true love? Why is flesh god facades of radiating rust in fading lust the popular voice of decayed dismayed dust?

This dilution, will never be a solution. But pale scales are the choice in the silent voice of your broken chosen. Like mr. mean, lean and glean featuring that very tired and wired ms. 17. ms. 17 is staged in the wages of this current ages. The rapid growth in the smoke of this deadly flesh is being evoked to provoke the choking both these chosen are hiding. The decay is an oblivious dismay despite the signs that show, these two will never ever be aligned. This pretend it’s at its end, it’s time to press send in God’s go to cancel this cancerous pitfall show. 

This mockery is just one of many on this planet, clinging to be popular so press play in die and lie, to neglect the ejected of the why. Why’s lead to purpose, because God walks us through the weeds that make us bleed. God paid the price in blood at Calvary through Jesus. This is why adoption is our inheritance. Jesus came to undo what paralyzing fear did to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden: create sleepwalking sin, and grieve the Holy Spirit. The Cross of Calvary was the victory in death, so that we may live and love. Self made turmoil is not the purpose God has for us. However, the broken condition of this world, and its potent theme of break and take, makes purpose unpopular.  

The mockery of God’s Great Name is so heartbreaking. This mockery is so insulting. The godly task to actually rise above, and choose the love of the Holy Spirit and His wisdom is barely happening in today’s time. That’s why there’s so much spiritually dead Christian’s walking around, like kryptonite sniffing junkies, with the Holy Spirit grieving on inside. 

Nonbelievers will never understand with all this division in Christianity. There’s a desperate need of unity that’s deliberately being missed. It’s the biggest diss to God ever. Christians on fire for Christ are being mocked and murdered. No one wants to be made fun of or die, because we love Jesus. So there’s all this lying. There’s a great fear to serve God in full obedience. 

That’s why there’s so much lukewarm oblivion talks, with matching diluted walks that’s happening. Pretty much what this vessel went through in verse 23. Time changed but the circumstance remained the same. Humans want to press play in lame and shame. The most challenging task that Jesus died for, is still not being executed today: freedom. This disheartening truth hurts. There’s a discomforting feeling, to push to be a Christian. 

These days, we are ostracized or we are told we are wrong, or we are warned not to be spiritually weird. I’ve heard that all and then some personally. But the part that breaks my heart the most is Your chosen being lead to live a life You God never setup for them. Popularity became more powerful than Your Purpose. Words don’t personally break me anymore. I’m an athlete that’s acquired a high level of mental fortitude, because of my upbringing and God first and foremost. Broken people break and take, that’s what blindness in flesh does. I psychologically, and spiritually understand this truth, that the world is broken and wants to break in chaos. 

Not everyone is where I’m at. My concern is what happens to those that aren’t where I am!? Prayer is what I cling to. Prayer doesn’t feel like it’s enough sometimes. Everything is getting worse. I can’t breathe in this wrench of flesh god facades. It’s like we must be a Jesus following Renegade, because those that say yes for real reject the popular cheap lemonade floating around. I know I do. I’ll never pause when the Holy Spirit will always be my cause. This still feels impossible with all this blatant sin in disobedience, and all this cold blooded murdering happening. Thank God we serve a God who parts the Red Sea of impossible, to I’m possible. God is the Great I Am. Lord I pray for a spirit of courage and boldness, to wash over all your chosen on this planet. Lord I bind the spirit of fear, and the scales this paralyzing distraction called flesh god facade produces in the blood of Jesus. Amen. Thank you God for being consistent God. Thank you for pushing me to be unpopular. I love you so much Dad.

Love your daughter. 


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