ready and steady

I’m so thankful that you God

set me free from the latest toxicity.

I’m so thankful that you God

stop the backwards clock 

for my best friend Jojo*

and I to end participating 

in the sending of pretending 

and the hesitate to educate.

Jojo and I loved the kids

but it still wasn’t enough 

to cancel out our fight

to speak and be meek

on what’s not right.

God you use everything

for Your Glory because 

we are Your Story.

This sisterhood has

a calling with an anointing 

that is bigger than 

the triggers of our fears

from our broken promises 

over the years

and walls determined 

to stay in tact.

In fact, you God used 

the attacks and setbacks 

to teach and reach us 

to conquer our pitfalls.

In the journey of 

becoming a biblical bride 

my best friend and I 

walked through all we hidden

and we were determined 

to stay strong and wrong 

to lie on what made 

us die in the slums of 

our sins inside.

This sisterhood has a calling 

with an anointing 

that was bigger 

than the trigger of us.

God walked the talk with 

us through our journey in the

hues that were never true 

to walk the talk of our facades

playing god in the land of quicksand 

through the slums of our sins

which is a switch from the gift 

in the Obey of Today.

Sinning will never be winning.

Supernaturally you God 

called us to be set free 

in Alabama with 

a pit stop in Atlanta.

You taught Jojo and I to revive 

from the decay’s of yesterday’s 

that we replayed 

from the drunkenness 

of cheap lemonade 

to cling to our stings

from the hurts of no worth, 

and pain to never 

have a godly gain, 

which is all a pitfall in vain. 

The anointing in 

our calling is bigger 

than us being in our dismay. 

Everything that both Jojo 

and I went through

separately and together 

prepared us for the 

encounter of Alabama 

with a pit stop in Atlanta.

As a witness to 

Your Supernatural Greatness,

it was all worth it to see 

Jojo free and happy.

Your son and 

my wise older brother 

sharpened me to 

be set free from anxiety

by the reminder of 

Your Sovereignty. 

Then you blessed me God with 

math on the horizon of my path. 

I just say yes to 

every single breakdown 

because I see faithfully 

through the hue of 

truth by biblical proof the breakthroughs 

are completely worth all the hurt,

are completely all gains in my pain,

For You are a hue God 

that will always be true. 

Only you God can 

part the word impossible.

Man with any amount 

of quicksand will never

be bigger than you Creator. 

“But Jesus beheld them, 

and said unto them, 

With men this is impossible; 

but with God all things are possible.”

‭‭Matthew‬ ‭19:26‬ ‭KJV‬‬

I say yes to it all faithfully.

Thank you King 

for making my soul sing.

Thank you King 

for protecting my heart

from falling apart.

Thank you King

for keeping my rings

under your wings

until it’s time for 

Your Stir:

he + He + her.

Thank you King

for making me 

ready and steady.

Love your daughter. 

*names changed for privacy purposes



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