her desperation created a prison.

her sexual premarital moves were a groove

that alluded to secluded delusional inclusion. 

her prison is a self-dedicated prism 

of disrespected incisions 

by her desperate decisions.

she had to have this popular man.

in her rewinded mind she thought 

the cost that bought her time would be fine.

positioning her condition to be his only see

during a contest of vulnerability was her key.

vulnerability is tricky when horny & lonely.

cheap mindsets birth creeping palettes.

her limited colors were a sister to a brother

but she wanted to be his lover & other.

he made it clear he wasn’t interested in more,

but her clothes and face dropped in disgrace 

on bended knees to the floor sexually. 

she was left with regret in her empty and lonely.

she ignored the phony feeling reeling

from finally succeeding in believing

her self-inflicted decision by her new position

with a man that quietly entered in her

as an unposted, unspoken, and unsatisfied stir.

she talked herself out of red flag proofs 

and created her own expectational truths.

her truths aren’t biblical or admired in Christ.

only the Light of Immanuel sparks the dark

to what’s not right inside hiding behind pride.

she had to make their stake in fake work.

she took a bow in her sexual vow that allowed

her original place of sister to brother 

with this man, and turned her burns to 

four months marital sexual quicksand 

with a prestigious article as her broadband.

her families connections have to work. 

the world must believe her combusted lust

story is true love & not radiated rusted dust.

no one believes what she worked to achieve.

sex before marriage is a disrespected savage.

fornication before marriage is a

ungodly foundation, especially mixed

with the wince diss of co-habitation.

she lived with him before the “I do’s”

ignoring the red flags of what’s biblical truth.

it’s not biblical to have sex before the Creator 

who is far greater prepares his daughter 

as a Proverbs 31 Woman, other & lover.

pruning and fine tuning takes time 

for the calling of a ribcage to his ordained rib.

it takes three strands to prevent quicksand.

she leaned on her own understanding 

for her current marriage landing.

biblically God will never allow the disorder,

disrespect, and neglect in the wrong bow.

biblically God wouldn’t want his daughter 

swallowing hurt with no worth to eat dirt.

she ate regurgitated dirt that hurt 

from this man out of desperation.

she didn’t want to be alert in her hurt

so she was drinking in her sinning thinking, 

which was the switch in the Obey of Today

to the cheap creeping cum of no sun godly 

in the slums of her sins seeing winning winking.

her sin city trip was cheap like her creeps.

settling will always be toxicity.

she didn’t know her worth so everything hurts.

she’s married to a popular man 

but entered the glasshouse of unpopularity 

in the vulgarity by the invisibility of insincerity.

her husband never switched from 

sister to brother after they became lovers.

her title changing didn’t change this arranging.

his coached poaching planted seeds 

to make her be godly to him were slim &

placed by disgraced weeds of ungodly grim.

she doesn’t feel like his wife

because he sees her as rushed strife in life.

she doesn’t feel appreciated 

because their purity was contaminated.

she turned her pure space of 

sister to brother as secret lover.

any chance she had to really grow godly

became a lame ashamed lane of mockery.

men don’t respect desperate sex and neglect.

any prospect by the disconnect in her lies

were hidden by the sex of circumspect.

she thought using her body 

would lead to godly over time.

time is in her space, and nothing changed

in this man’s actions despite coached words.

there’s nothing biblical about her marriage.

there was nothing biblical about their friendship

there was nothing biblical about her motives 

there was nothing biblical about her mindset 

Galatians biblically addresses growing sows:

“For he that soweth to his flesh 

shall of the flesh reap corruption; 

but he that soweth to the Spirit 

shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.”

‭‭Galatians‬ ‭6:8‬ ‭KJV‬‬

she wasn’t interested in reaping the Spirit.

it was taking too long to get this man.

which is why her lies are current quicksand:

in a public community that shows her no unity.

in a public community that treats her absently.

in a public community that sees her stagnantly. 

in the life of this man she’s ungodly toxicity.

her father’s connections didn’t work.

the unsatisfied sex didn’t work.

the rushed marriage didn’t work.

the coaching community didn’t work.

he doesn’t love her like Jesus loves the church.

any love he had for her died when she lied,

and positioned her condition to sexually 

allow the wrong bow before this marriage.

nothing will change the sting of that savage.

what they had in purity was friendship, 

and that security was ruined premaritally.

she’ll never be his Jacob to Rachel.

she’ll never be his Abram to Sarai.

despite her wedding rings that sting, 

she’ll always be Leah and Haggai.

none of her tools fooled biblical truth.

none of her moves are bigger than the Creator.

