wrong she cannot see

this he will flee

wrong she cannot buy

how wrong she’s cries

how wrong she’s lies 

how wrong she’s dies

does not break 

does not make 

does not undo 

what God is saying 

despite wrong she’s delaying 

despite wrong she’s dismaying 

despite wrong she’s decaying 

this he will flee

this he now sees

this he wants 

to be set free

this he no longer 

fights in flesh god stronger 

nights in flesh god facade

aren’t better than God

this he wants out 

despite wrong she’s pout 

despite wrong she’s shouts 

this he loves the sea

this he loves to be free

this he wants and loves He

wrong she doesn’t give him Me

Me is God 

this he rejects facade 

wrong she is paper pedigree 

wrong she believes that paper 

is bigger than His Maker

wrong she believed 

in pedigree 

wrong she achieved 

this he received 

wrong she’s theosophy 

wrong she is just temporary 

wrong she will 

always be tranquil 

wrong she will 

never be stronger

or longer than His Gills

wrong she cannot control 

this he’s patrol

to Be Still

wrong she is fighting

in wrong she’s lying 

focused on the worldly locus 

to make this he forget 

and neglect His Redirect 

wrong she cannot control 

this he’s patrol 

to Be Set Free

wrong she cannot control 

God’s Patrol 

to show this he 

it’s time to go

wrong she cannot control 

God’s Patrol 

to show this he

the path to correct math 

he + He + her 

is only God’s Craft

is only God’s Stir 

two strands 

are always bland

and will never be 

the see to better together 

all commonalities between these two 

are chemically fading and delaying 

these two hues aren’t true 

there’s no prosperity 

there’s only barbarity 

there’s only stagnancy 

wrong she believed 

in pedigree 

wrong she achieved 

this he received 

wrong she’s theosophy 

wrong she is just temporary 

wrong she’s legal stance 

is not even a brutal romance 

is not even her last chance 

is not even her last dance 

wrong she cannot sleep perchance 

wrong she is in too deep

wrong she cannot count sheep

wrong she cannot make 

this he see and stay 

this he is done with disobey 

this he is done with delay

this he is done with yesterday 

wrong she is not a mystery 

wrong she is this he’s 

pending history 

her pedigree 

is not the key 

drifting apart 

wrong she’s still not 

this he’s heart 

her pedigree 

didn’t stop this he to flee 

this he’s choice 

will always lead him to His Voice 

it doesn’t matter what

wrong she does 

wrong she is a rebel without a cause 

wrong she’s hurt has no worth 

wrong she’s pain has no gain

wrong she needs He 

wrong she needs to be set free 

wrong she needs to see 

wrong she is not the key 

with her worldly pedigree 

Only His Ray

brings the joy of Today

Only His Way

brings the light of Today

Only His Obey

replaces the space of empty

never together in temporary confetti 

rust fades even in delay

lust is rust 

never God’s 

dust to dust 

lust is a flesh god facade

there’s deliverance 

in this hinderance 

called surrender 

this he will press end

in this wrong she pretend 

aimez vos côtes bleu

Poet’s Note: The Holy Spirit has me praying aggressively lately for God’s lost. This election has shocked many, but not me. The elected president is a billionaire, and a sales man that plays the game of the audience that buys his products. America is angry, and the president elect played up the anger of this country. That’s why this president elect won. No one should be surprised, if we all choose stillness and discern. Anger is a secondary emotion to pain, to a broken heart. People are hurting in this country. And people are tired of hurting, so people choke on the provoke of anger. The president elect saw that, and capitalized. The president elect is not bigger than God. I have been deeply effected by this election, because I don’t understand why can’t this world see; that love is better than anger or even hate? It truly breaks my heart. 

God has been trying to show me, as I was trying to reject that ungodliness is at an all time high. It’s deliberate who won, God is still in control. I didn’t agree with God but I’m not God. I’m his daughter that fights for obedience, in a very dark troubling world. I’m tired of choosing the road less travel, but I’ll never be tired of loving or trusting God. Everything is hard now. Everything, but loving God is effortless, fellowship with my King always makes me sing. God wakes me up everyday early in the morning, and we just hang out. He’ll always be my compass home. He’ll always be my heavenly dome no matter what. 

I woke up prompted to write this poem. God reveals a lot to me all the time. I always discern on how or what God needs me to express; because I’m a woman that stands strongly on order and God’s Timing. God is always on time. With that said, God reveals what goes on with his chosen, whether I know them or not. My poetry is always based on his people. 

I pray Lord, these children you pressed on my heart, pause and choose your cause. Your love is the only way, to be set free from bondages and chains. Oh Lord, I pray that your children you pressed on my heart, understands that you are the only way. You God are the only truth, you God are the only definition to true love. To true happiness, to true peace. I walk on water like your vessel Peter, and I choose to believe these children of yours will be set free, the way you set me free. Thank you God. In Jesus name, amen. I love you world, because He taught me too, and because I want to now. Love Crysta. 


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