wrong she sees

she doesn’t have the key 

she cannot validate 

this wrong family

a baby will never be

the key to wrong she safety 

he sees the Be 

in His Stir

he + He + her

that’s the path 

to godly math 

that’s His Craft 

after this storm

he will transform

he will no longer

reject day to play 

igniting the fighting 

in night stronger 

wrong she will flee

in this sobering ecstasy 

this cheap lemonade 

will never be 

the see of His Renegade 

wrong she sees

she doesn’t have the key 

she cannot validate 

this wrong family

a baby will never be

the key to wrong she safety 

the night community 

is now a tool

to be the fooler 

of wrong she fooled 

wrong she spadix spathe

calculating and manipulating 

the scales that 

combat prevailed scathe 

only God corrects 

the neglect of His Path

this son of His

sees the ease 

for what it is 

a fire red lead 

latina lepidobotrys

wrong she’s exotic 

is truly chaotic 

in forced routine 

everything is mean 

lean and glean

wrong she is 17

stuck in these loops

that gushed the rush 

of this pending end

wrong she plays 

and preys 

on flesh craves

wrong she muted 

what God saluted 

to reject this gateway 

in that fight 

God’s will is for he 

to be still in 

this lust filled tranquil

for this he to only see 

ashes to ashes 

and dust to dust

wrong she cultivated rust

wrong she is poisonous combust

wrong she fought 

wrong she’s now caught 

in flesh god facades

in this night community 

only, not boldly just coldly

he’s detached 

wrong she and he 

don’t match 

two strands

will never be

the see in His Math

wrong she strays 

wrong she preys 

wrong she stays 

clings to the stings in 

this wrong she ring 

is the clearing 

in God’s hearing 

God is declogging 

wrong she’s fogging

wrong she findeth

this he, not he 

findeth wrong she

he wants to flee

he will never be 

what she wants him to be

for two years

of playing the diss of God

in wrong she flesh god facade

played on this he’s fears

created the alienated

team vomitus gear

in this freshly hobbit 

only a fool 

plays cool 

in their  own vomit  

this he started 

to see this he’s tested veil 

prevail in April 

wrong she feeds 

the weeds of hateful

true love is above 

wrong she stilled gills

in fading suffocating thrills

God will always be

the King that sets 

the reject and the suggest 

of this deliberate let

being free so he 

can be the see 

in better together 

with His True Stir

he + He + her

wrong she sees

she doesn’t have the key 

she cannot validate 

this wrong family

a baby will never be

the key to wrong she safety

confetti will never replace

the space of empty 

snuffing out this truth 

is a deluded ruse

and a temporary aloof 

ignoring his call

doesn’t negate His Proof

because this mockery

is wrongs she’s toxicity 

wrong she is peeling 

from today to delay 

decaying in disobeying

 from His Healing 

pride hides the lies 

that feeds the need 

to press play in dismay

to press play in disobey 

to press play in not today 

to press play in the choke

that evokes the provoke 

of yesterday haze

pressing end

in this pretend

is God’s Gaze

wrong she sees

she doesn’t have the key 

she cannot validate 

this wrong family

a baby will never be

the key to wrong she safety

this baby is tied 

to the binds that hide 

inside of wrong she

who refuses to flee

who clings to the stings

of ignoring His Majesty

this fact is no longer 

the stronger act 

wrong she’s deliberate attacks 

are now God’s Patrol 

in wrong she’s control 

this baby will never be

what wrong she wills 

this baby is the birth 

of spiritual freedom

thy Kingdom come 

thy will be done

on earth as it is in Heaven

wrong she’s countdown 

is God’s showdown

through ignoring His Gills

this baby isn’t wrong she’s key 

this baby is His Be

to set wrong she free

rejecting the neglecting 

of His Protecting

will no longer

be wrong she’s stronger 

wrong she flesh god facades 

will never be bigger than God 

God allowed all 

especially this big fall

God allowed this show 

to continue to press play 

in this decay of go

so now wrong she knows

it’s time to bestow

and allow the bow  

God will always be 

the see in control

all patrols in flesh 

are specifically designed 

to walk us to 

His Aligned Assignments 

we are His Chosen

we are all broken tokens 

painting in the waiting

of walking in His Strokes 

the truth in this toxicity 

will be seen as a mockery 

only His Path

adds correct math 

he + He + her

edifies Kingdom Band

blue times two 

is he + He + her 

only God Stirs

in true love 

3 Strands Land

keep being Still he

soon you’ll be free 

Trust Me

Me is God 

that frees he

so see His Gills

Be Still 

aimez vos côtes bleu


2 thoughts on “lepidobotrys

  1. Wisdom be showing up and informing us about the necessary alignment that we need to have with God. Love babes! So excited for you! So so so so proud of you!! Walk in bravery to your next season love because you deserve it!! Xoxo

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