God will always have the final say with no delay.

she’s in her sixth jar, and far from God.

Biblically we are called to conquer pitfalls.

Every knee is called to be bowed in godly allow.

“For it is written, 

As I live, saith the Lord, 

every knee shall bow to me, 

and every tongue shall confess to God.”

‭‭Romans‬ ‭14:11‬ ‭KJV‬‬

expectations are harmful to the human species.

expectations are ungodly mockeries in flesh.

expectations are a mirage where the gear

of fear takes over as a facade boulder distress

that makes humans look colder and older

like this she who’s fleeing in misery blindly

behind her misguided lies with the enemy.

expectations are wrong weed seeds 

that makes the stake in fake break painfully.

expectations are a rewind in time to find 

phony lonely will never be godly or Holy. 

she will return from her ungodly burns to God.

it’s her destiny to be set free biblically 

no matter what she tries to fight & hide

what’s not right is now coming fully outside,

there’s still no Light of Christ 

in her married life of stressed lying strife.

taking coaching is unsuccessful approaching.

serving Friday’s and Sunday’s cannot 

take away the decay’s of her dismay’s 

in her yesterday’s that changed her position

from sister to brother to unsatisfied lover as

a forced missus other, is still not covered as a 

Biblical Love from Above in God’s Ordained.

she can’t ignore all that’s not right in her life

as a suffering, and lonely wife in her painful

no godly gaining plight in this lonely strife.

Nothing is better than Everlasting Life,

not even the popularity chase as his missus,

which is currently a winced diss risk deface

that wasn’t worth all her hurt in this dirt.

no human should be Above God

not even this man, and her marriage facade.

this man and marriage were her private idol

on public display as an unavoidable trail.

God won’t fix this, because she needs God.

God makes all things new, and only God is true.

God is her first bridegroom to be in tuned to.

when it hurts enough she will see this truth too.

Thank you King.

Love your lighter and daughter. 



it’s been three point four years

since she’s seen her sexual gear

was an active wear through fear.

sexually was never filled erotically.

the moment she laid eyes

on her three strand prize

she lost her mind, finding

her feet running in retreat.

the missing puzzle was complete.

her beautiful bamboo was true.

but she had no clue what to do.

she knew she couldn’t move in her

old sexual grooves with beautiful bamboo.

she knew she was still new to biblical truth.

she didn’t know how to grow godly & erotically.

bleeding both desires seemed like fired wires

of the wrong lane and ungodly shame in vain.

she came too far to repeat that defeat.

but her beautiful bamboo was true and new.

new scares her, and scars her wrecking heart.

her King that makes her soul sing

showed her ready rings with beautiful bamboo.

her King that makes her soul sing

showed her he had to walk through

a breakthrough journey where he’ll feel lonely.

his current matrimony was a forced phony.

her King that makes her soul sing

showed her this storm will make him reborn.

she was trying to block greeneye demise

and all her lies to be in place of this disgrace.

but her King that makes her soul sing

blocked her to tuck her under His Safe Wings.

she knew she always wanted beautiful bamboo.

she saw her sexual match and all that comes

with his bounding sounds of pounding rounds.

intricately she sees he is her sexual complete.

erotically + biblically is the key he feeds.

erotically + biblically is the key she needs.

erotically + biblically is what she sees

will only be with this beautiful bamboo freely.

there’s no fear with beautiful bamboo.

just untamed, unshared, and unashamed urges.

she knew her & beautiful bamboo need purges.

she needed security in God’s purity.

he needed security in God’s purity.

she felt she had to make a choice:

godly or erotically to be set free biblically.

she said no to erotically for godly faithfully

to be redesign from ungodly confine inclusion

to her alignment full throttle godly conclusion.

she said yes on the fourth month of the fourth

day in two thousand fourteen, so no more

backsliding hiding to dying lying pride inside.

she thought erotically was ungodly

but her King who makes her soul sing

has her scribing her erotic appetite in the Light.

every man that entered her

was an unsatisfied & ungodly stir.

one look at beautiful bamboo she was hooked.

she knew he was everything she ever needed.

but she didn’t know how to be godly seeded.

she suspected that he too didn’t have a clue.

