The wilderness 

is the dark to light 

that makes us flee

to toxicity in misery 

with the enemy.

This broken choice 

is a misguided voice.

That’s shaken 

by the awakening 

of our remaking.

That woman is in 

a community

with no unity

in her space.

That woman was played

and used to keep

the man she creeped 

with in secret by 

the rushed cheap

four month courtship with

the man in that building 

with no more godly wings.

This woman is a photo

op that stopped this man

from leaving after the contest

she used to be 

completely dishonest.

Dishonesty will always 

catch the mismatch details.

This woman’s pathological 

lying path had satan’s craft.

This woman thought 

she fought and bought ‘love’

in this community 

with this man 

but all she sees

is empty quicksand.

No one wants to be 

in her space or 

around her toxicity.

This woman deliberately

wants hate and misery

with the enemy

to spread destruction.

The community sees 

that this woman is 

a key to satanic activities.

The community

only cared about keeping 

the man. 

This woman

was a pawn in the game

of never letting this man go. 

This woman is in a sin

that will never be a win.

This woman is in

a stench mask

on a task in 

this crowds to

community invisibly.

Everyone sees 

this woman’s ugly:

her family,

that building with 

no godly wings,

and her 

legalized roommate 

that doesn’t want

to be in this toxicity.

This man was an idol

and obsession to 

execute massive apprehension.

Apprehension is a gear

that feeds fear.

This man is walking through

his fears that were hidden

for many years.

This woman used his fears

to get in this man’s space.

Everyone sees 

the evil heart in this woman.

This woman is like a modern 

day female Judas.

The only disciple

to betray Jesus 

and the only one that perished.

This woman avoided 

her wilderness.

When it’s her hinderance 

in deliverance.

This woman secretly walks 

a talk of deep darkness.

This woman isn’t interested 

in truth despite being no use

to fight for a ruse

this man now refuses.

Her legalized lying life

causes her great strife.

This woman is bitter 

she’s not loud

in clouding this man

in this poisonous quicksand.

It shouldn’t be

where a community

needs to be in her relationship

as a reminder for this man

to remember her existence.

This woman is easily

forgettable where 

everyone dismisses her.

That’s how irrelevant this woman is.

The stinging rings did nothing.

The article made her look foolish.

The coached celebrated references 

doesn’t change this man doesn’t want 

this woman or this facade life anymore.

This woman worked ‘so hard’

to just be an afterthought slob

walking and talking 

fighting and lying 

to be with a man that doesn’t 

care what happens to her.

This man will never be 

what she convinced herself 

he will be. The fight for flesh

is a direct disrespect to

the Spirit that dwells within.

God told this woman 

it’s over and no one can stop

what’s coming to her.

This woman is so broken

and cannot destroy this man

in her toxic death choked sin.

This woman is warring 

with the voice of God 

and is determined to stick

to tricks of darkness.

This man will never be 

affected by her ugly brokenness.

This woman purposely

walks with the enemy as her key.

This man cannot be touched

by her misery with the enemy.

This woman will soon

see how faithfully 

this man will be set free.

This man chooses love.

This man is intentional

to walk by faith not sight.

This man fights for

the Light of Jesus Christ.

God honors righteousness.

God always exposes and 

destroys darkness 

in the wilderness.

Thank you Spirit 

for the anointing 

in Your Covering

for this man

in this transforming quicksand.

This wilderness will be

this man’s deliverance 

by the tender of surrendering 

all to conquer this pitfall

of this darkness distracting woman.

Love covers a multitude of sins.

Sinning will never be godly winning.

This woman is exposed.

This woman is eroded.

This woman can do nothing. 

God always has the final say.

Dark to Light

Bold and Brave

is what this man craves.

Thank you King

for everything.

Love your daughter.


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