lay down 

Dearest Abba,

Thank you God for this broken daughter’s life. Lord I pray that you cover her God. I pray that you use this moment of me lifting your daughter as a healing process by revealing all the ill emotions I feel that can no longer be concealed. 

Lord, I’m deeply bothered by this broken daughter’s inability to ask for help. This broken daughter bothers, more than your other younger broken daughter with the sage caged in rage eyes. It deeply bothered me that this broken daughter secretly judged the sage caged in rage eyes daughter, for doing it wrong with the man she’s in quicksand with. It deeply bothered me, especially when your broken daughter too went and did it wrong secretly; in a cheap creep with a he that will never be for her. I wouldn’t be surprised if your daughter is upset, she didn’t get as “far” as your sage caged in rage eyes daughter did. 

Yet because of this he’s image and status your broken daughter was willing to swallow his regurgitated madness to be his mrs. in a hissed dissed legalized lie. Like your sage caged in rage daughter’s currently sinking, by her sinful thinking sinning not winning two strand marriage. Daddy your daughter’s that have this mindset are severely broken, and it’s disheartening. Settling always hurts your daughter’s the most. Not the men, because men are covered and bounce back a lot faster than a woman can. Upsetting as this truth is, it cannot be ignored. What’s done in the dark always comes to the light. (Philippians 4:7) That’s why your sage caged in rage eyes daughter is hurting right now, from her wrong hallow swallow secretive bow that’s on fully display. Your sage caged in rage eyes daughter nonverbally okayed showing she doesn’t have any standards, because she didn’t know her worth. Your broken daughter got blocked from looking like your sage caged in rage eyes daughter looks now. 

It appears that your broken daughter didn’t want to take the log out of her own eyes. It’s starting to truly become clear, that many people didn’t want to help this sage caged in rage eyes daughter, from looking how she currently looks. That’s unfortunate. I know this broken daughter has a high level of discernment, we had many conversations on supernatural. It is unfortunate that this broken daughter had access to this sage caged in raged eyes daughter, which she could’ve helped but she didn’t. Maybe that’s why she is also looking like she’s hurting too. We are all called to conquer our pitfalls, but we cannot do them alone. Sisterhood is a necessity and a rare iron sharpens iron gift. I wouldn’t be where I am today without my best friend Jojo,* and her relentless purist pursuit to get me to be set free by biblical truth. I may not say that enough, but I wouldn’t be the woman of God today if it wasn’t for my best friend Jojo*. 

Daddy I take hypocritical stupidity personally, which is biblically known as the blinding fearful brokenness in wickedness. Clean my heart Lord, I wanted to knock out your broken daughter’s teeth and make her choke on them, because the he she went after belongs to my best friend. That’s ungodly and you blocked me. I’m ready to defend ordained to the end. But I must do this Your Way not my way. But God you have the final say in what’s played out, and what’s okayed in all stories. No matter the degrees or decree, we will always be for Your Glory. No matter the path, or incorrect math we take on our journeys, you God lead us to the final bow on our knees Lord. 

I always knew there was something fake about this daughter of yours, and her voice is not as beautiful as it used to be. The process of our heart checks are too real, and we have no control over how they look, like this broken daughter of yours looks now. I was super annoyed that you called me to this broken daughter to be in love and to be kind. I saw how her bondages held her as a hostage, from the societal and cultural habitual brokenness by her inheritance. 

What I saw even stronger was the fake stake she didn’t want to break. This broken daughter wanted to keep choking in the provoking, to absently be blind in the rewind in time known as stagnancy. This broken daughter’s lying layer had no godly prayer. This broken daughter actually has the audacity to want the burning bush, and the burning flesh that invested in the man that will always be for my best friend. That bothered me so much about this broken daughter. 

God you didn’t let me call her out. God you didn’t let me call out anyone in that building that now has no godly wings, just sinful stings. You God didn’t even let me call out that ignorant false prophet that’s a destructive hobbit, who thought he could get me caught up in the hiccup as a puppet and hobbit like the role he played, with the he you will always say is for me. The he you will always say is for me, is the key to the tumbling rumble, in the building that now has no godly wings, just sinful stings. 

Thank God you pulled me, my best friend, and her ribcage out of that unsafe place. It bothers me that the he you God say is for me is still associated to that ugly backwards hat toxicity. But you God keep telling me:

Trust Me.

you will see.

be still.

Daddy you’ve been telling me all of this, since I had that meeting with that destructive false prophet, in the first month of the year two thousand sixteen. Daddy my heart is on fire right now. Lord, I lay this all down. I lay down my anger and bitterness towards that false prophet. I lay down my expectations and anger in this broken daughter, and taking her hypocrisy personally. I lay down any residue left that’s ungodly regarding your sage caged in rage eyes daughter who’s going through it all by herself. Lord I lay this all down. You have them all Lord. My heart is so warm right now. I pray this is your fire God that cannot be contained or controlled. I let go of my anger, expectations, and bitterness for all your daughter’s especially the daughter that birthed me. Only you can change them all. So I will choose to be in love and not be ungodly anymore. Hold me accountable in this decision and freedom Lord, in Jesus name I pray. Amen. Thank you Holy Spirit. 

Send Your Power. 

Have Your Way. 

Part all Red Sea’s 

for your chosen 

that need to be 

set free biblically. 

I love you King.

Love your daughter.

*names changed for privacy purposes. #TeamProPrivacy 


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