he doesn’t want to lose you.

he knows he hurt you. 

he knows you’re truth. 

Trust what you receive from Me

even if you cannot see. 

Trust the biblical path 

in the math in Alabama.

That date is real.

That date is your seal.

Eight plus two plus four

is twelve like my disciples.

The sixth month of every year 

is biblically mentioned in a big way. 

My daughter Elizabeth 

was with child.

Elizabeth’s child

leaped for joy

at the presence of My Boy.

My daughter Elizabeth

dealt with a society

that mirrors present reality. 

Trust the mission

in your supernatural vision. 

The date that I showed you is true.

What your cousin predicted is true.

he thought he lost you

so he went with his ruse. 

your scribes can never lie.

Twelve decomposed exposes 

the number three 

which is Biblically Me.

he + He + her is

My Stir.

What you see

will always be truth, 

because you walk 

by Biblical Proof. 

you fight 

for My Light

you are my scribe 

that cannot write a lie.

James 3 shows 

what everyone sees:

the tongue is very weak.

you are ready. 

Embrace you faced

what made you disgraced. 

Be set free confidently, 

so the entire world 

can see and 

be set free godly,

commas are continuations, 

until we meet again daughter,

Your Father


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