I see

that everything 

from the beginning 

and currently 

as I stand 

in your faithful 

Kingdom Band

boldly not coldly 

must come

to the surface 

so that I’m not 

combusted or undone.

I swallowed a lot.

You’re growing

and showing me

that it’s time to flee

from secrecy and silence 

because it made me 

vocally form an 

alliance to violence.

I get it now 

my words 

needed to form 

to allow my bow 

to make me reborn.

I’m no longer 

afraid to speak up

on what made me





and lean 

on the loops

to the hoops 

of my replaying

decay’s of 

yesterday’s troops.

I’m no longer 

stronger in my 

throng of wrong

dismaying song

to hide behind pride 

because it made me die 

on the inside misguided.

I was bounded not found by

clouded and allocated 

expressions and confessions

animated in my limited 

deliberate omission.

Being your renegade 

means seeing completely free.

I couldn’t be set free

until I expressed 

what’s inside of me.

So I see

that everything 

from the beginning 

and currently 

as I stand 

in your faithful 

Kingdom Band

boldly not coldly 

must come

to the surface 

so that I’m not 

combusted or undone.

I am ready 

and steady 

to respect 

the intellect 

you God 

blessed me 

to be your See.

Your Way

not my loophole 

drone cloned 

alone way.

I walk this talk 

the godly way.


because eventually 

all will see my allow

to bow from what’s undone

will always be better together 

never fun in the sun.

I cannot patrol 

what I never controlled.

You always give us choices 

regardless if they’re from 

wrong voices. 

My path will always 

lead me to Your Math.

I’m wired to long 

for my soul to be loved

by my Potter as His clay.

I don’t want to delay 

any longer because

it doesn’t make my stake

in fake not break or shake 

my hurts with no worth 

or my pain in vain.

I’m ready to gain

God’s Way 

in the Obey of Today.

Our experiences mold 

the humans we form to be.

You’re the Potter

I’m the clay 

that will sway

like the conundrum 

pendulum you God 

made me to be


This too is apart 

of my story 

because I will 

always be for

Your Glory.

You God had 

a plan for my quicksand.

You patiently waited 

until it hurt enough to speak up.

Thank you King for allowing me

to learn that I’m human that flees

in rages from stages by gauges.

Thank you King for freeing me

from all the ungodly not meant to be. 

I love you Lord.

I love you Lord.

I’m free 

to be the see

you created me to be.

Thank you Spirit 

cover your chosen

send Your Power O God

by your supernatural dome

so your chosen walk in the strength 

of Jesus Christ in the courage 

to fight for what’s not right.

Your Way not their way.

Dark to Light

Spark to Bright 

Day to Night 

in Your Great Might. 

You healed 

my lame

my shame 

my damage savage 

my perspective on marriage 

my idiosyncrasies 

justifying my aggressive angry.

Only love covers sins.

Not a tailspin of active anger

that feeds the enemy to blind me.

Reach and teach me to be free

from the madness of my sadness

so that I can walk in the example 

of Emmanuel: God with us godly.

Our Savior is greater than me.

Thank God my facades 

are sabotaged to destruction. 

It’s not construction biblically.

Thank you God for being 

my reason for all my seasons.

Thank you God 

for my breakdowns because 

the confessing walkthroughs 

were blessing breakthroughs.

The greatest gift ever 

to learn to be better 

in the switch by the gift 

in the Obey of Today.

I’m excited that

Crysta’s anilulated.

The enemy cannot 

make me flee in misery.

Only my King makes me sing.

So what my King says goes.

I’m done with this cancelled show.

It’s time to go and grow.

For God and His mission.

I proudly give permission 

to you God to imprint 

your fingerprints in my midst.

Paint me how you best see God.

I’m ready and steady.

Love your daughter.


5 thoughts on “swallowed

    1. Amen thank you my beautiful sister! God keeps me like he keeps all the rest of His Chosen. Choosing him is the best decision I’ve ever made. I’ll never look back at the world because nothing satisfies like the love of God. I’m proud of you too. ✨✨✨ so excited to where God leads us next. I’m beyond blessed I do this journey with my twin and best friend. πŸ™πŸΌ

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