God says

her pending 

love story….

God says

is for His Glory

God says

is he + He + her

God says 

is God’s Stir

The fourth month on the tenth day.

Two thousand seventeen.

9:07 am

She woke up to an angry scream fest. Her mother and father were spewing venom in the air. She walks out her room, praying to be the obeying Light of Jesus Christ with all her might, to continue the hue that will always be true: Immanuel is God with us. Her father storms out, after his huffing and puffing shouts. She asks her mother what’s going on. Her mother said, with great dread, “The Marshall is coming today at 11 am to kick us out.” Fighting the panic raising in her veins, she clings to faith and replies to her mother, “What about the adult protective services thing you mentioned?” Her mother sadly replied in defeat, and ready to fearfully retreat, “it’s not going to work out. A shelter can’t be that bad.” 

he replays the days 

until he sees her again 

he’s walking through 

his dark night with

the Light of Jesus Christ

in this sinning lion’s den

through the hue that will

always be true: God

Something in her rejects every word her mother just said, for her bible says her King of Kings takes His Chosen from glory to glory because we are His Story. Noah build the arch, Moses lead the Israelites out of Egypt and the wilderness. “This isn’t it” she said to herself, and every bone in her body moved by the Spirit, and she replied to her mother, “OK, I’ll be back I’m going to go pray.” Her mother distantly smiled like a tired faded moon crescent. 

The fourth month of the tenth day.

Two thousand seventeen.

9:16 am

On her bed, she rejected her dread, and went to her knees in great need crying nonstop out to her King, that will always make her soul sing. She surrendered everything and thanked her Creator who is far greater, for freeing her from all that hindered her:


Failed Suicides




Pulling out her hair

Depression/Bi-polar/all diagnosis’s

She’s in awe of His Great Wonder, and started reflecting on all her Savior has done for her, all that her Savior has healed her from, and she’s just in awe. Thanking her King through her stings. There was a knock on her door, and it was her brother. He asked, “where are you going to go?” She replied refusing to no longer lie because of fearful pride, “I don’t know, God hasn’t told me yet, so I’m just thanking him and praying for direction in the mean time.” Her brother’s eyes opened in great shock, and said “Praying is a good idea, I’m going to go do that now too.” She replied equally shocked, “OK.” 

She sees her brother is fighting in the light of Jesus Christ more, even though his death grip in his funky junkie addictions still hang over his head. Her brother’s experience of homelessness for five months in two different states changed him. Only God not his addictive facades kept him alive. Only God walked with him, as a guide so he wouldn’t overdose and die. Only God showed the way to bring him back from the west to the beast of the east, where it all began for her brother. Only God is the key to being set free through humility, from all the bondages that keep His Chosen as hostage, like her brother. 

his fight will birth

His Gills rejecting

hurt with no worth 

by protecting his mind 

from the rewind of time

and neglecting by ejecting

these cheap thrills 

Her brother can be softer now. Her brother can be more considerate now. Her brother tries to think of others, besides thinking of himself now. She never gave up on her brother when everyone else wrote him off. She will never write him off, no matter what her left and right shows, and no matter where her brother goes, she will never stop lifting her sword in prayer for her brother. She knows biblically that a mustard seed of faith moves mountains. Her King that makes her soul sing, showed her a vision in the year of two thousand fourteen of her brother on a stage telling his testimony to Jesus Christ. She will never let go of that testimony coming to life, no matter how much her heart wrenches in strife about her brothers current life. She trusts her King that makes her soul sing to heal her brother’s stings, like her King healed hers. She waits for her brother to decide to cling to His Heavenly Father’s Wings. She waits for her brother to lose the world, boldly not coldly for all humanity to see faithfully. 

