her father’s drunkenness

is a hindrance in deliverance.

her father’s eyes 

are mystified by toxic lies.

her father decay’s are

in the days of his yesterday’s.

as a child, 

she witnessed 

the risks 

intoxication as 

her father’s foundation 

in her father’s stagnation.

at a young age, 

she witnessed verbal rage. 

the beers are broken cheers

on a caged stage, 

her father waged and aged.

her father almost died

the family was modified.

her father can’t let go

with what he knows.

at a young age 

she woke up 

to a house full of smoke. 

her mother ran for cover

and told her to grab 

her baby brother.

her mother always

rejected and neglected

this drunkenness wreckage.

the beers are broken cheers.

her father clung to years 

of pain with no gain

internal tears that bring

all the vain stings

in current hurt with no worth.

her mother was warned.

her father was warned.

two broken humans 

in the bubbles 

of their troubles,

raising two kids 

in brokenness.

one kid was me

the other was baby b.

my brother and me

see differently.

granny flees with

older sister not to see.

I choose to lose

this broken ruse

to be set free

faithfully and godly.

I choose to have

the audacity 

to actually

forgo this toxic show.

I choose to use

these broken bruises

to fine tune and prune

me and for all the world 

to see in united humanity

that the Light 

of Jesus Christ 

sparks the dark 

to what’s not right by

dying on the 

Cross of Calvary 

for us to be set free.

I choose to acknowledge 

that my parents don’t want to see.

I choose to acknowledge 

I’m waiting for my King(s) faithfully.

I choose to acknowledge

that I was set apart deliberately.

I choose to acknowledge 

I walked the talk 

the wrong way unequivocally

to be seen similarly 

but God always 

has the final say.

God said enough

to the tough and rough

of my self harming decay.

God used my determination

to be His Declaration.

God made my path

and math straight.

I decided to use my story

so that God can get the Glory.

her father’s drunkenness 

is a hinderance 

for the world to see

boldly not coldly 

to be delivered and set free.

I decided to acknowledge 

my duty to intuitively 

lift my sword

in the layers of prayers.

I decided to acknowledge 

to reject mixed drinks

that make humans 

think and sink

to float off the boat

and always praise

in any pending rain.

I decided to not feed

the wrong weed seed

of stained or drained

from my pain that 

has gain when I reject

my flesh god facade sabotage.

I decided to acknowledge 

perspective is a collective

reflective gesture 

to measure which way

to swing my stings 

as a complex pendulum.

I decided to acknowledge

that my stigma 

is God’s Enigma.

I decided to acknowledge 

God’s Way Always

in the Obey of Today.

I decided to acknowledge 

I was made with 

power, love 

and a sound mind.

which reverses

the curse of 

the rewind in time.

“For God hath not given 

us the spirit of fear; 

but of power, 

and of love, 

and of a sound mind.”

‭‭2 Timothy‬ ‭1:7‬ ‭KJV‬‬

Thank you King.

Love your daughter. 


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