human-confirmation catastrophes 

Dear Dad,

Daaaaad! This is so not fair!! According to me, I don’t need to see what you keep telling me. All of that is an ugly backwards hat, that is an active spat to sinning, because flesh is the pause in Your Cause of Winning by sinning. Flesh is creating a ruse to refuse Your Winning by sinning. This is all a pitfall in seeking human-confirmation catastrophes. Even before Jojo* and I stepped foot, in the building that now needs the weeds to no longer bleed; and to take a bow to receive [and believe] what’s meant to be will always set us free: wrong wedding rings will always sting, and will never be better together, or achieve godly winning wings. 

Sinning is not winning, just reliving a decay of yesterday. Sinning is not winning, just activating a sorrow of no tomorrow, and missing the hiss in the poisonous kiss of sinful matrimonial ungodly ‘bliss.’ Saying but really playing God doesn’t take away the flesh ungodly facades. Pressing stop because man said so is a hiss God sees as a diss; that’s ungodly led full of dread, and does not negate that God said go or yes. So confess, and finally be the see of His Blessings. Only God is the God of prosperity. OR when man stands in quicksand by pressing play in a go that God clearly said no, is still a cancerous show where God will continue to say:

today it’s time to go and grow; to no longer be stronger in the decay of yesterday.

Say no to the flow of popularity it’s vulgarity, and animosity to the democracy in two strands matrimonial mockery. Two stands are wedding rings of hypocrisy that will always sting; no matter what building pretends to worship or sing. Any building doesn’t have His godly winning wings. God is not a flesh facade. God is found abound above in love, representing His Sacred Dove. 

Humans create conclusions, that are all illusions where man can stand in sinning not winning quicksand; and say verbally a disobey is okay. There’s a leverage in the drunkenness beverage that humans are the church. So where humans are they can be the see of godly church. That’s not what the Bible says. Jesus died on the Cross of Calvary, so we won’t be forever together with the enemy. 

But don’t you see, truth is found bound in His Biblical Blueprint Proof. We must take a bow, and allow the Holy Spirit to do the work so we won’t get hurt from flesh god facades, full of well disguised lies and hurtful dirt. Humans gravitate, and permeate to sin, because the pause to His Cause feels like a peeling win. It’s a high in the sky that really makes us die on the inside. It’s cool but really makes us look like a fool, that returns to our own vomit school. Because false prophets make it hobbit in a no unity night community. There’s no crowds to community in flesh god facades mutant scrutiny. Delusions like kool-aid, and cheap lemonade will never be solutions; or equate to being the seeing of His Renegade. We must protect, and reject diluted solutions like Jesus did on the Cross of Calvary: mix drinks stink with winks and make us sink in drunkenness. We must be aggressive to protect God’s Business, or we fall and miss our call to giving our all in our flesh god facades pitfalls. 

Human-confirmation is a dedication to win in sin. Tangibility is not a mystery to God. It’s a facade that God made a plan for, with putting our knees head first to the floor. Jesus was and is to come. Jesus humbled himself to come in the form of a man as a baby, because babies are the purest love. In the beginning of time, man always had an addicted problem, to pressing play in a decay of rewind in timely sinning not winning slime. Like the man in Genesis, and his rib from his ribcage in the Garden of Eden. 

God’s biblical vessels such as Abraham, Samuel, Esther, and Ruth only leaned on His Verbal Proof. These trailblazers never needed the barren seed that bleeds as a weed known as human-confirmation. Human-confirmation is an affirmation to choke in the cloak of sinning, because it’s selfish winning. Jesus wasn’t selfish when He died on the Cross of Calvary: so we can be set free finally. So why should any of us be? Why can’t we stand in unity as His Godly Community, and once and for all tell the enemy to flee, because we are ready to give our all and get spit out of this worldly whale pitfall?

I deeply dislike you called me to this type of assignment Dad. You pressed specific people on my heart since day one of the space; I no longer felt disgraced, and was finally set free to be Your See on 404. Even before my feet landed in that building that used to be Your Winning. Thank you for pulling my best friend and I out. And thank you for covering and protecting the ones we love and continue to pray for, especially my he you say is for me. I choose to lose the ruse of refuse and see that he is your godly, and apart of the destiny you set for me.

For some reason Dad, this is so much harder than walking through what I finally have peace, and freedom on about my he you say is for me. I finally see that was all hurt with worth. I finally see that was all pain with massive gain and my tears are not in vain. So thank you for that. Thank you Dad for reversing my ugly backwards hat and setting me free like you are with my he you say is for me God.

