she’s caught up in 

the highlight reels

that make her peel

in the wheel

of hiccuped validation.

she’s needs to succeed

in the poison she feeds.

or so she believes, 

she doesn’t receive 

that the past 

is no longer 

a stronger steadfast 

gauge from her 

stage waged rage. 

when it’s a hissed

dissed page,

that the enemy 

sees makes her flee

in the dark 

with no spark. 

God is teaching

by reaching her

to see she is free,

and these benchmarks

are deliberate walks

to deactivate her 

flesh god facade talks.

she’s called to conquer

this provoking choking 

pitfall by giving her all.

in this fire, 

trust is required 

by faith not sight 

to cling to His Wings

fixated and liberated 

by the prize of 

Jesus Christ.

her abilities 

are God’s Facilities.

her godly boom is here.

she has nothing to fear.

her ribcage is steadfast

on the stage amassed

in love found bound

from Above, because 

her sweet smell 

is where her ribcage dwells.

there’s tranquility 

to their love story

on the land of Birmingham. 

Vicks is their affix epigram. 

she’s constancy 

and he’s with it.

she’s comedy 

and he’s with it.

he’s with her entire existence.

he’s walking in intentionality 

to make her see he’s all in.

no more sinning 

just godly winning

to the correct path 

in their godly math:

he + He + her = 

God’s Stir.

she’s ready to transfer

her status in the land

of His Kingdom Band.

he has her key and rings

he’s waiting for God’s okay

in joining two flesh as one.

with her by his side

he can do any ride.

This is their love story 

all for God’s Glory.


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