He’s shaken by his awakening. 

He’s shaken by his remaking 

God’s way: 

away from his delay’s,

away from his decay’s,

away from his disobeys, 

by his pride behind the lies

that hide on the inside.

He’s shaken by his awakening,

from the slums of his sins,

by the sorrows of no tomorrow’s.

He’s shaken by his remaking

God’s way:

transforming from the conformity

in the societal scrutiny, 

by the losing in his abusing 

of misery with the enemy;

to flee and never be set free,

stuck in a rut of lust,

where he now combusts.

He’s shaken by his remaking,

to no longer being stronger 

in the throng of his wrong. 

He’s shaken by his weakening 

of the lies that make him die

on the inside of 

his distressed flesh.

He’s shaken by his remaking 

in God’s wreckage of 

his infectious perfection.


She can’t flee biblically.

God sees her agony.

She can’t be what she wants to be

for the he God says is for this she.

She’s shaken by her remaking.

She’s shaken by her stillness

in the acceptance 

of her repentance.

She loves the he 

God keeps making her see.

She cannot flee 

from her God Ordained Destiny

with this he she was called 

to be her all, and always see

supernaturally and biblically.

She believes in this 

3 Strands Kingdom Band Destiny,

despite the strife 

of this he’s current life.

She receives the he 

God says is for this she.

She’s shaken by the remaking 

in God’s wreckage of 

her infectious perfection. 


(he + He + she = 

God ordained Destiny)

“Thy kingdom come. 

Thy will be done in earth, 

as it is in heaven.”

‭‭Matthew‬ ‭6:10‬ ‭KJV‬‬

Only God breaks the stake

in the fake to no longer shake,

both this he and she’s facades

of playing decaying gods,

by the wreckage of 

their infectious perfection;

so they can be better together.

Because unity is a community

for all humanity to see 

through humility faithfully,

and to no longer 

be stronger in quicksand.

To float off the boat by

being biblically godly,

and walk the talk

of God’s Given Destiny.

Their story 

is for God’s Glory.

Their lies multiplied 

what made them die inside.

Their running was 

His Drumming.

Their flesh was

outward and inward 

cultural and societal 

habitual broken distress, 

to suggest the let of 

replaying regrets,

and no longer hide what 

made them pridefully 

disguise all lies.

To obtain a pain

with no gain or

hurts with no worth.

Their confetti’s never

replaced the space 

of their disgrace or empty.

God’s Edification 

is a declaration 

to God’s Dedication

in the Obey of Today

God’s Way.

3 Strands 

will always be greater

than man’s maker

of two strands quicksand.

Their wreckage is the story

that made Jesus Christ 

Be The Renegade, 

who paved the way

in God’s Obey;

to decay all their delay’s,

and no longer stand 

in worldly quicksand 

coldly not boldly 

through fears

hidden by silent tears.

They faithfully choose

to lose the ruses 

they both fed with lead

of wrong weed seeds,

that made them bleed

with broken need abuses.

They are called

to conquer their pitfalls,

and biblically walk

the talk in today

God’s Way through 

their wreckage,

and finally be set free 

to be biblically godly

for all the world to see. 


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