a shrimp?

of all the fish in the sea?

that’s who he flees

in misery with the enemy 

as his company? 

she’s a shrimp

that made him

slim, grim, and 

look like a whimp.

a shrimp is the bottom 

of the deep blue sea

where ugliness flees

in the dark with no spark.

a shrimp is a fish

that eats regurgitated (ish.)

anything or anyone 

that accepts regurgitation

is actively in a 

desperate dedication.

a shrimp is an 

obsessive fish,

eating poop is 

an endless troop. 

when a woman moves

in a groove of

dark with no spark, 

the movements 

resemble ungodly amusements.

she thought her movements 

made her a wise student. 

she’s a secretive joke

on public display

in a decay of yesterday 

from the summer 

of two thousand fifteen 

where a contest changed

the arrangement of where

she stands with this man.

she’s not the main one.

she’s pressure from

that sin city fun 

with no sun

from the community 

that has no unity.

she’s not his main one.

she’s not the main one

in that building 

sinning in singing 

with no godly wings.

so being exposed 

by her aggressive

eroding suggestive 

slip and dip in his pants

before marriage was a savage that

paid off or so she thought.

her “godly-covering” 

wedding rings sting

and do not remove 

her blunders they’re uncovered 

by her ungodly sins

in the slums of 

no godly wins.

this is a destructive 

savage marriage.

God will never honor

a broken daughter 

that leveraged beverages

or her body and fast hips

to make a lost man slip.

Love waits. (1 Corinthians 13)  

God said no to this 

hissed dissed 

poisonous kiss 

robotic show

in the eight month 

of the year 

two thousand fifteen.

as a shrimp

and a fish 

no meant go.

her world is 

opposites everyday. 

she rejected what

God said and 

going was slowing 

her non-lady-like stance 

in this best last 

first bite strife dance.

she ended up being 

what she never saw coming:

a disrespected wife.

she who findeth not he.

(Proverbs 18:22)

legalizing her 

sage eyes by lies

makes her 

look like she always dies inside 

from her misguided pride.

he’s covered in his dome

that her sex 

and this martial 

relentless suggestion

couldn’t make her

shake or break his dome,

so she can flee and be as 

a rib ‘finally’ his home. 

‘finally’ arrived 

after all these lies.

lies will never 

get honored.

Only godly 

goes in his dome as home. 

how can a shrimp 

that makes a man 

a look like whimp

from the dark 

with no spark be godly?

how can pathological

and methodical buzzing 

in a vulnerable man’s ear

when he couldn’t really hear 

during his summer 

contest be godly?

Slapping wedding rings 

on an ungodly 

relationship still stings.

A marriage 

doesn’t equal ordained.

God will never 

bless a sinful mess.

In Genesis chapter 2,

God put Adam 

and Eve together 

because God 

created Eve from 

Adam’s rib

while he was in

a state of stillness

and peaceful rest.

God only blesses

when we rest.

In Genesis chapter 2,

a woman, didn’t come 

out of no where to 

swoop in during 

Adam’s low season

and married him 

four months later. 

Love doesn’t work like that.

But lust and lies does.

God will never bless 

the mess of lust or lies,

regardless if a mutant

community rallies behind 

in misguided prideful lies.

All to protect an image

for a building with no godly wings.

That’s the mess

that makes her so stressed.

There’s so many cooks

in her kitchen and relationship.

her actions weren’t worth 

her current 

embarrassment or hurt.

she’s a mrs 

that’s always dissed.

every decision 

was a self-inflicted

incision to play god 

in the slums of this sinning 

no godly winning 

crumbling martial facade.

the community 

doesn’t have her answer.

the man that 

she rushed to marry 

doesn’t have 

the patience or ability 

to help her see 

what only God 

can lovingly set her free.

she has to want 

to be healthy.

It has to hurt enough for

this shrimp-like 

sage eyes to give up. 

a shrimp is a fish

that eats regurgitated (ish.)

anything or anyone 

that accepts regurgitation

is actively in a 

desperate dedication.

a shrimp is an 

obsessive fish,

eating poop is 

an endless troop. 

both their palates have 

to want the upgrade.

and no longer 

be stronger running

a pace not made

to be the current fleshly renegades.

His Chosen were not made 

to stay in the decay of broken.

Until then, 

misery to flee blindly 

with the enemy 

will be the company.


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