ra • di • an

(n) 1. [geometry] a unit of angle, equal to an angle at the center of a circle who’s arc is equal in length to it’s radius.

Oxford Dictionaries

I accept and I Let Go(d.) 

of the cancerous 

131 pain with no gain

hurt in no worth 

decay of yesterday show. 

131 is sinning not winning 

hesitated dedication

of a ruse (hu)man

fused in quicksand, 

for these wrong two;

from a community

with no humility 

or unity for humanity.

wrong she + this he

will never be better

or Your Together.

three hundred 

and sixty-five 

days later: 

these two 

are legally tied in 

the lying standstill

with no godly gills.

walking the sinful talking

of cheap mr. and mrs. thrills

these two drink

in a thinking sink,

where God is aware

of their lack of attacking

self care in His Beware

to be discerning with yearning 

in aggressive protection

to handle God’s Business.

these two pathologically lied

and publicly died on the inside.

this combusted rust of lust

has a stench that cannot drenched

or covered by their wedding rings

these two wear, 

because they stink and sting.

this he truly doesn’t care 

or stare at wrong she lovingly.

this he would be content 

with this wrong she to flee.

the cow was easily free so the milk

from this wrong she has no speciality.

this he sees a faceless pussycat

that wears an ugly backwards hat.

so many felines purred before 

on the ground and floor to this he’s fur,

there’s nothing special about this wrong she

just a predictable brainless routine,

that’s mean, lean, and glean

featuring a very tired and wired 

mrs. 17, who’s stuck in a rut.

the twist and shift of biblical

to sinful she who findeth not he

didn’t work out for wrong she

even in this 131 matrimony. 

this he doesn’t love this wrong she

this he was intoxicated and felt liberated

in flesh god facades, that this he bought

the hype of this sinning not winning mirage

with this 131 savage not godly marriage. 

this wrong she thought she bought free

with this he to look godly 

in this sinning of no matrimonial winning.

a real anniversary of God-ordained 

wouldn’t need the woman to swallow

a hallow empty allow or rearrange 

from the wrong bow

in the cower of premarital sex.

where this wrong she immediately

lost this he’s respect.

respect and love are synonymous.

this he that God says is for me 

will never love this wrong she godly.

Godly is only done correctly

by His Path to Correct Math: 

3 Strand Kingdom Band Destiny.

these two are wrong hues that 

will never be Your True. 

131 is not a God-Ordained Anniversary 

131 is sinning not winning cryosurgery.

when wrong she 

became mrs. to this he 

is really 

a cold splash of reality 

in the hiss and diss that 

hit this wrong she finally.

this he went on a 

four month fast dating track

when in reality this wrong she 

is a distractive satanic attack.

all parties involved in this pitfall

pressed send in pretend 

to no holy matrimony for

these two that will never be His True.

all of wrong she’s plans evaporated 

in quicksand. God said no,

and God showed wrong she 

in the three hundred and 

sixty-five day of decay journey

that what God says goes.

this he knows it’s time to go.

this wrong she is in denial but has no

more tricks up wrong she’s 

deep creep sleeve of toxicity.

God will part this Red Sea 

when God is ready.

there is nothing this wrong she

can do to make wrong she His True.

wrong she will always be the Haggai

that made this he, God says is for me

flesh god facade die, so this he can be

ready for His Sarah who will always be me.

he + He + her is God’s Stir and Destiny.

God is the only creator that will ever write

the love story of a man and his wife.

God is the radian of this he and me.

God is the radian arc that revives 

and thrives the he + her 

from all angles and sides.

no matter the shake, break, or

fake with great stake in 

His Make-Ups. 

God is the arc like Noah’s Arc

that sparks all this ugly dark.

God is the arc like Noah’s Arc

that defused the ruse of 

131 fun in no godly sun school

to show and let this he grow

that returning to vomit is being

a disagreeing fool not cool.

131 fun in no godly sun 

is to make this he run godly,

not just go through 

his godly maturation.

God’s intentionality 

in this 131 flesh god facade 

was always be for this he 

to finally be set free;

and never fall for the pitfall 

of a wrong she

in a worldly wedding 

ungodly matrimony [ever again.]

Only God writes Happily Ever After.

The Cross of Calvary 

is the greatest example ever. 


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