Ain’t no body 

want to talk

the walk of 

combust in this rust 

dust lust showdown

mutes in salutes 

of what’s really a

hit it and quit it

misfit frown tribute

only God wears 

the tears of this 

victors crown

only God has 

the last Hiss

case dismissed

so with regret

it suggests the let

of the I’s and why’s

that hide the blind 

in this pretend

flesh will end 


made it hobbit 

to lie and guide 

cries insides

created confetti 

to cover all empty 

in the facades 

they’ll never be God 

all these tears

are snuffed out

from the shouts 

of rages caged fears 


made it hobbit 

to never abide

in His Ray

to sniff and sift

the raid in

cheap lemonade 

ignoring the call

to fall as His Renegade 

misplaced paces

in Christian spaces

feeling the reeling

of no truth peeling 

rejecting the neglecting

of His Protecting

to play the delay

in not today 

night community 

is no real unity 

pressing send 

in pretend rejects humility 

feeding the bleed 

of looped ruses

doesn’t dilute the truth

in His Proof 

so choose refuse

man cannot confirm

only God affirms

His Return

true love isn’t logic 

true love is From Above 

true love has no tangibility 

false-prophets press play

in the decay

to stay in delay

misery is history 

to a false-prophet 

they say dismay

in speeches like leeches

feeds the need 

to have bleeds 

in the church unity

is really night community 

false-prophets create

the space in hesitate 

of disgrace in too late

seven-age difference

seven-caged dip for he

seven-raged jar for wrong she

wrong she births the hurt

of no worth sliding tar

in the shower 

God reveals midnight hours 

for His Stir True her

His Stir is blue times two

he + He + her

will always be true

that’s the path 

to godly math

& His Craft

only three is forever together 

not two in wrong hues

wrong voices feed 

the bleed of wrong choices 

false-prophets claim lame

to remain shame & tame

with: it doesn’t make sense

clearly, you’re wrong

making us broken tokens 

& feeling really dense

in an alienating throng

no revival

just survival

coldly, not boldly 

don’t believe 

just receive 

what man says

due to insecurity 

spiritually weird in

wrong counsel


made it hobbit 

to play god in love

when God says no

false-prophets said go

planting the weeds

to grow as lust seeds

in a haze of rust bleeds

that feeds the need

of junkie funky craze 

in a grave of daze


made it hobbit

flesh rejects confess 

mutes the process

salutes the facade

of playing god 

in this worldly sabotage


made it hobbit

buffets the Obey 

to play selfish delay

to lead the bleed

in never today

by shining the lying 

only God looses

the ruse of undying 

false-prophets press play

in popularity over God’s Reality 

purpose is not the focus

the world is the locus 

to a false-prophet

remain sleet in the cold 

don’t burn in this unfold

press play in His Obey

to receive High Discern

this community has no unity

Be Still in His Gills

keep rejecting this cheap thrill 

this unenjoyable confetti 

will never replace 

the space of empty 

it’s all distractions 

to neglect the Obey Alignment 

and play decay confinement

to feed the lying need

of dying bleed 

to chalk the sleepwalk 

as a ribcage 

on the wrong stage 

in the cage 

of this wrong she wage 

Trust Me

Me is God 

almost there 

in this layer 

of flesh god facade

stay in the Ray 

in today of His Light 

hang tight

God is Mightier than Might

Ain’t no body 

want to talk

the walk of 

what’s going down 

combust in this rust 

dust lust showdown

mutes in salutes 

of what’s really a

hit it and quit it

misfit frown tribute

only God wears 

the tears of this 

victors crown

only God has 

the last Hiss

case dismissed

aimez vos côtes bleu

Poet’s Note: I just woke up from a disturbing dream, about my brother and dad fighting. Then my door opened, and a shadow of a man came in my room with a knife, intended to kill me. At first I thought it was my brother, but when I was praying when I woke up, and as I was writing this poem, God told me no, it’s other. 

I immediately started singing 🎼 God is fighting for us, pushing out the darkness. Enemies defeated in the name of Jesus. And He will shout it out. 🎼 in the dream. And that’s what woke me up with my heart racing. I immediately started praying. Then my King who makes my soul sing, whispered in love, there’s no fear in love. Love does scare me. A lot. I never done it right. 

I’ve never known real true love before Jesus. And before this ribcage was shown to me. In this three years, there were a lot of tears hiding my fears. I’ve learned so much about myself and him: supernaturally. I’m no longer ashamed of my thirst to go Higher with God. I’m no longer ashamed to speak about my radical LOVE or my radical faith in God. 

I was fighting my King, who makes my soul sing, since the moment He showed me, this ribcage that gets my ready ring: three years ago. I stopped fighting yesterday. At my new church in queens yesterday, my new pastor laid my life out. Prophesied exactly what I hid inside. And that’s when I was open to see, and be set free from the two posts I wrote yesterday. 

Only God can move in this delicate truth, that God has consistently been showing me, about this ribcage since I entered my old church three years ago. I thought leaving that church would stop the visions, revelations, and information on this ribcage. In a lot of ways, I’ve been just getting more information, about this same man like never before. 

So I choose to edit my credit to solely God, because I no longer want to press play, in the decay of my flesh god sabotage. None of this is a mirage, made up, or making me see “clearly I’m wrong,” as I was lead by false-prophets who choose to lose, as the walking dead. Even though I told this false-prophet about this ribcage that was shown to me, in January 2016. I was told to tell this same false-prophet in 2014, when I meet him, but I sat on this information for two years. When I told the false-prophet that he was shocked, then choked on his words and declared I’m wrong

God is stillness and repeats what’s important, me sitting on this for two years is stillness, am I really wrong if that’s the case? satan moves fast. satan is restless. satan is chaotic. satan is robotic. satan rushes. satan dilutes God’s wine to rewind time, as kool-aid. satan makes it cool to be a fool, walking in vomit of cheap lemonade, to buffet His Great Name. satan plays on logic and tangibility, and satan creates facades of flesh gods in night communities. If there’s no conviction in our hearts then we are walking all wrong. So only time will tell I’m wrong about this ribcage. I still say yes to my King above all else.

 I’m no longer sleepwalking. I’m choosing the pitfall of my free fall. I’m choosing to lose my patrol in control. I am choosing to give my all. I’m choosing to be the saint that God paints, His Way through my Obey into Today. I’m still breathing through His Gills. Walking on water like Peter. God loves you so much y’all. Be careful about spiritual leadership at church. Only God confirms not man, if God ain’t in it, don’t be with it. You’ll know when God is in it, as a saint, they’ll be growth and blessings, not stagnancy and struggle. Pay attention to the details saints, God is in the details. I love you world, because God taught me to. Love your sister Crysta. 


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