she’s anxious

she sees the clocking

she’s praying 

for God’s blocking.

she sees these

weeds in women 

and they think 

they can make

her man sink.

Her man only sees

her and smells her love.

Love is found 

bound from Above.

It’s so real

the smell of flesh 

facades god reels

that she feels.

No point was proven.

Case dismissed.

The hiss isn’t kissed.

These women were thirsty.

These women weren’t fed.

These women play games 

to hide the prideful shame,

and walk a talk of

immature lame. 

These women are holding on

to the song of history, 

the past didn’t last.

Her man moved on

and is waiting for God’s sign

to align and combine

her and her man 

to stand with God as key.

The bonding over Vicks 

is the many ways 

they unite in the Light

of Jesus Christ 

in their ordained affix.

Her insecurities 

are impurities 

that God is using 

to remove her fears.

God is walking his daughter 

through her paralyzingly years

of tears to walk 

through this godly gear.

God is renewing and fine tuning 

his daughter as his clay;

his daughter is a potter’s work

for her man that only sees her beauty.

Her man is all in 

and done with sinning not winning.

Her man already wants 

the three strands destiny

with his beautiful she

that he will always see.

She’s struggling with free falling 

in the unknown by letting go

of the toxic show of drone.

She’s crying out her lying pouts.

She clings to her King

through her painful stings.

She comes to her King

to have her pain

have gain and not be in vain.

She understands her views

are the worldly hue of quicksand.

She says yes to God’s Way 

to walk the talk in 

the Obey in Today.

She sits in stillness

to allow the final bow 

from her hinderance, 

and let this be her deliverance. 

So she can be set free godly

for all humanity to see

faithfully in maturity,

So she can be who

she’s called to be 

with her man 

that will always have her key.

Three strands 

will always be 

higher than any being.

Three strands is unbreakable 

and unshakable, completely 

able to withstand 

and be God’s Kingdom Band.

So get ready for this 

pending he + He + her

which is the only math 

that will add to God’s Path

and be God’s Stir.

Thank you King

for protecting this pending 

ordained pairing.

They both say yes.

Love is in the air.

Spring is here.

They’ll take off

by your lift off.

Love your daughter.



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