Brokenness is a hindrance.

Biblically you God 

are the Holy Entity

that can set us free.

Restrictions are kissed

in a hissed poisonous fisted diss.

There’s always manipulations 

in micromanaged stipulations. 

There’s a dedication 

to education’s ‘free.’

There’s a hesitate to 

educate as a guided party.

God I’m not someone that likes

what feels like loophole gripes.

But biblically I’m called 

to conquer my pitfalls.

But biblically I’m called

to discuss what’s not right 

through the Light 

of Jesus Christ.

Biblically you God 

turn the dark 

and spark light 

onto what’s not right.

On the inside 

of our lies die

and make our stake 

in fake break 

and shake 

the slums of 

sins to spin alive.

God I lay down my temper.

Fire with fire isn’t love.

Fire with fire is not from Above.

Fire with fire doesn’t 

represent your Scared Dove.

This isn’t a battle 

I’m meant to fight.

The rattling voice 

of truth will always

be found bound 

in Your Biblical Proof.

Darkness will always 

come to Light.

Battles are made 

to be the Renegade 

to combat the ugly

backwards hat spat

of shady cheap lemonade.

Moving sour 

doesn’t trump 

the tumble and rumble 

in the win not sin

of Your Midnight Hour.

Lies are strife to life.

Biblically you God 

set me free.

Biblically you God 

are for me.

Biblically you God 

determine what’s meant to be.

“After this manner 

therefore pray ye: 

Our Father which 

art in heaven, 

Hallowed be 

thy name. 

Thy kingdom come. 

Thy will be 

done in earth, 

as it is in heaven. 

Give us this day 

our daily bread. 

And forgive us our debts, 

as we forgive our debtors. 

And lead us not into temptation, 

but deliver us from evil: 

For thine is the kingdom, 

and the power, 

and the glory, for ever. Amen.”

‭‭Matthew‬ ‭6:9-13‬ ‭KJV‬‬

Biblically you God 

forgive my trespasses 

as you reach 

me to teach me

to forgive those 

who trespass

what’s not meant to be.

Biblically you God 

allow all works 

with hurt in no worth 

and pain with no gain 

to seem all in vain

for our final bows.

Jesus Christ 

is our Shepard 

that leads all sheep.

Jesus Christ  

is our Shepard 

that would turn back

for one lost sheep.

The angels of Heaven

celebrate in joy,

when the blind 

conquer the pitfalls 

of rewind in time

in the decay’s 

of yesterday’s.

Jesus Christ 

died on the 

Cross of Calvary

for the vulgarity 

of popularity,

for the mulling 

of barbaric bullying, 

for the setbacks 

of satanic attacks, 

for flesh god facades

of harmful mirages, 

which is the switch 

from the gift in 

the Obey of Today 

that pause, and 

sabotage Your Cause.

Biblically you God 

redirected my path

from the he 

you say is for me.

So that a glance

will not be my final chance,

before I turn to salt.

Like Lot’s wife.

Distractions happens 

in seconds. 

Humans can never 

take back a mistake.

Biblically you God,

created a blueprint 

to fine tune and prune

our pain of (un)forgiveness

by our sanctifying deliverance.

There’s been a lift

and a switch of true freedom.

Biblically you God 

stripped me completely

to set me free faithfully.

Thank you Holy Spirit.

Biblically you God 

reached me 

to teach me 

I surrendered

that I couldn’t 

set this he free. 

God show me how

to be in love with 

your children that hurt me.

It’s hard to be godly,

when your children

think facades 

make them god.

God show me how to

forgive myself for

unintentionally hurting 

humans that I truly love.

Reflection is a detection 

to the section of the heart 

that dwells and 

swells in pain

with no gain to feed 

a wrong weed seed 

that only makes (hu)man’s

bleed in broken need.

Biblically you God

created this journey

to truly set me free

to embrace my shame

to embrace my lame 

to embrace my degrade

to embrace my rage

to embrace my stage

to embrace my truths

Biblically you God 

have set me free

so finally I choose to

truly lose the world

boldly not coldly

or lonely in a phony.

Biblically you’ve trained 

my brain to bow down

to Emmanuel:

God with us. 

Biblically you God 

showed me all

my pitfalls

and pain I didn’t want to see.

I’ve encountered your love

and I know it’s from Above.

Despite all my ugly

You still pick me God,

after all my wrong seed 

weeds made me shake 

in a fake broken need.

Biblically you God 

still decide 

to clean my pride

to clean my lies

to clean my hiding inside, 

and make me godly.

“But the fruit 

of the Spirit is 

love, joy, peace, 

longsuffering, gentleness, 

goodness, faith, 

Meekness, temperance: 

against such there is no law.”

‭‭Galatians‬ ‭5:22-23‬ ‭KJV‬‬

Nothing in this 

world satisfied me.

Thank you for reaching

and teaching me 

to fix my eyes 

on Jesus Christ only.

I love you my King.

Your Daughter.


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