I don’t have it in me 

to work for another company.

There’s a hesitate 

to educate in the language 

that’s truly fleshly savage.

But God if that’s Your Will 

then you’ll continue to 

walk me through 

defending biblical truth.

These blueprints you’ve shown

both Jojo* and I are 

what we long to execute.

These fine prints give me

a deep thirst that need to burst

in life and be in your Light.

My thinking is sinking.

I’ve never been so attacked 

in all my life. But I can do all things 

through Emmanuel: God with us.

I assumed different fields

meant different outcomes.

Micro-aggression is everywhere.

Termination is an intimidation

to bully and make an example.

It’s truly an ugly sample.

God you opened doors for me.

God you also closed doors, 

that at the time I didn’t see

was always meant to be.

This is the first door

that you’ve closed, 

I truly have peace.

The latest assignment 

that you’ve used 

for my alignment,

was truly unhealthy for me

and Jojo* but you’ve used 

the broken ruses and abuses

to set us free from all

the pitfalls we are called

to conquer your way

not our way in Today.

The anointing in our lives

cannot afford to replay 

the decay’s of yesterday’s 

or the sorrows of no tomorrow’s.

This latest assignment,

that you’ve used for my alignment,

broke me down until 

I was face first to the ground

on your throne

allowing my bow

to Your Crown.

This was the hardest assignment 

thus far. You’ve supernaturally 

shown me darkness 

that needs to come 

to the Light

of Jesus Christ.

I kept rising above.

I kept clinging to your Scared Dove.

I biblically and immediately looked Above.

Being blindsided multiple times 

made me develop the ability 

to lyrically rhyme my chimes

that felt like abusive 

welts and crimes.

My PTSD flared stronger

and longer than when I was nineteen.

My panic attacks made me sicker 

than I’ve ever been ill in my life.

There’s so much to say.

There’s so much at stake.

There’s so much faking and shaking.

There’s so much making me see,

what’s not your will for me.

All my hurt I hide 

inside because of fearful pride.

All my lies of being okay,

was a delay 

and a pause to Your Cause. 

My sales tactic:

faking it until I make it

just made me die on inside.

Facing truths is biblical.

Facing truths is critical.

Facing truths is lyrical.

Facing truths is a miracle.

You’ve used this recently closed

assignment as the space 

to showcase my painful disgrace.

I couldn’t avoid facing any longer.

My wrong song is not stronger.

Because so many around me:

dilute truth

dilute biblical proof

dilute Your Voice

for the fleshly choice.

Salvation activates

our permeated liberation

in dedication to rise as sheep.

Salvation activates 

the ability to reject 

and neglect the wolf within.

Doing ‘you’ is human

but will never honor God.

Humans have two identities:

The flesh of the wolf

The Spirit of the sheep.

It’s our intentionality 

that dictates which way

the pendulum 

of our conundrum sways.

No matter how well 

the mask of the wolf is at task

and secure it still won’t last.

What’s done in the dark

always comes to the Light.

No matter how well 

highlight reels or

sales tactic spiels,

are fiscally 



or admired

there’s only security

in Your Biblical Purity God.

Lust will always combust

for we are ashes to ashes

and dust to dust.

I don’t understand 

the current task at hand.

I don’t see how

every knee shall bow.

Ironically, this flight

is covered in Your Great Might.

I’ve haven’t flown since 

the turbulence of eighteen.

God you have me 

and Jojo going to 

this unknown land.

Like your son Abram.

It’s nerve racking that 

the Obey in Today,

doesn’t match the ugly 

backwards hat space

of all the ungodly we had to face.

You God keep telling me

to be still when all this lazy shady

around me is making me crazy.

You God keep telling me

to do nothing and:

Be still 

You will see

Trust Me

It’s hard to choose to lose

my sight when there’s 

so much uncertainty in my reality.

I walked through hurts

I thought I would swallow 

in a hallow allow forever.

But you God always have better.

I wanted to keep 

what you God 

keep saying is cheap.

I’m so rattled 

and I control 

nothing in this battle.

I’m so stressed 

yet I’m so blessed,

you’re walking me

through my fears in confessions.

You God are healing 

me through my revealing seeing.

Okay God I will meet you

in this unknown land 

as you direct my feet 

where you and I meet

as you God continue to make 

my path straight.

I choose to trust you

with this next venue.

I choose to trust you

in Your Timing 

to reveal what all 

these blueprints conceal.

Jojo chooses to trust you too.

God you deliberately designed

and biblically aligned 

our sisterhood 

to be better together.

Unity is a community

of all humanity to faithfully 

see godly, 

and we are your testimony.

Thank you for trusting us.

Thank you for loving us.

Thank you for showing us.

Your Way is the only say 

in the gift of the switch

by the Obey in Today.

So let’s go walk

in this pending blueprint.

I choose to trust you

with my truths and fears

and all my hidden tears.

I choose to let go

of my patrol in control.

I surrender all.

I give it all away to you 

for you are the only hue

that will always be true.

I love you my King.

Love your daughter.


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