Dear Dad,

Bible study: Genesis 7:1-4; 6-7.

I love you, and thank you for using your daughter on my youversion bible app, to meet me in our study of Genesis 7:1-7 just now. We ended right there, and I wanted to read the whole chapter dad, but I have to go to work and you had your plan. I follow your lead dad. I needed this confirmation to the foundation, you’ve solidified in my walk with you since day one. Since 404: 4.4.14, you showed me to this day, why I never trusted anyone’s voice over what you’ve told me. Walking with you three years later, I see exactly why. Thank you for being faithful God. I’ll keep walking through this fire knowing with conviction you go before me God and I’m completely safe. You’re the greatest love of all God. 

When God has a calling on your life that surpasses all human logic or understanding, we must protect our purpose at all costs. There’s a trend that truly disturbs me: ‘human confirmation’ this new wave and cultural trap in today’s society truly bothers me. 

It’s pressed so heavy on my heart to discuss, and pray against this habitual practice not found in the Bible. Noah was called in the later part of his life, to rise to his purpose. Noah the alcoholic. And today’s time is very different than Old Testament. But the call to our purpose remains the same. 

We are all sinners but we do not stay where God meets us. He does the work within, once we commit to our calling. Because God is still the same God, and Noah was a vessel just like we are today. So why has society been allowed to create cultural brokenness, such as human confirmation to be an affirmation to fleshly disobedience? 

I don’t get it. It bothers me, and doesn’t sit well to the truth of who the Holy Spirit is. The same Holy Spirit I fight to submit to on a daily basis. If Noah made the decision to wait around for a distraction like ‘human confirmation,’ then humanity would have been wiped out. Human confirmation isn’t biblical. It’s cultural and societal, and that’s disobedient flesh. If this habitual practice known as human confirmation, were biblical then Noah would of had a human confirmation, and Abraham would of had a human confirmation. So would Saul when he had his encounter with Jesus: that transformed him to Apostle Paul. 

But that’s not what happened to any of these men. Esther had no human confirmation, and neither did Ruth. So why is today’s time feeding a sleepwalking trap like human confirmation? Why haven’t we learned yet as a human race from the beginning of time, with the man in the earlier chapters of Genesis? God created the woman made only for him, through his rib while he was in stillness through rest. Then God healed him from his pain with gain and this man woke up to his rib. But fear and doubt caused sin for both this woman and man in the beginning of time, with the distraction of satan; back then he came in the form of a serpent. 

Today satan comes in so many forms it’s alarming. This why the world is in the space that it is. Too many distractions that clog the connection to God and us. It sadly comes in this human confirmation form far too many times for my liking. Humans affirm not confirm anything for us. Because if God didn’t tell you first, a human cannot. God is God not a human. 

Saints I pray for a higher discernment, and trust in the voice of God and how He speaks to you all. Ask, seek and knock on the door of your connection with God, to have a solid foundation like the roots of a bamboo. Did you know it takes three years for a bamboo to have full and solid roots? Then it soars into the sky and grows as tall as it does. 

Bamboos are beautiful but cannot be beautiful until the foundations of their roots are rock solid. It’s the same for our walk with God. We cannot soar in the sky until our roots are rock solid. We will never be rock solid until we trust God’s voice over any human like Abraham, Noah, Paul, Esther and Ruth. We must be aggressive to protect God’s Business at all cost, like the vessels that came before us in the Bible. I pray for boldness, grace, restoration, obedience, and forgiveness for all your chosen Lord. We are all your chosen. And we are all called. Thank you Holy Spirit. In Jesus name, amen. God loves you all so much. So do I because he taught me too. 

Love your daughter, Crysta.


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