she didn’t know what to do for these two.

she thought she had to surrender erotically.

it’s year three point four in her sexual purity

and her erotic desires intensified for bamboo,

who God says is her three strand prize,

regardless if her eyes see lies in secret pride.

she always knew her erotic hue was true.

she always had a high sexual appetite, but

was convinced she’d forever wince unsatisfied,

until her eyes landed on her three strands man

in the eleventh month of the year two thousand

thirteen. she saw she would be erotically free

with this man God says is her three strands

as His Promise on His Path to Kingdom Math.

he + He + her equals God’s Stir and Craft.

she tosses and turns at night. there’s plight

with her growing burning unsatisfied appetite.

she doesn’t want to be

a bridge of humanistic comprehension

in this erotic suspended dimension.

her King calls the shots, and

she still hasn’t forgotten. this is not quicksand.

it’s year three point four and

erotically + biblically is still her core,

that only beautiful bamboo can enter this door.

the moment she laid eyes

on her three strand prize

she lost her mind, finding

her feet running in retreat.

the missing puzzle was complete.

her beautiful bamboo was true.

but she had no clue what to do.

she knew she couldn’t move in her

old sexual grooves with beautiful bamboo.

she knew she was still new to biblical truth.

she didn’t know how to grow godly & erotically.

bleeding both desires seemed like fired wires

of the wrong lane, and ungodly shame in vain.

she came too far to repeat that defeat.

time didn’t change this supernatural arrange.

time made this strange desire higher.

only her King is her Light to what’s not right

hiding behind prideful lies that die inside.

her beautiful bamboo is not a lie but true.

erotically + biblically is still her core reproof.

she must continue to cling to her King

for biblical clearance and deliverance,

so she can run in defeat retreat and meet

his feet for he is beautiful bamboo

that will always be true.

God’s Perfect Timing is truest alignment.

she continues her virtues prayerfully

of biblical assignments faithfully & maturely.

as a saint she’ll wait, because he’s worth it.

they’ll always be blue times two:

erotically + biblically with God as the key.

Tenir le bambou

Je t’aime aimer vos côtes bleu

Thank you King.

Love your daughter.


she who is me, 

made for her he

despite current toxicity 

just wants this all over. 

the loads are heavy on her shoulders.

she who is me,

made for her he

despite current toxicity 

is getting bolder and older. 

she who is me,

made for her he

despite current toxicity 

is tired of these boulders. 

he sees his decisions 

were self-inflicted incisions. 

feeding the fear he had for years

to never choke in fiscal broke.

the rolodex wasn’t worth whack marital sex.

the rolodex was his focused network. 

that network isn’t bigger than God’s Worth.

that network wasn’t worth swallowing hurt.

that network wasn’t worth hiding behind pride. 

that network wasn’t worth making gem-eye 

the legalized lie as his bride by covered demise.

that newspaper article was a timely toxic crater 

of slums in sins to never be godly biblical wins.

short-cuts aren’t biblical or ordained.

a forced four month arrange won’t change

anything in this regrettable situation.

gem-eye thought she bought the cost 

to never be lost, because she fought 

to never get caught, and now his missus.

the hissed dissed poisonous kisses

should be parted, according to gem-eye

like a Red Sea biblically, even though 

God said no, gem-eye’s now married.

that means God has to now make this biblical

even though the foundation was unethical.

becoming a missus never changed his moves 

regardless if she’s 



or uncovered. this brother became a lover. 

after she took the wrong bow: chow to purity.

gem-eye was about fiscal status and security.

all she got was regurgitated glassed molasses. 

being his missus didn’t remove the stings 

of being disrespected or neglected

in those wrong throng song wedding rings.

gem-eye wants to be seen but is overlooked. 

God sees gem-eye but He’s not her hook.

gem-eye wants validation in her stinging rings. 

gem-eye wants validation in that community. 

gem-eye wants validation her way not God’s.

gem-eye wants ordained blessings in flesh. 

gem-eye is her own facade playing god.

none of her moves are biblical or ordained. 

gem-eye was determined to turn the burns

of her hit it and quit it misfit to this legal legit.

gem-eye is lonely but refuses to quit

her empty dried up sexual confetti phony.

he sees the lies of this gem-eyes

weren’t worth it. gem-eyes wasn’t worth it.

gem-eye’s nothing but strife 

as his coached poaching plight wife. 

