Silence is an alliance in 

defiance to the world

coldly muting boldly 

saluting as a scaled troop 

prevailing the lies of 

ailing ties to diluted loops 

pressing play in delay

forgoing today to 

be the dead lead 

seeing only yesterday 

words of affirmation 


mans confirmation 

to be a ruse in

the refuse to obey 

rejecting the confess 

to the yes of today 

mans confirmation 

is flesh god penetration 

to feed the bleed 

of fables and labels 

titles are provocative tales

designed to make us 

combust to prevail in fail 

and delay

to say okay by

His Obey 

so the cries in dies

become louder and louder 

and dead in dread 

pressing play to 

the caressing stressing 

in yesterday 

peeling away the feeling 

from the healing to the

purpose of His Focus


popularity is the worldly reality 

it’s toxicity in the mockery 

of bereaved repercussions 

to missed mark of dark 

silent no spark discussions 

the fight by no light 

is a scaled galaxy 

from His Reality

faded lay in lust

rusting decay of His Delay

is truly a denial 

in these dark files

designed by His Trials

to show the true go of

no accountability attributes 

to dilute from maturity 

so press play 

to the faze with 

blind kool-aid isolation 

is a daze of hesitation 

flesh god facades 

are never going to be of God

instead it’s dead lead to gaze 

in worldly night community

rejecting His Unity

through pruning 

fine tuning humility 

so press play in

muting the penetration 

of God 


silence is also guidance 

it’s His Grace

in our race 

words can be a disguise 

to hide the lies inside 

the prevention of His Intervention

to the hearing in the clearing 

God is a God of

prosperity in alignment of truth


solitary in confinement of aloof

God is a God of 

Glory to glory 


the incorrect math 

of our flesh god path

only He writes

the light of Our Story

let Him take us 

from ashes to ashes

and dust to dust 

from aloof to 

His Proof

from cheap lemonade to 

His Renegade 

unsatisfactory silent extortion of lust

is the violent abortion of unjust 

radiated dedicated rust 

will never be the see 


ashes to ashes 

and dust to dust 

Only God is our Be

and will always set us free 

so decide to deny

the neglect to His Reject

and see the worldly rust 

once and for all 

press play to His Call


the fears in the tears 

of hidden years 

is the rage in the caged 

gauge of alienation


the choice is still 

the suffocation of no Gills

lead to His Still

the choice is not His Voice 

the pause in His Cause 

plays the delays

madly in sadly 

Silence is an alliance 


defiance to the world

coldly muting boldly 

saluting as a scaled troop 

prevailing the lies of 

ailing diluted loops 

pressing play in delay

forgoing today to 

be the dead lead 

see in yesterday 

Be Still choose

lose in free fall

by giving Him Your All

press play in the Obey 

of His Call

aimez vos côtes bleu

Poets Note: I was lead to this song by this artist. I never heard of him, before I landed on Sho Baraka. I’ve been replaying Words, 2006. I’ve discovered this artist in an unconventional way. I’ve also been avoiding writing a specific post, that will just wreck me; and it’s not poetry like this. I love writing poetry now, because I’ve allowed God through my submission, His complete access to my gift of words. This blog and how it’s ran, is all His doing. I fought God on this website too, before it finally went up almost three years ago. I put this blog up, when I finally mustered up the courage to leave my toxic relationship with my ex boyfriend. And four months later, I left the world completely behind 4.4.14, by surrendering my life to God. I never looked back since that day. 

There was no backsliding of buffeting this walk for me, because I came out the womb with full knowledge of this walk. God has been speaking to me the same way all of my life. I’m just now bold enough to no longer walk as the worlds cold conceptualize lie. If that makes me an outlaw for God? Then I say let’s go, my sword isn’t going anywhere. Not anymore. Speaking for the longest was so hard for me. Words paralyzed me, in a lot of ways, speaking now is still hard. I learned I had the gift to write through my hidden fears. It was the greatest hidden blessing to date. 

I realized I was being set up, for these moments I walk now. I fell in love with writing at the age of 12/13. That era for me was 1996. Originally I calculated being 12/13 for the year 2006. It’s interesting I made the connection my math was looped. This timeframe for me in real life stayed the same for 10 years. In 2006 I was 22/23. My twenties were very hard to walk through. Very hard, so it doesn’t surprise me that I reverted back to times of when I was 12/13. Speaking felt impossible for me in my early 20s. I always got so much anxiety. That is not a coincidence. 

I was always discouraged with my writing growing up, with those outside of my bloodlines. I had this theory, that family had to okay and support you, because genetic connections are similar. I realize being lead to this lyrical writer was bigger than me, and my suspicions of what the leading really means, is also bigger than me. I need healing, and releasing still. Writing will always be healing for me, as well as being a tool for God’s chosen.  

God you win. I say yes, and I’ll write the other piece too, because this piece called silence is bigger than me. This note is proof of that. Especially showing me no hint this was coming, which you don’t have to do God. But sometimes you do warn me about poetry pieces, and I got spoiled by that. You keep showing out God, go on and show out. Go on and keep blowing my mind, like you are at work and what’s coming on Monday, 10/31. I see you God. I just say yes to all these circumstances, that are truly bigger than me.

I’m tough but I’m not tougher than God. The last three months of this insanity called my life, drew me to an even higher intimacy with God. Reflecting back now!? I wouldn’t change anything. I would do the last three years all over again, if it meant I am in this space with God. And these glimmers of blueprints you keep showing me?! I’m with you God all the way, because I choose to obey. I say okay everyday and reject the neglect of yesterday, to push the discomfort of evolving in the solving of Your Today, by my Obey in you God. I’ll keep pushing through and choosing to fight for truth. I will always choose you God, no matter what the world tells me or throws at me. 

I rise higher and stronger because of you God. Keep sharpening my speed in worldly bleeding, because it’s truly healing and freeing. I love you forever my King. God loves you world, and so do I, because he teaches me to be a reach His way not mine. My unforgiving rewind is a bind that will never tie his correct math nor walk me to his path. So I reject the lending of pain to see Your Gain and allow all to fall in my hallow swallow. So trust your process, saints regardless of the setbacks; they will always lead to set ups. I pray for higher alignment for all beautiful souls on this planet God, especially those stuck in a reel of looped solitary confinement. In Jesus name I pray, amen. Love your sister Crysta.


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