I’ve been sitting on this dream since the fifth month of the year two thousand sixteen. It’s about a couple that got married in the year of two thousand sixteen. I’ve noticed this couple were cute looking together, but that doesn’t mean you put them together God. There was always something off. I ignored it. I prayed, and obeyed you to the best of my ability God. But you kept pressing on my heart it’s all a facade, and that’s when I wanted to leave that building even more. But nothing happens before it’s time. 

In the dream the woman part of this now married couple saw me and panicked, and I wasn’t too happy to see her either. In fact I was upset and told you why me God, go send a talking tree. Clearly that’s not up to me, so I asked her in the dream what’s wrong. Then she tried to walk away from me, and a gardened oversized richly green maze appeared in front of us. I was even more upset in the dream, because I know when God does this in my dreams he’s about to tell me something I have no desire to know. So this woman tried to go in the maze and I think I told her don’t do that it’s a trap. She actually listened shockingly. Then she started talking to me but conveniently, I remember nothing about that conversation. 

All I remember was her looking supernaturally free the more she talked to me. Then we somehow ended up on the first floor of the house I now live in. And I told her to choose to be set free, then the guy she’s married to now came and she panicked and reverted back to how I found her. I think I told her love isn’t fearful maybe this is a sign to let go. She ignored me. Then I looked at the pearly white mini van the man she’s married to now, drove up in and I said to her you live a lie, that makes you die inside. I supernaturally saw the sin and dirt hiding in the car that’s toxic and chaotic. The back of the mini van was filthy that I threw up in my mouth. She ignored me and drove off with the man she’s married to now. This woman had severe cold feet about marrying this man, and this dream was a representation of her emotions, right before they got married. This woman was starting to see that it’s possible the relationship is not godly, and wanted to back out but the man didn’t want to be embarrassed. So the man pushed for this to happen. Pride will always hide lies that make us die inside. 

I immediately prayed when I woke up, and called my prayer partner at the time because I was lead to. And she prayed with me she said that maybe I’m meant to tell them. I said heck no I want no part of this mess. And I told her I’ll pray for them. I haven’t stopped praying for them since I had this dream. What bugs me God is you having me reconnect with my love C* and her telling me she too dreamt about this same couple twice in a very mirroring way, that I dreamt about them. Of course you would plant C* in my space to tell me this recently, and of course you would tell me to post this dream. I thought I was going to take this dream to my grave. Anyway, I repent for my decay in yesterday by delaying, and disobeying my call in the fearful pitfalls I chose to erode in. It’s sin, and sin is not a win. Forgive me Lord. 

I also have to get over myself, that I’m not sure will ever happen before my death bed; but I do promise to actively try not to lie and hide what you don’t want me to inside. During the summer of two thousand sixteen, another one of your daughters was in my space briefly. When she was there she told me about this couple too, after I told her about this dream; because it was pressed on my heart to do so. 

This daughter of yours told me she knows this couple should not be married, because she witnessed him be with the rib God carved for only him. I was too through when I heard what happened to them, and I was too done with that building that was once Your Winning. Thank you God for walking me through my plethora of emotions, in what went down with me, my he, and all the other ungodly sees like this couple. There’s too many humans pressing play in pretend. What’s meant to be will always be. 

I will continue to pray, and obey in stillness so that I can rest, fight to confess, and aggressively protect Your Biblical Profess. You will continue to move as you do. I love you God. Thank you for always clearing out my fog and clogs. Thank you for being true and restoring hues. Thank you for turning bitter into sweet. Thank you for reaching me by teaching me to count sheep so I can sleep, where you and I meet. Thank you for having a plan that withstands man in quicksand for human-confirmation catastrophes. His name is Jesus and he died in and on the Cross of Calvary. Thank you for holding my key that only you will see free. Thank you for being bigger than the trigger known as human-confirmation catastrophes. 

I love you so much Dad,

Love your daughter. 

*names changed for privacy purposes. #TeamProPrivacy 


3 thoughts on “human-confirmation catastrophes 

  1. Love you sis! Thank you for just being bold to write His truths and trusting his ways over what is known. Thank you for showing me why to always choose and say yes. You posts change me to give God my weeds and wrestle in exchange for his freedom and love. Thank you sis, so proud of you! Love you!! 😂👏🏾👏🏾💗💗💞

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