he met his goal of gold 

but does it give him peace in his soul?

does he breathe with ease or is he displeased?

is he begrimed with his unsatisfied release?

gem-eye thought she was fly with light eyes.

gem-eye used her eyes to mesmerize why’s.

gem-eye currently ran out of tricks.

gem-eye has no clue her untrue hue is through. 

gem-eye needs the Cross of Calvary. 

it doesn’t hurt enough to be ignored 

even though gem-eye is floored 

because missus are supposed to be adored.

gem-eye thought she bought love.

through the popularity of her he’s community

but she sees no one receives or believe

her as his beloved she who’s meant to be. 

gem-eye wants to be his ordained missus.

gem-eye is a winced convinced eclipse diss. 

gem-eye and her lies are ugly mockeries. 

God has the final say and the way

to the Obey of Today and is always on time.

God is above rewinding of the humanistic mind.

God is Above ungodly finds and lines

like gem-eye and her positioned condition.

she who is me, 

made for her he

despite current toxicity 

just wants this all over. 

the loads are heavy on her shoulders.

she who is me,

made for her he

despite current toxicity 

is getting bolder and older. 

she who is me,

made for her he

despite current toxicity 

is tired of these boulders. 

he sees his decisions 

were self-inflicted incisions. 

feeding the fear he had for years

to never choke in fiscal broke.

does he see lies are a joke?

does he see fiscal envy is an ongoing provoke?

does he see gem-eye evokes only ungodly?

does he see gem-eye is his Hagar to Abram?

does he see gem-eye is his Leah to Jacob?

does he see gem-eye is not godly prosperity

or never will be, because she’s not his her

in the path to Kingdom Math 

of he + he + her equals God’s Stir?

does he see gem-eye is two strand quicksand?

does he want to be biblically set free faithfully?

she who is me has questions unanswered.

she who is me waits in prayerful stillness 

for this messy deliverance and hinderance. 

she who is me prays the rolodex and network 

was worth all of this deliberate belligerence.

she who is me cannot believe 

Love and Basketball escaped him.

she who is me is the Lathan to Epps.

money made him slim and grim.

money made him forget love is from Above.

she who is me only sees money were his keys.

she who is me battles to receive he’s free.

she who is me is tired and wired.

she who is me wants to sleep in peace. 

she who is me is over the unease displease.

she who is me just want her he already.

she who is me is over barbaric popularity.

she who is me chooses to lose boldly, and 

believe in what Her King with her rings says:

You will see

Trust Me




she who is me decides to hide in His Wings

because he who is greater is The Creator.

Emmanuel God with us controls the patrol 

of ashes to ashes and dust to dust. 

gem-eye already combusted from lustful rust.

only The Messiah is gem-eye’s Provider. 

for He’s Jehovah: ready to be her shoulders.

does gem-eye want to let go of strife for life?

she who is me is ready and steady to flee

from all worldly toxicities and be set free

biblically and faithfully for all humanity to see.

she who is me knows growth is in the unknown.

she who is me knows rolodex are clones.

she who is me knows networks are drones.

worldly chases will always feel like alone cases.

without God as the center nothing is better.

without God as the center nothing’s together.

without God as the center there’s no unity.

without God as the center there’s mutiny.

without God as the center worship is lost.

without God as the center The Cross is invalid.

Emmanuel didn’t die for humanity to combust 

in the slums of sinning not winning lust.

Emmanuel God with us died to be revived 

so humans can trust and thrive biblically

through the submission of the Holy Spirit.

Emmanuel died for adoption as our inheritance.

The Cross of Calvary is above 

gem-eye’s lies and mesmerized demise.

The Cross of Calvary is above 

the choke of fiscal evoking provoking broke. 

The Cross of Calvary is above 

the she who is me rainbow raw emotions. 

God makes all things new.

God and his will is the only hue of truth.

Thank you Constant One.

Love your leaping daughter.


















































follower of Immanuel God with us 

she’s all these entities and more… 

she’s detoxing from the monstrosities of 

generational curses and courses of her family. 

family is a loaded word to her. 

