Don’t snuff out the light.

Don’t press play in the

decay of yesterday.

There’s a gift,

in the switch,

being present 

in today; choose

to lose delays.

Notarize the 

godly prize 

to fix our eyes 

on what’s right.

We must 

reject the combust 

of decaying lust.

We must 

pick up our sword

and pray as one accord;

to fight for His Might.

The light of Jesus Christ.

It’s never too late,

to negate 

the hesistate 

in educate.

There is no need 

to bleed with broken need. 

There doesn’t have to be

a flee with the enemy.

Choosing love 

found bound Above, 

is the contest 

of our Cornerstone Best.

Choosing to lose 

the world boldly, 

not coldly maturely, 


faithfully in unity:

is Alignment from 

the shameful lame lane

of solitary confinement.

BABLYON is biblical grounds.

Obedience is an allegiance 

to stillness and acceptance;

of His Way into Today.

To eject and reject 

the prospect of worldly intellect, 

is a suggest we always regret. 

There’s delays in 

the tailspin of sin.

Sinning will never 

be the see of godly winning.

Sin is decay’s of yesterday’s,

in the reel that makes hu(man’s)

peel in the sorrows of no tomorrow’s.

BABYLON is biblical grounds.

To follow from the painful swallow

of the wrong lusting, 

combusting hallow,

and distrusting bow

that makes hu(man’s)

shake in the stake of fake.

BABYLON is biblical grounds.

As hu(man’s) it is our duty 

to fight in the light 

intuitively as humanity,

in unity to be 

the godly community 

that God will always see.

His Way is the only space,

that replaces disgrace,

which is a switch 

in the gift 

of today from the scum

of dismay, delay, and decay

to make the stake 

in fake deface us.

His Way is the only space

that replaces empty.

No amount of flesh god 

confetti removes the groove 

of lonely empty; or

and hide the lies

that make us die inside.

Lies are disguised

under the wrong hue

that will never be true: pride.

BABYLON is biblical grounds.

Take God’s hand,

to withstand 

the quicksand 

of sowing wrong 

weed seeds

that will always feed: 

the broken need 

to make us bleed.

BABYLON is biblical grounds.

The only way to drown

the sounds in the flood 

of flesh god drugs,

in the worldly plug;

and to float off the boat 

to Obey in Today

God’s Way.

It’s never too late

to pause the cause 

in the hesitate 

to educate.

Biblically is faithfully.

Choose to be set free,

and compound the sound 

of eternity in godly unity.

Cling to what makes 

our soul sing: BABLYON.

BABYLON is biblical grounds.

Choose to Obey in Today.

It’s never to late,

to be in love 

found bound Above;

and replace the space 

of disgrace called hate.

Above all Love each other,

because Love covers

a multitude of sins.

1 Peter 4:8 

Love Crysta. 💋


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