in his wedding rings

that sting by this

hissed dissed blunder 

the community

with no unity

pressured him to be in

due to the wrong cue

of sin city carelessly

of his pitfall in

two thousand fifteen

with the lies of her green eyes 

Still crying and crying out on her bed, rejecting her dread to her King that makes her soul sing. Her King showed her what she’s always wanted to do. She forgot as a child she cried to God angry, and so confused about the poverty and all homelessness, when there was richness in the light of Jesus Christ. And real wealthy people. She did the math to the path of equality. All the billionaires in the world can donate ten percent of their wealth to end poverty, and everyone will be set free three times over. Instead of the one percent of wealth, finally everyone can be better together at one hundred percent. She begged God to position herself to have the fiscal funding to end this horrible bloodshed funding, where there’s layers to deceit that babies become the starring treat. Poverty is an ugly that humans make money off of. That level of ugly is bothersome. She grew up angry, and not believing in God. Until she saw supernatural through her own disbelieving eyes. 

She tried jumping tracks to end it all, and her King build an invisible wall. Failed suicide attempt two. Still not believing fully that the Creator is far greater, she fell into depression thinking her phone was her only friend that cared. And her phone fell into the LIRR tracks one day, as she was headed to a dead end job, that no one saw her in. The train was coming and she debated ending it all again, but she really wanted her phone. That was her only friend to her. Then she connected that she’ll be one with the phone, and no longer here on earth. So she decided to jump. And an angel man came out of no where, with such strength to grab her arms and shook her out of her suicidal daze. 

prayerfully being still 

to no longer 

be stronger in

the slums of his sins

without His Gills

by acknowledging lies

of his cheap thrills

and having his pain now

be a gain, and not be in vain 

The angel man looked at her crazed and yelled, “Are you crazy?” She stammered and said, “I needed my phone.” She doesn’t recall how the angel man said what he said next, but it was something along the lines, “no, you need your life. It’s just a phone. Do you need me to stay with you to get you help?” She was so shocked a stranger cared about her existence, that something deep inside switched in her. As if God planted a small seed that grew over time. She replied and lied, “no it’s okay, you’re right it’s just a phone. Thanks so much.” But it wasn’t a just a phone, at the time she had pale scales that prevailed, over her eyes that hide the lies, which made her want to die inside. The pale scales that prevailed made her believe her phone was her only friend. 

by taking his final bow 

boldly not coldly

for all the world to see 

and his humility is key 

for he is beauty 

called to conquer 

this pitfall and be free

his breakthrough is here 

there’s nothing to fear 

Still not supernatural enough. Another stormy night, her and her mother were in a car in a town of Long Island. She picked up her mother from the hospital, to drive her back to her older sister’s house. Their mother is bi-polar, according to doctors that diagnosed her, and she had an episode that was triggered from a painful experience her other daughter recently faced. When she picked her up in the storm, their mother was yelling incoherent things in the car, and was hitting her. She couldn’t see in front of her. The faster she made the windshield wipers move, the harder the rain came down. She felt trapped. She thought her, and her mother were going to die. For the first time in a long time, she wanted to live and not die. She wanted to make a difference, and serve but didn’t know how. She wanted the Light of Jesus Christ, but the world was full of strife and liars, and she didn’t understand how to bridge her tangible evidence to leap into supernatural faith. She’s such a believer of proof. But biblically awakening in faith is not by sight. That seems impossible to her. 

he needs to see

to be set free 

clinging to truth

by God’s Biblical Proof

wrong she’s the key 

to setting him free

he sees she’s not

where he wants to be

fleeing with the enemy

in misery blindly

when the wrong she

distracted His Destiny 

She’s confused, and confusion is not of God. Her tangible brain is all that she had trained. She was so frustrated. She started crying and praying, as her mother was yelling and hitting her, “Jesus take the wheel, Jesus take the wheel, Jesus take the wheel,” over and over again with her eyes closed. She didn’t open her eyes. It felt like a second, but when she eventually opened her eyes, her and her mother were in front of her older sister’s house, and her mother was smiling looking peaceful. That’s when she decided to believe that Jesus was Immanuel. But she kept her New Belief to herself. 