DNA can be abused and misconstrued. 

genetics is generic, and was fused in ruses

of inclusive conclusive delusion seclusions. 

her father leveraged soft tonalities. 

her mother leveraged needing security. 

she learned and discerned in time 

all of her desires were wired and conspired. 

she’s so tired of manipulation and stipulations. 

she’s so tired of the cloning molasses of status. 

molasses is a decompensation of glucose.

status is a decompensation of alienation 

from the Holy Trinity and protective divinity.

status is the displaced chase in popularity.

she’s so tired of the despotism of popularity.

popularity is an audacity to walk in vulgarity.

popularity is a lame lane by layers of shame.

pride is the misguide that hides lies inside.

Immanuel God with us on earth was unpopular.

Immanuel God with us on earth was humble.

Immanuel God with us on earth was faithful.

Immanuel God with us on earth died to revive.

Immanuel God with us rose again from 

slums of sins by the lion’s den to no longer win. 

Immanuel God with us on earth became 

all shame and was stretched to be 

the wreckage where humans perished 

who’s God’s original cherished. 

Immanuel God with us on earth came back 

from the satanic attacks of brokenness.

Immanuel God with us on earth reversed 

the curse in The Garden of Eden.

The veil was torn so we humans can be reborn.

all conditions have positions with religions.

there’s a difference between the hinderance 

of ungodly popularity and biblically set free.

Immanuel God with us on earth had twelve 

pair of eyes that were called to conquer pitfalls.

one pair of eyes died to fear and perished

because those eyes lost the prize of Christ.

Jesus died for biblical freedom not the drone

cloning allegiance to salted ungodly popularity.

she used to write the strife scribes to her he.

she stopped leaping in faith because of sight.

today was an obey to resume lovingly to her he

and rising above scribing lines hiding inside.

she walked through her misguided pride of lies.

she talked through the hue her he is still true.

despite all not looking right, she fights in light.

despite the discomfort of sparked dark,

she delights in what’s right: biblically set free.




she chooses to lose boldly not coldly 

for all humanity to see community in unity

biblically and faithfully. her obedience is key.

her obedience is bigger than her 

because he + He + her equals God’s Stir.

Immanuel God with us on earth was unpopular.

Immanuel God with us on earth was humble.

Immanuel God with us on earth was faithful.

Immanuel God with us on earth died to revive.

she says yes to seeing like the Light of Christ:

Immanuel God with us on earth.

Thank you King.

she won’t glance back.

she remains unsalted.

Love your daughter.



Where’s the light?

Where’s the break?

What she sees is expired and wired empty.

There’s the stake that breaks 

and shakes the she who is me constantly.

This lion’s den will never end.

When Amy Winehouse came on to the scenes I was so excited. I loved her song Rehab. My addictions weren’t tied to drugs or alcohol. I was addicted to holding onto pain with no gain. I was addicted to my hurts having no worth, because letting go meant my hurt didn’t get justified in my lie that I needed to isolate to protect myself. I was addicted to harming myself through my failed suicide attempts. I was addicted to the brokenness of sex thinking its how to be loved and not forgotten. Sex made me feel rotten because premarital sex always bothered me. I grew up in a society that okay’s that disobey. I was addicted to harming myself through my eating disorder, and condemning myself as this horrible homosapien that has no business being alive, because Immanuel was an idiot to die for the likes of me. My rehab looked differently than the surface of those words, but the cuts were the same knee deep toxicities that affected me.

The celebration in the flesh god liberation, 

is a dedication to the divided flag of America. 

The pause of His Cause: better together 

is not the hissed dissed poisonous kiss in

the slums of sinning not winning tailspinning 

vulgarities of barbaric popularity realities. 

This empty confetti is actually an audacity 

self made cheap creep lemonade, and 

societal habitual rituals ignoring His Renegade.

As I scribe these lines that I want to stay inside, I realize that night when my mother and I had that rainstorm fight, the Light of Jesus Christ was truly the bright to my darken strife lies. In two thousand nine I did have my first encounter with Immanuel God with us. I had to convince myself that it wasn’t true, because I knew I had no clue on how to do this walk correctly. I also knew that if I acknowledged that Immanuel and I came face to face that stormy night of two thousand nine, then that means how I was walking from that moment until the twelve month of the twenty seventh day of two thousand thirteen was backsliding.

I had severe perfectionism and I refused to be a backslider, so I acted like Immanuel didn’t supernaturally take over the car that safely drove my mother and I to my sister’s house. To me if I acted like that didn’t happen then I’m not saved. And if I’m not saved then I can’t backslide. And if I can’t backslide then I stay perfect. All deluded conclusions that my King who makes my soul sing healed through my hidden stings. God corrected my heart through my circumstances. God was trying to get me to see he was with me mind, body, and soul after that night in two thousand nine. My supernatural gifts came back, and I haven’t seen them since I was a child. That still didn’t convince me, so all supernatural moments after two thousand nine were coincidences. However, there was something about the late great Amy Winehouse and her song Rehab that I couldn’t shake as a concidence.

