Thank you God 

for destroying my facades.

Thank you God 

for teaching me

how to walk 

the talk of my anxieties. 

Thank you God 

for destroying my control

in the patrol of 

what I know.

Thank you God 

for making discomfort

my place of intentionally being.

Thank you God 

for using the he 

You say is for me

that I choose to believe, 

current story for Your Glory.

Revealing is Healing.

Thank you for choosing 

to lose for truth to be 

set free godly, 

and walk in the talk 

of what’s meant to be.


He got accustomed to 

his life,

his ways,

his okay 

in disobey 

through the hue 

that’s not true,

or biblically sound

found bound in love.

He’s emasculated 

and debilitated from

the plug of the thinking

by drinking drugs sinking

in this aggressive 

depressive plug

by the slums of sins:

from the she that’s ungodly,

from the she that will 

never be for this he,

no matter the current scene.

this he and this she

are in flesh masking

the task of their combusting

dried up lusting mess.

In the kiss of death

two strand union

from fearful tangible intuition.

Tangibility will always be

ungodly empty temporary confetti.

Send Your Power O God

defending the cleansing 

in Your Midnight Hour.

Thank you God

for covering this he.

Thank you God

for supernaturally 

connecting by protecting

what this she’s neglecting 

and attempting to pressure

this he to also be ungodly.

This he and she

are not meant to be.

They’re isolated

from the replaying

decaying community.

They’re messy

from the lying devoting.

This she is manly.

This he is in a

dismay dark night valley.

This she’s sin 

will never spin 

in active worldly win 

permanently with this he.

Despite the current legal scene.

This she’s temporary

and secondary in this

subdue wrong hue manmade theory.

This he will always be godly

walking through his unavoidable truths.

This he is covered 

in love and prayer.

This he has hurts 

with no worth 

in hidden layers.

This he has pain 

that feels like a reel

of no gain in vain.

This she is apart 

of this he’s story

to be set free finally.

Thank you God

for using everything 

for Your Glory.

This he is beautiful, and 

this current story 

will never change 

how beautiful this he is.

This he is called

to conquer this current pitfall.

Thank you God

for showing this he

how to be set free

in faithful maturity

for all the world to see.

Thank you Spirit.


Love your daughter.


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