she should’ve never birthed me

or be blessed with any children.

she’s so ugly on the inside.

she doesn’t care 

what happens to her son.

all she wants is to control his life.

even if it’s destructive strife.

she doesn’t care 

he’s an addict.

she’ll be his dealer.

her husband is the concealer.

when their son was in New York 

she supplied the funds 

for the drugs in the wrong plugs.

she’s unfit, 

and wasn’t committed 

to being a positive influence.

she’s married to a 

drunken sleepwalking Adam 

and she’s a chaotic destructive Eve.

love is impossible to me.

no one wants to be healthy. 

love is a broken facade, 

where everyone plays god,

in loveless mirages. 

too many human’s 

choose to lose

self inflicting incisions, 

made by lustful decisions. 

she’ll supply all her son’s lies 

even if they make him die.

she doesn’t want her son healthy.

she wants him broken 

and wickedly empty.

she can control ungodly.

her husband can stay 

in the decay 

of his drunken funk.

she’s ungodly,

and walks with darkness.

she doesn’t want the Light

she wants to fight for

what’s not right.

in her ugly pity party 

playing up her sickness.

she’s taking long 

to be six feet under

to me her life spreads 

strife and blunders.

she’s caused so much damage.

she’s a chaotic destroying savage.

her husband is passive in this marriage.

she brings out the worst in everyone 

that spends less than five minutes with her.

she’s a pathological liar. 

biblically humans that walk 

this ugly talk perish 

but she’s still here 

misguiding in her lies.

my heart has been stone since nine.

all she does is lie in robotic pride. 

there’s no love loss. 

she’s already dead to me.

her body is history. 

she’s an unwanted mystery. 

she’s a ghost in an evil host. 

she’s a demon with wicked reasons.

how I see her

isn’t godly. Lord show me

how to grow, 

and be set free

in this area that’s so hard 

to see biblically.

it’s hard to think in love

when everything she does 

is not from Above.

she doesn’t want God 

or His Dove.

she wouldn’t be playing god. 

trying to bring her son

back in an environment 

that nearly killed him. 

she’s too selfish. 

she’s too controlling. 

she’s too misleading. 

she’s too much of a liar.

she’s someone 

I never want to see again.

I need to be set free 

from this lions den.

I need to be set free

from this cesspool toxicity.

I can’t live in a hostile environment 

worse than now again. 

I can’t cough myself to sleep

from toxic weed or cigarettes

that make my lungs bleed.

I can’t do that again. 

I’d rather be in the streets 

than deal with that again.

this family is brokenness.  

Make a way Lord. 

I can’t do this again.

I can’t do this again. 

please part the Red Sea. 

I can’t do this toxicity. 

Empty me so 

you can move me 

whatever I need to do

please let me walk through; 

so I can no longer 

be in these shoes. 

I am desperate for 

this impossible 

to be made possible. 

destroy this boulder 

that allows this woman 

to think she can play god.

block every single attempt. 

give their son ears 

and eyes to see.

exactly what’s needed 

to set him free.

this woman wants 

to bring him back

to New York 

with no certainty. 

block her attempts. 

protect your son 

away from 

these two humans 

that birthed him.

pull me out. 

I’m ready to never look back

from these ungodly setbacks.

I’m ready for you 

to dismantle this boulder.

I love you King 

thank you for making me sing.

thank you for keeping my rings.

thank you for healing 

by my revealing all my stings.

Love your daughter.



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