She has to fight the strife of losing her appetite.

She has to cling to the wings of her King 

and not rewind time in the mind of her stings.

She feels the peels of reels, and sees the 

lack and setbacks of her fiscal attacks.

She feels alone walking with drone clones.

This purpose is wordless in a High Purchase

of a life that walked the talk of strife in the 

Light of Jesus Christ who sparks dark to right.

The self pity solo committee that no one sees.

The invincible principle of whimsical tranquility

is not the biblical blueprint to fine tune godly.

Every time I listened to that song I felt the pain that was felt when scribing those words. I didn’t know how to pray correctly (or so I thought,) I would always say God soothe her soul or something. I can’t recall the exact words. I never paid attention to the fact I love praying. I love praying for people. I love lifting people to the Kingdom so they’re covered in God’s Wings. And my love for Jesus kept growing, and I was upset because I didn’t know how to do this walk right until I meet Jojo* and I saw the Light of Jesus Christ so brightly amongst her that it made me a believer I can do this too. Then my life completely changed after we meet for the better. I haven’t looked back, and I won’t. Crysta is dead and God is making me a newer, and better creation every time he blesses me to breathe with ease into my nostrils.

She can’t sleep because she’s not next to him.

She would feel safe in the purity of his security.

She’s miserable without him, and feels grim.

She’s slim and trim. She fights in His Light

that sparks the dark to what’s not right inside.

Nothing is the same, she’s walking through the

ungodly hues of shame and broken lames

no longer stronger in tamed ashamed.

She prays in Obey of Today but needs

the weeds that separated them to end pretend.

She needs her beautiful he to be her key to flee

from all toxicities and ungodly mockeries.

She wants to be godly with her he lovingly

to be the Bonnie to his Clyde and his do or die.

Christ revived so she and her he can be free

to do life godly on the path to Kingdom Math:

he + He + her equals God’s Stir and Craft.

Adam and Eve is what God achieved.

Jacob and Rachel were equals and Leah’s

father couldn’t stop that ordained sequence.

Sarai and Abram’s fears through Hagar 

the concubine couldn’t stop Issac’s inheritance.

Sarai became Sarah the mother of faith.

Hagar became Haggai; remained a concubine.

greeneye demise and her lies through legality 

couldn’t change her arranged destiny: ungodly.

God isn’t in the empty disaster of her savage

two strand deceitful marriage by the mutiny 

community of no unity. Being a forced missus

doesn’t change her consistent dissed winces.

greeneye demise and her lies is still invincible 

through her misleading principles she bought 

with her soul and caught the hard truth 

biblically is the key to being set free & see Holy.

I’ll always choose to lose the world boldly not coldly for all humanity to see biblically and faithfully. I’ll always say yes to God’s Way and not my own understanding, because it’s the land of quicksand. I’m called to conquer my pitfalls, and to float of the boat like Peter the fisherman turned reacher and preacher. There’s so many examples in my blueprint: The Holy Bible, that I spent these past three years fighting in the Light of Christ to walk as. God is the reason I’m alive today. He’s supernaturally blocked death to perish for me more times than I can comprehend or recognize. My life belongs to my King, because he holds my ready rings for the he I’ll always believe is for me. God makes all things new like me and you

Her he is for me who’s the she God receives 

biblically and faithfully with time revealing 

what was once concealing preventing healing.

Her he is being set free as she scribes & speaks.

greeneye demise and her lies got nothing 

that her mind tried to define and hide.

greeneye demise is a missus treated as an 

afterthought regurgitated meal concubine.

Time was supposed to reverse this fate.

greeneye demise and her lies convinced herself

time was her friend to get her forced mister 

to be ungodly in misery with the enemy blindly.

Time is godly not ungodly. Time showed Jacob 

Rachel is all he wanted regardless if he was 

tricked to be with Leah. God decides who we

ride or die in life with, humans cannot decide. 

God corrects the heart not His Promises. 

