Your daughter

Your daughter is so lonely.

Your daughter is

in a hiss from 

the aggressive, and 

poisonous kiss in

the drunken sunken 

diss called this marriage. 

The wrong bow

was a combusted 

hallow swallow

lust rusted premarital 

sex-filled allow.

With a man,

your daughter now stands

in a marriage of quicksand.

Your daughter is 

coldly lonely, 

down and out; 

living in a marriage 

that makes her feel

like a peeling reeling

suffocated, and 

regurgitated meal.

Nobody wants your daughter,

not this husband,

not the community,

not the families;

only you want your daughter God. 

But your daughter is ignoring you

like everyone is ignoring her.

This is a truth your daughter refuses.

Your daughter’s dishonesty

was the map to this path, 

and the marriage math;

of this self-fulfilled biography.

Your daughter is in 

a tailspin of a two strand matrimony.

Your daughter 

is so lonely.

Your daughter had

so many plans 

that were quicksand.

God you blocked,

much to your daughter’s shock,

by your unlimited clock God.

Your daughter leans

on flesh, 

which is a switch,

from the gift

in the Obey of Today.

Your daughter sees

her husband can only be 

reached through ungodly deeds

your daughter’s husband chooses

to lose in and feed with broken need.

Your daughter sees

flesh is a rabbit hole,

that caused the pause of 

your all. But it’s how your daughter 

is with this husband currently: 

flesh god facades.

Your daughter is stuck

in a rut of stagnancy,

with a husband 

that only shows 

your daughter malignancy.

Your daughter thought eventually

you God will morph 

your daughter and this husband to godly.

No amount of therapy,

or coaching can make

the stake in fake shake,

the truth your daughter 

ignores with your 

multiple proofs: 

your daughter 

will never be loved by this husband. 

Your daughter fought tooth

and nail: to have and to hold this man,

no matter what this threshold

unfolded for your daughter.

Even after all the warnings 

you showed your daughter:

nothing was bigger than

your daughter’s trigger:

marrying this man regardless

of the current quicksand.

Your daughter 

is silently, and

violently suffering 

in a marriage

your daughter thought

she fought and bought.

Your daughter feeds the wrong spirit.

Your daughter lies

and dies on the inside.

Your daughter has 

a lot of pride.

Your daughter avoided 

the wilderness 

of her pruning process.

Your daughter 

is painfully obtaining 

that her plan was in vain.

Only you God 

can heal what’s inside 

of what human’s conceal.

Such as your daughter 

and her walking 

talking current reveal.

Your daughter avoided 

seeing the bondages,

that only you God 

can set her free from.

Your daughter is treated

like a sneaky cheap creep.

Your daughter sees 

love as a law of average.

Your daughter sees the world 

clearer than your biblical truths.

Your daughter is in a marriage 

without the biblical steps, 

and the strand of

your love found 

bound from Above.

Only three strands 

can make marriage be unbreakable.

Your daughter rushed

in the position your daughter

is currently in an unhealthy condition.

Your daughter is in a marriage 

that her body was the leverage of

drinking sinking beverage.

Your daughter believed 

you would eventually see,

only your daughter 

should be with the he

that your daughter is 

now married to ungodly. 

Your daughter has inner demons.

Your daughter’s husband has inner demons.

A marriage isn’t the healer for demons.

Walking the talking truth 

through biblical proof 

is the only way to be 

freed from inner demons.

The decay’s of yesterday’s

just pauses the cause of your all God.

Your daughter is stuck 

in the rut of the rewind 

in time. Only two days,

since the journey of 

your daughter’s current state

were great: 

engagement photo day

and walking down the aisle 

of her wedding array.

Your daughter felt Chosen 

tangibly in those two moments. 

God you are not tangible.

God faith is not tangible.

Biblically, you consistently

reach to teach humans 

that anything on earth fades.

Such as this man making 

your daughter feel Chosen for two days.

What you have God cannot fade.

Pain comes in the night,

but there’s always joy in the morning.

Your daughter didn’t want to wait.

Your daughter is now married to this man

because your daughter did not wait. 

Biblically, you consistently 

reach to teach humans 

that patience is a virtue.

Biblically, you consistently

reach to teach humans 

that true love waits.

Sex before marriage is not love it’s lust.

There’s nothing biblical

about your daughter’s 

moves or marriage.

Your daughter is in

a legal tailspin

known as the drone

worldly savage 

under the ruse: godly marriage.

Godliness cannot be faked.

Time is the greatest teacher.

Time is the safest reacher.

God you don’t rush.

God you’re not lust.

God you’re the only way

in the gift in the switch 

of Obey in Today.

God you allow the belly 

of a whale to show your chosen,

like your daughter and Jonah in the Bible;

that the ugly backwards hat of disobedience 

is an allegiance to the enemy to make us

combust in lust and never be godly, 

and to never be better together, or to

walk the talking of our true destiny godly.

Only godly can we be set free. 

God you’re meeting your daughter 

in the painful truth that only 

your way is biblical proof.

Only you God can set your daughter free.

Not your daughter’s flesh or the enemy.

Your daughter feeds flesh 

and darkness in broken need.

Only love can snuff out 

darkness and lies of flesh.

Only you are love God.

Thank God you are bigger

than any flesh god triggers:

humans feed in broken token need.

Just like your daughter.

Thank you God 

for making all things new.

Thank you God 

for being biblically true.

Thank you God 

for the Holy Bible as proof:

every knee shall bow and every tongue 

shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

In Jesus name, 

I pray for all your chosen

to be set free finally, 

in the Obey of Today,



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