two souls 

two souls 

that are old…

she’s tired of trying.

he’s tired of lying. 

she’s not too wired 

from lying.

the trying is making 

her stake fake 

to make her peel reel

feel like she’s dying. 

he’s not too wired 

from trying. 

the lying is making 

his stake fake

to make his peel reel

feel like he’s dying.

when their feet

meet defeat to complete

then their send 

to pretend will end.

two souls are cold 

and grow looking old. 

the church hurt

has no worth.

their four month 

rushed marital status, 

was a chaotic and toxic  

sexual blunder to cover 

the name in that building 

with no godly wings. 

the only focus

in this unfortunate locus. 

it didn’t matter if

two souls gearing

to wear wedding rings

felt unsure stings.

The image in that building 

was everything, especially 

above two souls that grew old.

their rings have no godly wings 

and the bling is a symboled fling. 

God does not  

bless flesh in

the slums of sins

by the lies 

that hide inside 

through the untrue hue

of these two in their 

ugly backwards hat. 

it is a disobedient spat. 

they are in a decay of

two strands quicksand. 

the building with

no godly wings 

needed protection. 

so two souls were used 

as ruses and abused pawns

completely conned 

to mistake familiarity

as love when love 

is found bound from Above.

so two souls were used 

as ruses and abused pawns

completely conned 

to believe sexual lust

will not combust of rust. 

so two souls were used 

as ruses and abused pawns 

completely conned

to achieve love happens 

in time, and it takes work. 

In the book of Genesis 

Adam didn’t need time for Eve

he automatically wanted her.

Desire shouldn’t take time.

Jacob didn’t need time 

to want Rachel 

he worked fourteen 

years just to be with her.

Jacob didn’t need 

to be rushed into marriage

with Rachel after four months

of sexual dating.

Jacob’s father-in-law 

used Jacob as a pawn 

completely conned to marry 

off his first daughter. 

the same way 

the disobey decay 

paved the way for 

these two souls

to receive: one day

they wouldn’t feel 

the peel of their reel

or see they didn’t make 

the biggest mistake.

one day their fake 

and confusion 

will not be a 

delusion conclusion 

or be seen as a wannabe 

transfer to outwardly confer

sexual savage as godly marriage. 

body language cannot lie.

he doesn’t want her.

coaching isn’t poaching 

that approaching 

or arranging change. 

she feels deranged and raged. 

she was staged to behave 

but is isolated publicly. 

as a mrs she reluctantly 

sees she’s dissed 

in a hiss which makes 

her pissed by everybody. 

her fake smiles

are on trail and display 

for all humanity to see

her ignorant phony

when she worked hard privately.

she swallowed pain in vain. 

married, she still has no gain.  

private disobedience 

is a public allegiance 

to corrected direction. 

crooked paths 

always become straight.

undone from their fun 

in no sun by the

cheap creep sin city

where her body 

was a fading hobby. 

now everybody sees

two souls are married, and 

not meant to be.

only three strands 

become one flesh.

God puts wo(man) as one.

a building with 

no godly wings 

put two souls 

that became shamed none. 

stuck in a rut 

of combusted lust.

ashes to ashes

dust to dust 

to him: she’s radiated rust. 

to her: he’s winking sinking. 

drinking is no longer

stronger as their clouded thinking

for flesh god facade foggy linking.

Only God has the key

to set these two souls free

through humility and biblically.

are these two souls ready?

time will tell 

if two souls want to

not be haunted.

to finally be set free and 

aligned by godly design. 

to Obey in Today, and say:

it is well within my soul.


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