The false prophet that was behind the lie

of greeneye demise and her crimes in this 

savage marriage was used for God’s Purpose.

satan’s attempts always fail from temporary 

and secondary prevail. The pale scales fall

because as His Chosen we are called to rise

with godly eyes to be revived and survive 

the likes of false prophets and greeneye lies

like the he God says is for she who is me.

Beautiful eyeballs that read these scribed lines, trust the process that God has the best regardless how it feels or looks. God is so worth it. I’m a living testament of this beautiful truth. God healed me from all the addictive weeds that made me internally bleed with broken need. God is the only one that walked me through my supernatural rehab from all that made me sad and mad through the ungodly hues, in the societal and cultural habitual rituals I grew up practicing robotically and chaotically. God had to heal me from all toxicities of my family to break the generational curses His Way not my way. God is the only one, through all the vessels he’s used, like Jojo, her ribcage, and my ribcage that can heal what’s deeply concealed. Praise God all mirages and self sabotage facades are drones that no longer makes me a clone that feels alone. God is my key that will always lead me biblically to be set free faithfully for all humanity to see in unity. My tests are His Testimonial Tributes through my fine tuning pruning process in this wilderness that’s a well hidden blessing bliss. Thank you for healing my addictions through Your Supernatural Rehab. All is well within my soul. 

Thank you King Jesus.

Faith moves mountains.

Gratitude is the greatest attitude.

I love you King.

Love your daughter. 

*names changed for privacy purposes. #TeamProPrivacy


mother’s are a gift of love. 

mother’s are from Above. 

mother’s are scared doves. 

mother’s are a dome.

their kin calls mother home.

her mother isn’t that bad.

she wasn’t always this sad.

she wasn’t always this mad.

many memories have emotions of glad.

her mother protected her more than neglected. 

her mother is decaying and aging. 

greeneye demise and her lies in pride

is aging and raging in her failed staging.

she’s in agony at her mother giving up.

she’s in agony at her father giving up. 

she’s paging in prayer for layers of healing

for her family and her beautiful he. 

her mother wants to fade away. 

she’s not okay so she stays dismayed.

anger is a secondary emotion to pain.

her mother dying feels in vain.

her mother lying has no gain.

like greeneye demise and her lies in pride.

greeneye and her mother have identical

thought processes and movements.

however greeneye will be twenty six and 

her mother is sixty three with diabetes.

unhealthy and impure motives are decaying.

greeneye demise should try and fight biblically

so she can be set free faithfully in maturity

to not be sixty three with diabetes immaturely.

her mother was once twenty six too.

her mother downplays how she feels.

greeneye demise and her lies in pride

replays the reels that now make her peel.

tangibly her mother cannot see or hear.

supernaturally neither can greeneye demise.

her mother acts like death isn’t near.

greeneye demise and her lies in pride

pretend that send wasn’t pressed to end

this toxic two strand quicksand distress 

of her savage packaged marriage.

she’s not okay so she stays dismayed.

anger won’t let her cry or die so she lies

and says that what happens doesn’t matter.

her mother matters 

and she’s becoming sadder.

greeneye demise and her lies in pride

are being handled by the Creator

who is far greater than flesh god facades.

her mother isn’t the strong warrior she was.

greeneye demise and her lies in pride 

are no longer the stronger wrong throng.

it’s hard for her to see her mother in this state. 

she feels so helpless her mother’s beyond help. 

the natural course of birth and death 

are unavoidable and always met. 

her mother is dying rapidly.

her father watches passively. 

her brother creates bubbles magically. 

God is moving mountains in her life.

God is moving mountains in her he’s life:

like greeneye demise and her lies in pride

who cause only strife as a bad last bite.

she’s completely removed 

from the family’s strife. 

she made the mental switch

to be present in Today’s gift:

for her purpose and calling 

conquering this pitfall’s falling. 

God is speaking loudly about her he 

she fully receives and believes. 

God is speaking loudly about the moves. 

her he is making in his shaking remaking 

by her awakening & breaking of her faking.

he’s ready 

he’s coming 

he’s choosing truth and you 

yesterday, her King that makes 

the stake of her fake break everyday. 

her King heals her stings & also holds her rings. 

she made connections about her earth king. 

she sees supernaturally he’s ready and steady. 

she sees Rise Up by Andra Day 

is their testimonial anthem in Obey of Today.

on replay, she says okay and no more delays.

whatever she needs to do or walkthrough 

she’s going to do for her he’s breakthrough.

she impatiently and patiently waits to see him. 

for they are the path to Kingdom Math.

he + He + her equals God’s Stir.

she will be still and 

breathe with ease by His Gills.

when she prays and obeys

her earth king will be set free by choosing truth.

slow to anger and love is the key for her he.

the building with no godly wings is the past.

greeneye demise and her lies in pride is the past.

her family is the past that God has.

this dark storm is over and didn’t last.

