people don’t want truth. 

people avoid biblical proof.

people want to abuse,

and refuse in the ruse. 

truth changes the arranges,

people fought or bought.

people don’t want to get caught. 

people like the spike in silence.

it’s an alliance to 

slum in the dumps

of the sins 

pretending its wins.

people want to be robotic. 

people want to be chaotic. 

people want to lie.

people want to hide.

people want their pride.

to be and flee with the enemy.

people want mixed drinks.

people want to sink, 

in the sins of fleshly thinking. 

people want wicked winking. 

people want to sex up,

and have peace to be in ease

of ungodly releases.

people want the known, 

to be cloned in drones alone.

people want facades,

to play dictating gods.

people want to ‘win’

in the slums of their sins.

people want the master, 

of fiscal deadly disasters. 

people want confetti,

to keep ignoring their empty.

people want to feed mistakes. 

people want to do things,

in the stings of their disobey

like wrong wedding rings.

to press play in delay 

and dismay to disobey in

the decay’s of yesterday’s. 

people want no tomorrow. 

people want their broken sorrows.

people want to patrol, 

in the deluded limited control.

people want to be hypnotic, 

to feed mutant stagnancy robotically. 

people want comfort. 

there’s numbers in slumber.

slumber is the number for comfort. 

slumber rejects and neglects confronting,

the spark on the dark inside 

of what’s not right by misguided lies. 

people don’t want to be accountable. 

people want worldly surmountable. 

people want the world coldly, 

and not boldly be called out. 

people don’t want to perish, 

so people are lukewarm 

to be fleshly conformed, 

and not transform 

to godly cherished. 

people want their flesh,

regardless if it’s a mess.

people want the inner war zone. 

people don’t want to grow a backbone. 

people don’t care to be aware. 

people don’t want to see,

only biblically sets us free.

people want to believe 

seeking the Kingdom of God 

is a facade mirage phony.

people want to pretend 

they’re not lonely.

people don’t want to wait. 

people want loopholes, 

to combat the Great I Am.

people want to wrestle God. 

people want to forget, 

and neglect that’s never 

a win just sinning disrespect 

to flesh, and painful messes

by the silent and violent oppression. 

people want to be petty. 

people want to be angry.

people want to be raged, 

in a stage full of caged wages. 

people want to hold on to ungodly, 

it justifies their lies to flee 

in darkness with the enemy. 

people aren’t interested in godly.

people don’t want the foolishness of God. 

people want the vulgarity in popularity. 

people want the barbarity in irregularity. 

people don’t want unity. 

people want crowds to community mutinies.

people want to travel and not unravel.

people want to be in loveless marriages, 

to feed the broken weed of fleshly savages. 

people don’t want to go against the grain. 

people want their pain to stay in vain. 

people want the rewind of time in their brain. 

people don’t want to pray. 

people don’t want to obey. 

people don’t want to stay still.

people want to suffocate 

without God’s Gills.

people want sexual cheap thrills.

people don’t want to be still.

people want to limit God. 

people want God tangible. 

people don’t want to see

isolation makes us flee

in darkness with the enemy.

Biblically accountability is three,

or more to be picked up from the floor.

people want to divert what hurts, 

to not have worth or supernatural. 

Jesus died for people. 

Jesus died for righteous. 

Jesus died for the sinners. 

Jesus died for the disobedient.

like the robotic allegiance

to the flag of the United States 

of divided America 

to the republic which quicksand 

is the land that no one can stand 

under the God that’s limited facades. 

people want to combust in lust.

people want pity.

people want no unity. 

people want fleshly 

not godly communities. 

people see God doing too much. 

people see God taking away 

what should stay and be okay.

people see God making the stake of fake, 

break and shake light brightly in 

the sin of what is not right. 

people throw tantrums, 

because they want their phantoms. 

people want egos not humility. 

people want delays not maturity.

people want kiss of lies that divide, 

instead of the slap of truth 

from God’s Biblical Proof.

people want to stay in the past. 

people don’t want to be set free.

people don’t want to see godly.

people want their mission, 

to never allow the final bow

of submission by His Permission. 

I’m a people too.

I feel these reels too,

but God is Creator, 

and God is far greater. 

so God keep pushing me 

to be godly not decay

in the disobey in my flesh.

so God keep holding me 

to have a higher standard 

where it’s impossible to ever 

settle in my limited mess

as a blind angry people 

ever again, push the confess.

Your Way not mine.

You call the shots God

not my blinding flesh facades rewind.

Keep dismantling me God.

Thank you King.

Love your daughter. 


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