let go

she cannot stand 

that he will be free 

without her faithfully. 

she thinks if she rejects 

and neglects her peace

then he cannot flee

from this four hundred 

and forty-sixth day 

dismay of toxicity, 

so she stays 

in decay’s 

of yesterday’s 

thinking he’s sinking and trapped.

what she doesn’t want to see

is that he’s being set free.

she sits in misery 

which makes her ugly

and an ungodly phony.

she’s in bitterness and this

is teaching him stillness. 

she’s in bitterness and this

is reaching him in patience. 

in his hinderance 

there’s deliverance. 

she’s in bitterness 

and this hissed diss

is fine tuning 

and pruning 

his layers 

of prayers. 

Victory won

she’s undone 

he’s free

he’s seeing 

he’s believing 

she’s reeling 

she’s feeling 

she’s rejecting 

she’s neglecting 

she’s ejecting 

The biblical truth

in this finished story. 

That God has the final say 

in the Obey of Today. 

her delay won’t make him stay.

four hundred and 

forty-six days later

she’s still not in his heart.

four hundred and 

forty-six days later

still in all the cheap thrills

didn’t make her place 

in his space greater.

the fun in the sun

and all traveling

was an unraveling 

to show him 

she’s not the one.

what he needs is not

always being “silly.” 

her immaturity is not a

permanent fix 

and her mixed drinks 

are no longer stronger 

in this throng song of wrong

by the lies that multiplied 

in the sinning not winning

legally rushed scene

after four months 

of secret sexual meetings

she aggressively pushed for.

she thought the contest

was her acceptance 

when it was her entrance

to be used for God’s Purpose.

I let go of my patrol. 

I let go of my control.

I let go of the scrutiny

in that broken community.

I let go of my avenge 

to see everyone in revenge

that hurt my beauty. 

the choice in this journey

was influenced by 

a broken community that 

didn’t want to let this man be free. 

I let go of what I know 

to choose to lose in the unknown. 

What’s done in the dark 

can only be sparked by light 

when I fight for what’s right: 

The Light of Jesus Christ. 

His Might in love not strife. 

Love is found bound from Above. 

Only love covers a multitude of sins 

not the slum of my tongue 

to spew the hue of verbal ugly ‘wins.’

Sensitivity is the key to being godly.

It doesn’t feel good to be godly to a woman on a mission, that distracted my he that will always be for me. This is what I see, but faithfully Jesus Christ died for past, present, and future sins. That’s the biblical win to sing, and sit on under God’s wings. My King needs me to be in the layers of prayers for this woman, that God sees as his daughter. So she too can be set free even though she doesn’t want to grow, or see biblically through the intimacy of God.

In anger I see an evil blob 

that played god. 

In anger I see an evil blob 

that needs to bleed 

in broken need 

for all the weeds she feeds 

to believe her idiosyncrasies. 

I want her to suffer 

from the stupidness 

of thinking she won this. 

I want her to suffer 

for the stupidness 

of her thinking my he 

wouldn’t wake up 

from her shake up 

in playing on his vulnerability 

of the sixth month 

of the year two thousand fifteen

The direct message was the send off, in the lift off to this wilderness my he walked through, to be set free godly by God using this woman, who would never be me. This woman is my he’s sixth dip in the Jordan River. No matter how much this woman tried through lies, and mirroring me this woman cannot be where I will always be: in my he’s heart. 

I’m in his veins 

in the rain, 

in the shine, 

God says he’s mine. 

Regardless of time 

or the current facade. 

Playing god won’t change 

the arrange of the games 

and lames this woman 

was on a mission 

without permission 

to get my he to neglect God 

and His intellect forever in omission.

I’m angry that this woman got away with this legal decay, and walked a talk of this sinful diss and hiss. According to me, keeping my he away from God’s purpose, so this woman should suffer, and be abolished biblically like all other evil blobs that were removed. God you keep saying she’s your daughter too. And that’s not cool to me, because this woman is a fool, that thought she could crush my he chaotically. I want to crush her for that foolish thinking. Making her feel threatened isn’t enough. But you God moved me away from this woman’s decay, and broken dismay in disobey. This woman thought my he was stupid enough to never be set free eventually. 

This woman is a fool to think that drunkenness wouldn’t sober up, or that my he wouldn’t wake up from her shake up in the sixth month of the year two thousand fifteen, where this woman positioned herself in my he’s space during a timeframe that made him extremely vulnerable, and in a weak headspace. At that point any female body would’ve done after I walked away. Vulnerability is a tranquility of what’s not seen, but eventually all will be revealed by what’s concealed. 

The wrong way will never be okay, or blessed by God, especially when God told this woman to let go in the eight month of the same year: two months later. That’s why this woman is stupid to me, and she continues to look like the fool that returns to her own folly. This woman still doesn’t want to be set free, so then die in your lies. Goodbye. No matter what this woman says, or does she’ll never escape the truth: it’s not you, and it’ll never be. This current legal scene didn’t make love happen. All that happened was regret. Who has the last laugh now as the disgrace in the taste of the final bow is here now?

What’s meant to be for your daughter will be. I choose to let go of what I know, see and believe, because she’s unhealthy. Send Your Power O God. Show me my King how you need me to bow, and to see this your way not my way in the Obey of Today. This is about me and you first, and my love and faith in your abilities to always take me higher, and be your fighter. So let’s dance God.

Now I believe I can let go of what I know. I expressed what I buried in the nest of my chest and heart so now you and I God will never be apart. I’m a blank canvas ready and steady for your command. I feel free to see, and believe all that you have for me. No holding back, and no setbacks to your setups in building Your Kingdom. 

I feel free from this toxicity. I chaotically, and robotically allowed the follow of this hallow swallow to swell and dwell in me. I choose to let go of this pitfall, and to walk the talking of my calling, to conquer the lies that made me die on the inside. I choose to let go of this ruse, that gave me great internal strife, from all these ungodly legalities and fake life. But your realities is what I choose to biblically cling, and sing to safely under your wings. 

Thank you King for loving me to be set free no matter what.

I’m Yours Forever.

Love your daughter.


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