His Chosen are aligned and design 

to conquer their pitfalls 

of hiccups and shake ups 

by breakdowns in walkthrough breakthroughs.

all humans are His Chosen.

many are called but few are His Chosen.

not all humans wake up from sleeping.

she woke up for His Kingdom and her he.

her he is finally free.

she’s happy because he’s free and ready.

she’ll do this all over again if it means he’s free.

true love waits, is unconditional, and is biblical.

only through God not facades can true love be.

that’s how she feels for her he.

Thank you King Jesus. 


I’ll rise up

In spite of the ache

I will rise a thousands times again

And we’ll rise up 

Rise like the waves

lyrics and song by Andra Day.


she sees how it can be easy 

to flee from God’s company.

in the midst of arguments there’s rifts 

and violent shifts that causes ungodly.

her mother liked feeding a weed

that breaks out the idea to make her bleed.

that’s why she wants to be removed so badly.

anger, madder, and sadder 

are the themes in her mean scene

as her mother’s company. 

her mother walks a talk that brings stings.

her mother will never understand your ways. 

This is very hard for me as the she for her he.

All she wanted was to breathe

with ease in a healthy space and relief.

she has a lot of why’s. 

she had too many goodbye’s.

she has a lot of lies like 

that replay and decay’s in her mind.

with her he that made her feel unworthy.

she has a lot of crying inside.

triggering violence is the allegiance  

of her mother’s alliance to brokenness.

she hears about a man that isn’t in her space.

she cried about a man that gave her tears

for years and fed the gear of hidden fears.

she’s walking a journey of ‘cultural’ disgrace.

God is using her faith 

to be His Face in this space.

she still believes regardless what she sees.

she stopped judging when the subject 

became a land of personal quicksand.

rock bottom is a matter of perspective.

what’s the top?

what’s the cost?

what can’t be lost?

is it worth selling a soul 

to never grow old coldly not boldly

even if the sting of lonely doesn’t leave?

is it worth sitting with the enemy

in misery to choose delusions 

for humanistic diluted conclusions? 

the enemy feeds the eluded toxicity

that salvation is a convolution human’s 

don’t need by weeds of internal bleeds.

she saw the out and took the chance to 

separate herself from her poison prism family.

her mother wasn’t expecting 

the switch from her tricks

being blocked by her halted stopwatch.

her mother can’t control the patrol 

her way in this broken decay after today.

she’s got instinctive survival skills 

that she didn’t think consumed her.

seeing the set up of a woman’s shelter

stirred a desire to one day lead them higher.

healthy choices need healthy consumption.

vending machines are unhealthy and mean.

discerning is learning and women 

need empowerment for deliverance. 

the circumference of brokenness 

is an inadequate attraction.

it disturbs me that there’s comfort 

in women around me that feed permanent 

in a situation that should be seen as temporary.

she’s a deposit of empathetic emotions 

for humans that don’t want 

to feel their reels and peels.

she is quick to walk away

and slow to discern to stay.

walking away is an adrenaline rush

that makes her tune out what needs attention.

she surrenders it all to be better 

and conquer this pitfall for scales to fail.

it hurts enough, and she’s learning to prevail.

she walked away without discerning on

her he in the summer of twenty-fifteen.

she walked away without discerning today.

the woman’s shelter is a savage decay

of chaotic, toxic, and robotic dismays.

she sees it is not okay to always walk away.

it hurts enough to finally fully oblige to obey.

tomorrow she will see where her feet will meet.

she’s thankful for her King and upcoming 

opportunities to be set free, despite the scene.

she rises with supernatural eyes.

she can’t go back to her family.

her decisions are incisions to her he.

if she moves forward he will see.

her father clings to her 

like the church clings to him.

her mother is manipulative.

like greeneye demise lies to him.

she cannot grieve the Holy Spirit.

she has to keep moving forward 

for her future household and purpose.

she keeps letting go, then he will too.

their exalted and unsalted will continue. 

she keeps discerning, then he will too. 

God says they’re blue times two.