I am an immigrant

born as American.

Both my Earth parent’s 

wanted better, eventually 

they found their way,

from the pitfalls of 

decays in yesterday’s 

together in today. 

Tuna Puna was the space

my Earth father felt disgraced.

Georgetown was the home

my Earth mother felt alone.

They are immigrants 

that wanted different,

so America is where they went. 

Education is my 

Earth parent’s dedication.

Excellency was the expectancy, 

with my immigrant Earth parent’s.

My immigrant Earth parent’s 

taught me I can be all 

that I put my mind to see.

My immigrant Earth parent’s 

raised me to see godly.

My immigrant Earth parent’s 

taught me that unity

is for all humanity faithfully.

My immigrant Earth parent’s 

taught me to always see love.

Love is found bound from Above.

My immigrant Earth parent’s 

taught me to first seek the Kingdom

of God then everything will fall into place.

My immigrant Earth parent’s 

taught me to do the right thing,

even when no one is watching.

My immigrant Earth parent’s 

taught me to fight for what’s right, 

in the light of Jesus Christ. 

I am Christian because my parent’s 

pushed me to seek biblical truth.

I am Christian because love

covers a multitude of sins.

I am Christian because 

sinning will never be winning.

I am Christian because 

together we will always be better.

I am an immigrant 

born as an American, 

because my Earth parent’s 

wanted better 

and made it happen.

There’s no fear in love

because perfect love 

casts out all fears.

I am a reacher that 

rises as teacher 

in love. 

Love will always conquer all.

Especially the ungodly 

segregation currently 

known as the drone of immigration. 

I am a teacher that dedicates

my space to replace hate 

with love,

ignorance with wisdom, and 

ridicule with encouragement.

I am an immigrant

born as an American,

with a choice to walk

the talk in God’s Voice; 

to effectively 

reach and teach 

the children of the future. 

As a teacher it is my duty

to educate through the hesitate 

in hate and love through 

leading as an active suture. 

Love heals and reveals unity

is a godly community,

for all humanity: faithfully

and maturely to be set free.

Love me, 

[faithfully Crysta] 💋


2 thoughts on “Immigrant 

  1. Beautiful post! Thank you for your vulnerability and transparency in this long-time sensitive topic and issue on how God’s love is truly what eliminates the hate and the ban on difference in cultures and language, and people. Love you sis! So proud of you! Xoxo

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