sage eyes

she dismissed this.

her wedding dress

was wrinkled but

she swallowed that flaw.

she dismissed this.

the hissed dissed 

on her graduation day,

the man she allowed

to touch her in the

wrong secretive way  

bought her an avocado,

she swallowed the foul 

because she finally 

hooked him by her claws.

it starts with her.

what a woman allows 

is her final bow,

regardless if it’s godly 

or worldly like this she.

she wasn’t around 

people who were aware

of a high level of intentionality.

men don’t pay attention

to women’s words, 

men pay attention

to the non-verbals.

women display nonverbally

what a man knows is not okay

to get away with, and walk a talk 

in the secretive fun with no sun

by the slums of a women’s sins.

like the cheap creep 

four month courtship 

in a hush rushed fuss 

down the wedding aisle 

with this he who doesn’t 

respect, just neglects this she.

biblically wisdom is a she.

women are she’s and

men follow the lead 

of wisdom biblically.

there’s a huge difference 

from displaying yourself 

as a Proverbs 7 woman and

a Proverbs 31 woman.

she had no standards.

she doesn’t know her worth. 

so her she who findeth 

not he who findeth 

law of average 

sexual savage she used

to pursue this he landed her 

in her current mrs. she shoes.

it’s no use, he doesn’t 

respect her ruse

he doesn’t appreciate 

anything she tries to do.

he publicly married 

a Proverbs 7 woman 

that privately came 

in his space impurely

during a clouded loud

disgrace race he 

was always called to face.

she always had private 

impure intentions that

are now public attention.

she thought she bought

the language to seem

like his biblical queen.

only God not (hu)man’s

pick and display

who his son is called

to be seen in 

His Three Strands 

Kingdom Band.

he + He + her 

will always equal God’s Stir.

she’s only there

in this man’s space

as a legalized disgrace,

to make him aware

of what he truly cares

to be and need,

which is not 

her Proverbs 7 scene.

this matrimony cannot 

be coached in Holy.

over three hundred 

and sixty-five days later

with acquired trips,

and dips cannot change

the path to this ungodly math.

she swallowed a lot 

of the red flags that God 

showed her was going to

be her sinking quicksand 

in this rumbling tumble,

destructive predestined 

contributory story. 

for this he’s obligatory 

journey to be 

set free biblically. 

she was always called

to be this he’s seventh

dip in this sinking ship

of flesh god facades by the

self-inflicted incision

in her sage eyes decision.

she leveraged her eyes

to mystify her lies.

The call for this he

to conquer his dark night 

pitfall, always starred this she.

The benediction to the

Divinity in the Holy Trinity

is still meant to be for this he,

just without this she biblically

and faithfully for all

the world to see

boldly not coldly.

the wedding rings

never stopped stinging

over time, in this he’s mind

time was affirmation 

and a confirmation

why stillness and discernment 

is the key learning earning in

the ability to be seen godly. 

The true difference 

in the deliverance 

between a Proverbs 7 woman 

and waiting for the ordained 

Proverbs 31 woman rib 

is trusting the voice of God

over the multiple choices 

of tangible flesh god facades.

Even she cannot stop

what’s meant to be for this he.

her marriage to this he

will always be

a two strand 

quicksand worldly savage.

What’s done in the dark

is always sparked

by the Light 

of Jesus Christ.

“Therefore judge nothing 

before the time, 

until the Lord come, 

who both will bring 

to light the hidden 

things of darkness, 

and will make manifest 

the counsels of the hearts: 

and then shall every man 

have praise of God.”

‭‭1 Corinthians‬ ‭4:5‬ ‭KJV‬‬

Thank you King.

Love your daughter. 


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