she fought in all 

the might of this sight 

ending pending fall 

caught in the nights 

brought by her fights 

to stay in delay 

of her cheap lemonade 

to make today 

never forever 

in decay of yesterday 

this morning had warnings 

this morning her sight 

saw the light of God

this self made hiss 

is a looped diss 

the blinding isn’t hiding 

the lies that make her die

from the muting 

of her saluting 

this hurt has no worth 

the last two years 

is a play in delay

filled with hidden tears of pain 

feel like they have been in vain 

she found a way to numb 

the scums of crumbs 

that bleed the weeds 

in her veins

the aroma in this coma

came at the shame 

in a cost of lame

that makes her lost 

the lies that 

combat the hat 

die in cries

feed the seeds 

in these weeds 

that make her bleed 

in her loop of teenaged 

raged caged seventeen

she’s staged and aged

she’s older in her colder 

flesh god facades cost 

she feels far 

eating her scars 

lost without 

her intimacy in God 

she cannot conceal 

what God reveals 

she cannot undo 

God has been showing 

her growing true 

she doesn’t love him 

she doesn’t want him 

she doesn’t like that 

in this night they

will never have His Light

disobey is never okay

in this song of wrong 

there’s no strong for long

she doesn’t like him

she wants to slap him

she wants to punch him 

she wants to make him pay

in the reel to feel yesterday 

the pension in this tension 

is a bigger trigger 

than her apprehension 

to move forward 

where God is toward

there’s still an elephant 

in their bedroom 

all the overcompensation 

did nothing for this she

she’s still the wrong her

she’s still not the path 

in the Math of His Stir

there’s no three strand

in this isolated 

violated worldly land 

all this hurt 

has no worth 

she feels unclean 

she feels his mean 

they’re both lean 

they’re both glean 

from the choices 

to listen to multiple voices

this unity has no community 

she feels stings in her rings

he didn’t put her first 

he doesn’t see this she’s worth 

he doesn’t see this she’s hurt

this morning she saw warnings 

she doesn’t love him

she doesn’t want him

she slacking and lacking 

she muted her voice 

in this legal choice

to be the see 

in this flesh god facade 

she’s walking a reality

that feels like a poisonous galaxy 

she cries and dies

on the inside

because her lies hide

seven year age difference 

make the fear wage inference 

she misses the hisses 

of being single 

of seeing mingle 

she feels left out

she feels unseen 

she feels unclean

she is a hallow swallow 

of no tomorrow 

she hasn’t slowed down 

from all her touchdowns

she’s facing her fears 

designed in God’s showdown 

every knee still bows 

this self made kool-aid 

is Lois without her Lane

is a dark without her Clark

is a dent without her Kent

she has no confetti 

she’s just empty 

there’s no Gills 

in this cheap thrill

there’s no super hero 

in this missed marked zero 

to be set free

she needs to be still


4 thoughts on “Zero

  1. Yes honey!!! Mmm!!! I love this post!! Continue to be used by God!! It’s all his doing what he is doing in you and through you. Continue to speak life so that others can be brought back to life! Amen my sister preach through your poetry! The message is received!! Love you!!

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