the Light of Christ 

shines bright 

and he fights away

the decay’s of yesterday’s 

She didn’t know how to protect her new faith, but she didn’t know how to grow it either. She had no one around her that had radical faith, the radical faith that she thirst to grow, and not stop growing. She wanted to understand how to really walk with Jesus, and how to live just for Jesus. She didn’t know how to go about it. She didn’t know the right questions, she didn’t know the right people. She didn’t know the right direction. But she wanted to be an ambassador for Immanuel God with us. She didn’t want to do it half way. She grew up seeing too many people be lukewarm or angry believers. She wanted to walk the talk biblically for all the world to see faithfully. But it seems so silly and impossible. This was the year two thousand ten or nine. Four or five years before the best day of her life: the fourth month of the fourth day, of the year two thousand fourteen. The day Crysta died, and the Cross of Calvary was lifted. 

she needs this he

to be set free

and be happy biblically 

she wants to be

what he needs 

but his pending past 

is a replay that still lasts 

The fourth month of the tenth day.

Two thousand seventeen.

10:16 am

She took what she thought was her last final shower, and prayed and cried thanking her King for all that makes her soul sing. Packing what she needed and asking God to lead her to figure out how to adjust in shelter living life. She thought about ways to reach, and pray with those that would be there too. She told her best friend, and her best friend told her it’s a sweet but unrealistic gesture, and that shelters have addicts. Addicts cannot be reasoned with. But God is Above reasoning, and prayer moves mountains. She’s a living proof of that. She kept that connection to herself, and silently listened to her best friend. After the call, she continued to be on her knees after she packed, and praised in the rain by praying. She thanked God for all her pain that is no longer in vain. She truly sees her gain is in Jesus Christ alone. She will continue her foolishness of God, and believe when no one else can see or receive. 

The fourth month of the tenth day.

Two thousand seventeen.

11:02 am.

she prayed 

and God played

His Power in 

The Midnight Hour 

to cover 

her parents blunders

“Crysie we have a little grace relax,” her dad said in great shock. she whispered, “what are you talking about?” Her father replied, “The Marshall isn’t coming today.” Confused, and unclear she replies to her father, “so he’s coming tomorrow? I don’t get it.” Her father smiled a smile of hope, something he hasn’t had in years. “No he’s coming next Monday. And adult protective services is coming to interview your mother tomorrow.” She burst into tears in utter shock, dropped to her knees, and repeated nonstop until she can no longer speak, “you’re so faithful God. Thank you Jesus.” 

she’s so afraid to believe

that he’s ready to receive 

God’s Stir with 

her as his she

he + He + her

to be set 

free biblically 

She knows praying is why her family is not in a shelter. She knows that her covenant of sisters, that never stopped lifting their sword for her, or her family is why her family is not in a shelter. She knows the power of the midnight hour is real, because she’s living truth. She knows all she needs to see is in her Bible as biblical proof. She texted her best friend at 11:06 am and told her that the Marshall is coming next week. Her best friend called her, and they cried on the phone together, prayed and went to read the Bible. 

the enemy is a delusion

used for our confusion

to be the wrong path

that’s corrected and directed 

in our flesh god facades

by our creator 

who’s far greater: God

Her mother came to her and said, “you’re a prayer warrior.” She asked her mother why she said that, and she replied, “Your prayers are powerful.” She smiled in gratitude and said, “all I did was thank God for all that he freed me from. I didn’t even ask for this miracle mountain to be moved. This was a pleasant surprise.” Her mother smiled and said, “don’t stop praying.” She smiled back and said, “I never will mom.”

she’s his story

that scribes the lines inside 

dedicated in humility 

to be the key 

to setting others free

All for His Glory

This is her story.

All made for His Glory.

Thank you King Jesus.

Thank you Heavenly Father.

Love your daughter. 


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