she doesn’t want 

to be seen

people can believe what 

they need to 

receive and achieve 

to conceive their dreams 

to never be a godly team

she’s tired of lying 

she’s tired of trying 

she’s tired of dividing 

she’s tired of flesh 

being a mess multiplying 

she’s tired of facades 

she’s tired of humans 

and their dilutions 

to their social solutions 

through the culture hue

that will never be true:

fearful and tearful delusions 

she prayed and obeyed 

she let her brother go 

of what she thinks 

should lift her brother’s sink

and be a go to end this show

Only You God know 

how to get him to be still

Only You God can show

how to get him to 

float off the boat and 

breathe with ease

through the hue 

of Your Gills

People don’t know 

his calling or deep falling

is apart of his heart 

to break his stake of fake

she’s tired of the stake

that shakes her brother 

but only You can cover 

the blunders of others 

she cannot save 

her brother 

she cannot behave 

as his mother any longer 

it doesn’t help 

his whelps 

or wages in

the alum slum

of his addictive sins

Only You God 

are stronger

than flesh god facades 

he’s called to the streets

to reach the feet of disbelief

with a she that’s cheap

Only You God

can arrange this 

pending love story

to take off and be 

set free and Your Glory

she sits and waits 

until this three strands

can withstand quicksand  

to conquer their pitfalls 

and give their all

her brother 

has a future daughter: AE 

that needs him

to reject his 

hissed dissed kiss

from this poisonous bliss 

boldly not coldly

from the world 

for all humanity

to see faithfully 

until he meets 

her little feet

he walks the talk

of Your Written Testimony 


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