I am free.

I let go of 

the ugly show


I’m set free

to see that 

he will never be

what God 

keeps showing me.


He doesn’t want to see

truth, found in biblical proof.

He wants to be aloof;

there’s no use to showing 

his growing ruse of abuse.

The mean, lean, and glean

facade and mirage

of the wasteland, 

in this dry bones quicksand, 

will never be better together; 

or harmony in the two hues

that’s not God’s True.

He wears and swears

in empty love, not 

found bound from Above. 

In the sin not win 

wedding rings that sting.

This no holy 

matrimony is phony.

He’s lonely,


compressed, and 

married by name only.


She’s lonely and phony.

She swallows hallow 

foul vowel bowels

that’s an ugly backwards hat,

in the spat of ungodly, to allow 

weirdly sibling love worldly:

from the wrong wedding bows.

She’s a missus that reminisces.

In the decay’s of yesterday’s

because today is not her way.

She rewinds time to find,

the love not from Above 

replays in her mind.

She’s radiated rust 

combusted from faded lust.

She sexually dated 

and awaited to castrate, 

the he she’s now 

in the bow of marry.

Vulnerability can be lonely, 

especially if worldly is the view only.

She is married to a he 

that sees worldly like she.

She likes the spikes of 

being hiked in worldly.

She chooses to 

use the fuse of godly broadly.

She’s a salesman 

that sexually traded in sin,

for the ungodly 

hit it and quit it misfit win.


I see clearly.

I’m away from 

that chaotic decay,

to not sin with no godly win 

in the building 

with no godly wings;

with coupling pairs that wear 

wedding rings, which truly sting.

That building with no godly wings, 

is a wasteland in dry bones quicksand.

Full of bull human false prophets, 

who made it hobbit; and  

worldly form to conform,

instead of godly transformed. 

In the sin to never win,

by the lies that hide pride inside.

Popularity is the worldly insincerity. 

The kool-aid black tees 

were the robotic routines.

I choose to lose the world

boldly, not coldly maturely.


He rejects God’s truth

to be aloof from biblical proof.

He wants to be confused,

to play the ruse of abuse;

in immaturity, 

because he’s lonely. 

And thinks by sinking 

in drinking phony.

He has no accountability, 

so how can he see maturely?

He doesn’t understand 

that sexual dating is quicksand;

that leads to many wrong 

and strong throng weeds,

that make the stake on fake

awake and shake in broken need.

He doesn’t want to see

he isn’t walking godly.

He doesn’t want supernaturally 

just broken token tangibility

with this she who’s worldly like he.

Talking godly isn’t walking godly.

Love is an action word.

He doesn’t know love,

so how can he grow by Above?

Stagnancy is his galaxy

of control in his one man patrol

in the hiss

and diss from the poisonous kiss

cancerous chaotic show;

where it’s time to go and glow.

But he doesn’t want to know. 

Money is his guarantee honey.

That he doesn’t want to let go of.


She doesn’t want to be seen 

as a sister in her missus routine.

She flees with the enemy

with a husband 

who treats her like a teen,

not a queen that 

fights in no light worldly.

To offset the supernatural reset 

of God-ordained only.

What’s done in the dark 

comes to light by godly might.

She’s married and it isn’t godly.

“Whoso findeth 

a wife findeth a good thing, 

and obtaineth favour of the Lord.”

‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭18:22‬ ‭KJV‬‬

Is biblical words of truth.

She didn’t want to wait 

and rushed in 

this combusted lust,

by leading and 

internally bleeding

by creeping and 

cheating herself.

She skipped courted 

and being waited on. 

A man takes the lead 

from a woman’s actions.

She led by drunken dread 

planting weeds,

that now make her bleed 

with broken need internally.

“Be not deceived; 

God is not mocked: 

for whatsoever a man soweth, 

that shall he also reap.”

‭‭Galatians‬ ‭6:7‬ ‭KJV‬‬


If we as Your Chosen 

choose fast tracks,

then the quick decision 

will show the positions 

is a rewind of the mind

over time. 

Jesus took thirty years 

to prepare for His Calling.

I took thirty-one 

before my choice was His Voice. 

I decided to no longer be stronger 

in lies that make my stake 

in fake break me to die inside;

because of sinning not winning pride.

I chose to lose 

the world on the fourth month, 

of the year two thousand fourteen.

Jesus took three additional years,

to walk His Calling

before His Powerful 

Midnight Hour Encounter with God 

in the Garden of Gethsemane. 

Jesus later died

on the Cross of Calvary; 

so I can finally be set free.

I choose to see godly.

I choose to lose 

the ruse of world: 

boldly not coldly maturely.

I choose to believe 

and achieve in faith,

the wasteland in quicksand; 

will supernaturally pour water

in your perfect timing God.

With you it’s never too late.

I choose to eject 

and reject my flesh god facades.

I choose to walk this talk 

your way in today; 

because I say yes to Your Obey.

I choose to continue 

to pray for your chosen

lost, and stuck in the rut 

of the decay’s in yesterday’s.

In your timing Lord

all of humanity will 

choose to be set free

faithfully, because we are 

one nation of humanity through humility.

Wasteland in quicksand

will never be bigger

than your Kingdom Band:

Three Strands.

“Two are better than one; 

because they have 

a good reward for their labour. 

For if they fall, 

the one will lift up his fellow: 

but woe to him 

that is alone when he falleth; 

for he hath not another to help him up. 

Again, if two lie together, 

then they have heat: 

but how can one be warm alone? 

And if one prevail against him, 

two shall withstand him; 

and a threefold cord is not quickly broken.”

‭‭Ecclesiastes‬ ‭4:9-12‬ ‭KJV‬‬


2 thoughts on “Wasteland

  1. So beautiful and touching. Thank you for posting and sharing! Love you sis! So excited to see what God is birthing within you to come out and share within His Kingdom, the works and artistry he’s place within your heart!! So so excited for you love!! 😘😍 xoxo

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